Cure Psoriasis – The Do List

The Do List is a long list of things to do to remedy psoriasis away naturally.check list to cure psoriasis bitmoji

Most of these remedies on “The Do List” were learned from different sources and tested by me. Years of time and experience went to the finding of different ways and techniques that are used to cure psoriasis. Many books have been opened, and dozens of people who have cured their psoriasis have contributed their wisdom and knowledge on top of that.

This is the list of items and tasks that will remedy psoriasis naturally and therefore cure psoriasis. It will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof. It is imperative that these items and tasks are carried out indefinitely. It is also very important that you read the other posts on this website.

Be Advised

All of these remedies will help the body heal itself over time. ReadRemedy Psoriasis Naturally takes time any cure psoriasis literature or listen to any post psoriasis patient testimony that has cleared his or her skin 100%, and they will tell you that the healing process takes time. ?

How much time it takes totally depends on the individual. It can take anywhere from three months to nine months, more/less. This is a disorder that the body itself has to face, fight, and win against, similar to facing a schoolyard bully for the good of everything that matters.

This website will arm you with armor and weapons to face it. Everybody is different, but plenty of personal time to be spent on this dilemma is what each individual person shares in common.

The time dedicated and invested is totally worth it so who cares about how long it takes. Months of work in exchange for the rest of your life back, sounds like a good deal to me. Let’s start the process of getting your skin and life back.

#1: Sunlight Has Been Known to Cure PsoriasisRemedy Psoriasis Naturally sunbathe

– I bask in the sunlight several days a week, five to fifteen minutes a day, at least twice a day, not between the hours of 11:00 A.M and
3:00 P.M.?

Too much sun light of course is bad for the skin, sun burn and skin cancer are some examples. But if applied sparingly, sunlight does
wonderful things.

Sunlight enables the body to create vitamin D, which not only helps with calcium absorption into the bones but plays a major role in overall skin health.

Vitamin D brings skin rejuvenation and repair. Adequate amounts can bring beauty and longevity as well as skin immune health.

Vitamin D goes through biochemical reactions turning it into calcitrial, an active vitamin D hormone that starts in the epidermis andRemedy Psoriasis Naturally good skin
makes its way past the phosphor lipid membranes and into the nucleus. Once it settles in the nucleus it binds with vitamin D receptors giving the skin optimal immune health with more of a youthful appearance.

Hospitals know that “ultraviolet light is so effective for many with psoriasis” that they established UV Phototherapy centers to compete with the sun itself. These places exist in dermatology departments and use
different levels of sunlight like UVB (ultraviolet B) a short wave light, and PUVA (psoralen with ultraviolet A) a long wave light.

These places say to ask your dermatologist on what treatment is right for you but there is much discretion about using these phototherapy facilities. Personally, I would rather just go outside for a few minutes, do a
salute to the sun, and cure psoriasis that way.

Places to get Sunlightsunlight cures psoriasis bitmoji

– The Beach

– The Park

– The Backyard

– On Top of a Roof

– Going for a Walk

– Tanning Booth

– The Swimming Pool

– Middle of a Grass Field

Although many places offer sunlight while there, it is best to sunRemedy Psoriasis Naturally sun time bathe in private. Psoriasis can be an embarrassing condition for most
people, so unless you could care less on what the attractive lifeguard thinks about your current skin situation, it would probably be best to sun bathe in private for now.

Ideal spots for private sun bathing would be in the woods or in your own backyard. Other secluded areas include, outskirt beaches, country fields, or upon high rooftops such as three story apartment buildings or skyscrapers.

By showing consistency with going outside a few times a day to stand in the beautiful sunlight, having healthier skin will become more likely than ever.

To learn about how to do a Salute to the Sun click here.

#2: Cardio Exercise is an Alternative Psoriasis TreatmentRemedy Psoriasis Naturally Cardio run

– I perform cardio exercises for at least thirty to forty-five minutes, three to five days a week.

Some people dread cardio because they’re not comfortable with being out of breath. I admit, it can be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, cardio can be quite easy and fun.

Cardio means heart. Many people hear the word cardio exercise and think of jogging dizzy. They’re right; jogging is an excellent heart exercise that can make you dizzy if you go too extreme with it too quickly. But there are countless other
types of cardio exercises that one can perform besides jogging. Here are some cardio workouts to name a few.

  • – Bicycling
  • – Swimming
  • – Latin Dance Cardiocure psoriasi bitmoji jogging
  • – Dance Classes
  • – Jump Roping
  • – Rollerblading
  • – Soccer
  • – Football
  • – Dodge Ball
  • – Tennis
  • – Basket Ball
  • – Skate Boarding
  • – KarateRemedy Psoriasis Naturally Cardio hike
  • – Surfing
  • – Kayaking
  • – Racket Ball
  • – Aerobics
  • – Mountain Climbing
  • – Speed Weights
  • – Fencing
  • – Paint Ball
  • – Air Soft
  • – Hockey
  • – Cardio DVD Workoutscure psoriasi bitmoji jump rope
  • – Wrestling
  • – Mixed Martial Arts
  • -.Plyometrics
  • – Indoor Rowing
  • – Mountain Climber Twist Variations
  • – Plank Jacks
  • – YouTube Workouts
  • – Military Burpees
  • – Circuit Training
  • – Cow Bells
  • – Push Ups
  • – Sit- UpsRemedy Psoriasis Naturally Cardio skateboard
  • – Pull Ups
  • – High Knees
  • – Jumping Jacks
  • – Tae Bo
  • – P90x
  • – Insanity
  • – Zumba
  • – Pilatescure psoriasi bitmoji tennis
  • – Lunges
  • – Salsa
  • – Boxing
  • – Yoga

A lot of these cardio exercises actually seem fun, fun like getting high, I’m not kidding. Exercise gives the body a “natural high,” it’s what some people call a “euphoric high.” Some people can become addicted to this natural high as if they were addicted to any other drug. They crave their fix of endorphins, so they grab their bike and climb a
mountain and reap all the benefits thereof.Remedy Psoriasis Naturally Cardio paintball

The point of cardio exercises is to get the heart pumping at higher rates of speed enabling faster blood flow throughout the circulatory system. This permits increased oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange within the body’s cells as the lungs breathe deeply. The exchange allows the body to release more toxins via sweating and metabolizing.

Subtle Stress

Stress is also another toxin released and stored in the body. Sometimes stress can be so faint, we don’t even know we’re stressingcure psoriasi speed weights bitmoji out. Stress has been known to affect the skin negatively, psoriasis included.

Cardio exercises contend with the body’s stress factor by releasing hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are neuro-transmitters that block stress receptors and replace it with pleasure instead. In other words, stress causes inflammation, so block that stress by substituting it with endorphins. Endorphins are acquired by cardio exercising.

Toxic Fat

Evidence shows an excessive amount of fat and cholesterol present inRemedy Psoriasis Naturally Cardio pull ups
psoriasis skin samples; meaning that psoriasis patients are consuming above average amounts of cholesterol. Cardio helps the body burn massive amounts of fat by using fat as an energy source.

Cardio exercises are ideal for overall health and exceptional when ridding high amounts of toxins from the body as well as burning cholesterol.

The heart and the circulatory system are primal keys to our well being. For this reason, the heart and the circulatory system should be exercised the most.

To learn the easy way to start running click here.

#3: Lecithin Can Cure PsoriasisLecithin cures psoriasis

– I ingest spoonfuls of lecithin every day.

I found this ingredient in the book Let’s Get Well, written by nutritionist Adelle Davis, first printed in 1972. There was a section on psoriasis, describing “254 patients” ceasing new break outs after the first week, after being given “4 to 8 tablespoons” of lecithin. Even severe cases of psoriasis displayed recovery after just five months.

Because massive amounts of cholesterol exist in the blood and the skin cells of those that have psoriasis, lecithin can work beneficially by reducing cholesterol and dissolving it. Lecithin also emulsifies fats, enabling the fat to be dispersed in water. Since psoriasis patients have shown to have an excessive amount of fat cells. Taking advantage of lecithin should be definite because it dissolves fat cells. While attempting to cure psoriasis from your system, lecithin is a God-send.

Lecithin is a lipid that exists in the body already. Produced by the liver, it is one of the main components that hold together the cell walls; it is also in other animals, eggs, spinach and peanuts and many other foods. It is a natural phospholipid in the body’s cell membranes.

*Note: Because peanuts are associated with allergies. People who are trying to cure psoriasis should not eat peanuts. Only four eggs are allowed a week and most meats should be avoided until their skin has recovered. More on this information is in The Don’t List of this website.

I looked for lecithin in stores everywhere but they were only sold in pill capsules in select places. It would take five to ten capsules just to fill one table spoon. And pill bottles had only about 200 soft gel
capsules, meaning that I would definitely have to finish a twenty dollar bottle in less than a week.

Liquid lecithin are sold by quarts online, likely cheaper than a bottle of soft gel lecithin, but also more convenient then popping 50 pills a day. Stock up on plenty of liquid lecithin. Ordering several
quarts will ensure lecithin will be taken regularly at least 4 to 8 table spoons of lecithin a day.

I prefer to use the liquid lecithin that has no soy and is Non GMO.

Read my Lecithin review and know where I get my Liquid Lecithin for cheap.

#4: The 80/20 Alkaline/Acid Ratio is the best Psoriasis Diet Plan

– I try to enforce 80% fresh vegetables in every meal.

The 80/20 rule is an awesome platform to base your diet on. The Psoriasis expert Dr Pagano educates us that when eating alkaline forming foods, your body is less likely to become inflamed and also allows the body to “become more resistant to all types of diseases and physical ailments.” Yes acid forming foods are highly beneficial too, but eating them in the proper proportion is best for the person who wants to cure psoriasis.

Alkaline foods, for the most part, consist of leafy/juicy vegetables, and acid forming foods consists of mostly meats. To properly benefit
from the 80/20 rule, only eat small portions of meat during meals. Force feed yourself plenty of green vegetables while eating meats

Eating lots of vegetables does NOT include eating nightshades. Nightshades will not cure your psoriasis. In fact, nightshades will do the opposite.Remedy Psoriasis Naturally salad bitmoji Nightshades, and why you should avoid them will be discussed in further detail on the “Don’t List” and on my “eBook.

Safe Alkaline Foods that Made 80% of My Plate

  • – Cucumbers – (Peal the waxy skin off because wax is sometimes added)
  • – Spinach
  • – Kale
  • – Zucchini
  • – Collard Greens
  • – Romaine Lettuce
  • – Cilantro
  • – CeleryRemedy Psoriasis Naturally green beans
  • – Broccoli
  • – Cabbage
  • – Cauliflower
  • – Onions
  • – Carrots
  • – Artichokes
  • – Asparagus
  • – Parsley
  • – Garlic
  • – Avocado
  • – Basil
  • – SquashRemedy Psoriasis Naturally bitmoji carrot
  • – Radish
  • – Beets
  • – Ginger
  • – Chives
  • – Green Beans
  • – Okra
  • – Turnips
  • – Mustard Greens
  • – Rhubarb
  • – Kohlrabi
  • – Raw Almonds (12 almonds a day only. Never roasted.)Remedy Psoriasis Naturally kale and spinach
  • – Leeks
  • – Coriander
  • – Endive
  • – Sea Weed
  • – Alfalfa
  • – Chard Greens
  • – Chlorella
  • – Dandelions
  • – Beans (Eat sparingly & Never with meat)
  • – Peas (Eat sparingly & Never with meat)
  • – MushroomsRemedy Psoriasis Naturally food
  • – Rutabaga
  • – Radishes
  • – Spirulina
  • – Wild Greens
  • –  Iceberg Lettuce
  • – Watercress
  • – Moringa

Small Portions of Sweet Potatoes can be eaten sparingly. The reason for this is sweet potatoes have a lot of natural sugar and as you keep reading you will understand why too much natural sugar, especially from fruits, should be avoided in the first month and eaten in small amounts after that.

White processed sugar from sugar cane must never be eaten. Artificial sweeteners must also never be eaten. Sweet potatoes do not include the regular white potato which is a nightshade.  As you read on, and continue to “The Don’t List” in the next post, you will understand why sugar and nightshades must be avoided if you want to cure psoriasis.

#5: Glyco-ThymolineTreat Psoraisis Glyco Thymoline mouth wash

Glyco-Thymoline is a alkaline antiseptic used to cleanse the intestines and help make the body alkalitic. Doctor John Pagano says
that even though it is nonprescription it must first be approved “by an MD or an osteopath” before using. He states that a few drops in water before bedtime a few days a week “promotes alkalinity and cleanses the digestive tract.

Although I have never tried applying Glyco-Thymoline externally to affected areas, claims have been reported that the product relieves
itching also.

I strictly only use this a couple times a week, but only as a mouth-wash. I do not put a few drops in my water and drink it.

The All Natural Glyco Thymoline brand is the original alkaline mouthwash and it has been family owned since 1894. It has been recommended by doctors and dentists since the 1800’s to reduce acidity.

I personally use this product as a mouth wash because of it’s alkaline effects on the blood.

Some featured bonuses of Glyco-Thymoline is that is works like other mouth wash brands but with the alkaline effect.

Glyco-Thymoline Benefits:

  • Alkalitity
  • Reduces Acid
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Cleanses Mouth
  • Counters Bad Breath

This stuff is hard to find in stores, but they sell it on Amazon, here’s the line. Glyco Thymoline.

#6: Zen Fusion Reduces Inflammation, Psoriasis, and RednessTreat Psoraisis zen fusion

-Everybody has their skin lotion, this is mine.

Zen Fusion Clear Skin Formula sold by Doctors Defense online, is a wonderful herbal cream that literally improves the appearance of
inflammation after application. Within the next day of application my skin had a better appearance. The Doctors Defense website has many testimonies of satisfied customers.

Zen Fusion Sell Slogans

– “Gentle enough for babies”

– “Physician tested and endorsed”

– “Get the red out naturally”

Zen Fusion has an advantage over other formulas because it combinesTreat Psoraisis zen fusion ingredients natural ingredients with no side effects. Other products combine
unnatural ingredients’ and have many side effects. Zen Fusion is gentle with the body yet tough with Psoriasis; specifically made to counter inflammations caused by Psoriasis and Eczema. Zen Fusion is a must use, especially if you want to see less flakes and inflammation.

Ways to Apply

Zen Fusion is on the pricy side and for good reason. Literally nicknamed “Miracle Cream,” it runs about $28 for one 5oz container.

In the morning after showering; a tiny amount can be applied to the affected areas. Rub the lotion in good so that it absorbs deep into the skin. In the middle of the day, it is good to apply a second application.Treat Psoraisis zen fusion logo

At nighttime after showering; rub in the third application. This last application can be rubbed in real deep for a long time. My preferred method is to apply the Zen Fusion while watching TV and settling in for the night.

Just massage the lotion in gently but firmly for several minutes on one area of the affected skin, then move on to the next. Make sure to be very conservative with this miracle cream because it will run out quickly.

Be Advised

You may see results almost immediately after application, maybe to a
point where the lesions won’t be visible. However, please don’t get the
impression that this cream has banished your psoriasis away for good. It is not a psoriasis cure on it’s own.

It may do a good job on masking the symptom of psoriasis but it definitely won’t stop the problem. It won’t cure psoriasis by itself as most people think creams do. To cure psoriasis you have to attend to the problem within your body and not continue to react to the symptom. You have to be proactive and not reactive. It is necessary that you continue reading and abiding with the measured steps that others and I have done.

Go to Doctors-Defense.com to get the Zen Fusion.

#7: Vitamin E Treats PsoriasisCure Psoraisis Vitamin E

– Generous amounts of Vitamin E every day.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and it does the skin wonders. It is believed to be nontoxic and a preventative for many diseases and
ailments. Vitamin E is considered an antioxidant. It also provides the skin with a firm yet flexible appeal.

Not only does it slow the ageing process of the skin by promoting more vigor in the body tissue, but it also helps heal scar tissue and improves the appearance of acne.

Vitamin E also stops-free radical production, which means most of the negative effects from aging will be less likely to occur. Dodging
chronic diseases and degenerative metal imbalances like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are also a plus.

Many health books give different doses on the recommended daily in-take. Personally, I take 1000 mg of soft gel capsules a day. ButRemedypsoriasisnaturally.com Vitamin E almonds treat psoriasis
different doses are on preference for different people depending on age and weight. Just know that whatever the dose you decide for yourself, Vitamin E is considered very advantageous and should be taken in abundance.

Because it’s a natural moisturizer, vitamin E can also be used as a lotion that helps treat psoriasis on the spot. Many skin products and lotions have Vitamin E mixed in with other ingredients; some products have natural ingredients in the mix, and some do not. Some people skip all that and just open a Vitamin E capsule and rub it on the skin.

Remember Vitamin E is considered non-toxic, so plenty of this enriched vitamin, whether ingested orally by food or pill, or applied as a lotion to the epidural surface, will guarantee healthier skin.

Note on vitamin Manufacturers:

Some vitamin suppliers try to make their products cheap and affordable by using only inexpensive ingredients. The problem with this method is, you get beneficial additives in your multivitamin that your body can’t utilize effectively or at all. Thus your body still becomes deficient because of it.

High quality vitamin products should always be considered. Along with eating all my greens, I have been using E Vitamin supplements for a long time now. Try to find high quality Vitamin E.

Here’s the link for high quality Vitamin E.


Foods Rich in Vitamin E

  • – SpinachRemedypsoriasisnaturally.com-Vitamin-E-parsley-treat-psoriasis
  • – Broccoli
  • – Vitamin E Supplements
  • – Pumpkins
  • – Green Olives
  • – Parsley
  • – Asparagus
  • – Oregano
  • – Squash
  • – Avocado
  • – Kale
  • – ZucchiniRemedypsoriasisnaturally.com-Vitamin-E-basil-treat-psoriasis
  • – Raw Nuts
  • – Sun Flower Seeds
  • – Almonds
  • – Olive Oil
  • – Fish
  • – Apricots
  • – Mustard Greens
  • – Basil
  • – Turnip Greens
  • – Raw Seeds
  • – Swiss Chard
  • – Taro RootVitamin E ginger root treat psoriasis
  • – Pistachios
  • – Flax Seeds
  • – Ground Sage
  • – Dried Thyme
  • – Ginger Root

For those that are scared of swallowing pills, don’t worry. There are many ways to ingest pills without swallowing them whole.Vitamin E kale and spinach treat psoriasis

About a decade ago I almost choked on an antibiotic tablet. The tablet was so huge, I have no idea why I even attempted to swallow it,
but me being a dumbass sometimes, I did try, and it got caught in my throat. It was lodged between my windpipe and esophagus, thus leaving a small hole to breath.

Being an EMT, I know from experience that if the patient can still breathe, then a good, solid cough should pop the object right out. Only problem was that when I inhaled deeply to give a cough; I could feel the huge horse of a pill start to dangle closer towards my windpipe.

So then when I finally coughed and nothing came out, I found myself having to inhale even deeper yet again, due to my loss of breath from my last cough/exhalation. And again the pill lurked even closer to my windpipe causing me to breathe with a wheeze. I swallowed saliva several times and the pill moved more towards my esophagus. The wheezing went away.

I decided to calm down and breathe slowly through my nose and just let the pill dissolve where it was. “At least I could still breathe” I thought.

I called my medic friend over and slowly drank some water. I must have drunk a whole gallon of water by the time it dissolved in my throat.

After that day, I decided I wouldn’t swallow a big or even medium sized pill ever again. What was the point of trying to get better if I was just going to literally choke on my own efforts?

Ways to Consume Capsules, Pills, or Tablets without Swallowing Them Whole.

– Chew it up and down it with water.

– Cut or break the pill right down the middle.

– Mash and mix it with a blended drink.

– Squeezing. If it’s a soft gel capsule, poke a hole and squeeze past the tongue.

#8: The Law of Attraction Will Allow You to Cure Psoriasis

– Watch, The Secret documentary on YouTube or read the books.The Secret Can Cure Psoriasis

The brain and the brain waves it emits work in mysterious ways. They can be considered reality creators. Whatever reality one thinks about passionately, it will eventually manifest itself in the universe in some way or another. To put it is in simpler terms.  Thoughts eventually become things.

The desk you sit at; somebody imagined that desk before, and now the desk is a real thing that originated from the mind. The guy saw himself as a doctor, so now he is a doctor. They passionately dreamed they would live in a big house, and they do. Some people really do live in their dream homes and don’t even realize it.

Here is a relative example: She passionately saw herself with beautiful skin. Her skin is beautiful now.Thought become things cure psoriasis

If one is constantly thinking of positive things, then positive things manifest. If one is constantly thinking of negative things, then negative things manifest.

To truly utilize the law of attraction, one must not only think what they truly want, but also truly feel what they want, deeply believe that they have what they truly want, and dwell in it.

There have been many people in the world that have healed their incurable diseases by just using their minds. They have cured many diseases and ailments on themselves and in others. Some would say that mind over matter can definitely cure psoriasis easily, and is powerful enough to work so long that there is nothing working against it. By “against it,” I’m referring to self doubt, disbelief, and bad dieting. Negative thinking can be a poison in itself.

More than just a placebo effect where your mind was tricked into believing a certain outcome to benefit the body; the secret law ofThoughts become things heal psoriasis
attraction is the creation of one’s own future by just simply believing, feeling, and living in that reality; but only in the reality that you truly desire.

Law of Attraction Reading Material

– The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

– The Power by Rhonda Byrne

Tell your mind that your skin is clear now; and truly believe that that’s what really is. Ignore the mirror and the appearance of your
skin. Concentrate really hard, that your skin really is smooth, moist, clear and attractive, and only ever think that and nothing else.

There is no room for pessimism. Even though a positive thought is 10 times stronger than a negative thought, why bother with it and waste
time. Why put wind resistance on the fuselage of a plane when it doesn’t even need it? We want to get the ball rolling not slow it down. IfThink positive heal psoriasis
positive thoughts are a 75MPH sign on the expressway, then negative thoughts can be considered speed bumps

From now on, don’t think about the subject matter, and definitely don’t talk about the subject matter. Because by doing so, you verify to the universe that that is what still is, and that’s exactly what we don’t want. We don’t want the universe to confirm what we don’t want but instead we want the universe to manifest what we do want, and that
would be clear and attractive looking skin. So that’s exactly what you should think, “clear and attractive skin.”

Pick two or several of the mantras below to repeat in your mind daily. You can think them whenever. When you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. It’s considered peaceful thinking. Use them while driving in the car, while taking a shower, while walking, bike riding or jogging.

Yes there are other things on the mind that us as humans mustyou can do it cure psoriasis contemplate about throughout the day but mantras are considered good meditation exercises to be used whenever. They can be used when negative thoughts try to surface. Negative thoughts will indeed surface. It is up to you to train the mind and breathe through the negativity until it evaporates away. Mantras are perfect tools to use to cure psoriasis.

Like a Mantra

– “I have clear skin.”

– “I have smooth skin.”

– “I have sexy skin.”

– “I have great skin.”

– “I have wonderful skin.”

– “I have perfect skin.”

– “I have flawless skin.”Mr-Pipo Enlightment cure psoriasis

– “I have attractive skin.”

– “I have radiant skin.”

– “I have angelic skin.”

– “I have miraculous skin.”

– “I have excellent skin.”

– “I have superb skin.”

– “I have good skin.”

– “I have gorgeous skin.”

– “I have cute skin.”

– “I have hot skin.”

– “I have better than normal skin.”

– “I have stupendous skin “

– “I have astounding skin.”good vibes can cure psoriasis bitmoji

– “I have amazing skin “

– “I have stunning skin.”

– “I have pretty skin.”

– “I have handsome skin.”

– “I have young looking skin.”

– “I have awesome skin.”

– “I have breathtaking skin.”

– ”I have astonishing skin.”

– “I have fantastic skin.”

– Make up your own and put it here. “I have ( ) skin.”

So don’t even think or say sentences like “I don’t have Psoriasis.” Because just by saying you don’t “have psoriasis,” you are still saying the word “psoriasis”, and the universe will interpret the sentence as just “have…psoriasis.” Therefore it will still exist and that’s the opposite of what we want.

This philosophy may seem very bazaar at first, but I guarantee if these books and documentaries are viewed and put to use; magnificent things will start to happen.

#9: Fish Oil Fights Inflammation

– Eat more fish and omega 3 fish oil.Padre Island surf fishing heal psoriasis

It is well known that fish oil is an antioxidant, and has many benefits; two of those benefits include lowering cholesterol and inflammation in the body. The long-chain Omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil is basically EPA
(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenic acid) molecules. These oils are used right away, skipping the conversion process because DHA and EPA are already converted into useable molecules.

The problem is, some Omega 3 products (which are anti-inflammatory), have more Omega 6 oils (most are pro-inflammatory) mixed in the supplement. Taking capsules with more Omega 6 than Omega 3 defeats the whole point of taking anti-inflammatory oil supplements in the first place.

And yes, almost everything with Omega 3 (productive) has trace amounts Omega 6 (counterproductive if over consumed), but if the food infishing cure psoriasis bitmoji
question has more Omega 6 than it does Omega 3 then most anti-inflammation benefits will be lost.

Through time, mankind has kept a suitable ratio between the Omegas. Omega 6 and Omega 3 would both be present in our diets with an even ration of 1:1. Through this equilibrium, mankind sustained a less inflammatory existence.

According to Kris Gunnars, BSc, at Authoritynutrition.com, as of now, in the twenty first century, the
American diet holds a cringing “16:1;” with Omega 6 leading immensely. When there is an overload of the inflammatory types of Omega 6 and an under-load of the anti-inflammatory Omega 3, “bad things start to happen
in the body. The excess Omega 6 fatty acids build up in our cell membranes and contribute to inflammation.”

Understandably, Omega 6 has its benefits too. In conjunction with Omega 3, Omega 6 helps maintain bone integrity, metabolism regulation, helps maintain reproduction functions, and brain functions as well as triggering acute inflammation when needed.

Few types of omega 6 oils can even be an anti-inflammatory agent. Omega 6 is present in good foodsEat fish treat psoriasis too, like chicken, eggs, seeds, and nuts. But the main point is to reduce inflammation, and too much Omega 6 fatty acid causes body malfunctions and chronic inflammation which is counterproductive to a person with psoriasis. Balance the Omegas by consuming more Omega 3. Purchase fish oil with more Omega 3 fatty acids and less Omega 6 fatty

Here’s the link for quality  omega 3 fish oil.

According to the CDC, Omega 3 Fish Oil is Beneficial for Many Diseases

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Diabetes
  • – Stroke
  • – Hyperglycemia
  • – Hypertension
  • – Coronary Heart Diseasetalapia fish heal psoriasis
  • – Preeclampsia
  • – Cancer
  • – Lung Disease
  • – Cystic Fibrosis
  • – Asthma
  • – Gingivitis
  • – Bipolar Disorder
  • – Cirrhosis
  • – Rheumatoid arthritis
  • – Lupus
  • – Eczema
  • – Obesity
  • – Clogged Arteries
  • – Chest Pain

Ratio: Omega 6/ Omega 3

– Salmon: 3.1

– Spinach: 3.1

– Flaxseeds: 4.1

– Swordfish: 2.1

– Red Lettuce: 5.1

– Kale: 2.1

– Mackerel: 3.1

Lately, my meat intake has been mostly fish. If I don’t eat fish that day, I will take some Omega 3 fish oil capsules as a substitute.
Sometimes I’ll do both; I’ll eat fish and still take the Omega 3 Fishfish oil tablets treat psoriasis Oil capsules.

For those that don’t like fish, the Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules are perfect to ingest without the fishy taste. Just don’t chew them.

To those with Phagophobia

Use the squeezing technique. Fish oil comes in a soft gel capsule, poke a hole in the capsule and squeeze out the oil deep inside your
mouth and past the tongue. Try to aim for the uvula, (that thing that hangs in the back of your throat,) that way the fish oil taste won’t be so potent due to the oil mostly just touching the back of the mouth.

When using the squeezing technique with fish oil capsules, the preferred method would be to do your squeezing in the bathroom. This way you can quickly brush your teeth after you drink some water. This cancels the fishy taste left in your mouth.

#10: Monounsaturated Fats Can Prevent Inflammation

– Healthiest Oils in the World.

Some people hear the word “fats,” and unpleasant thoughts manifest inOleic acid treat psoriasis their heads. “I can’t eat that. It’s too fattening.” Or, “If I eat fat it’s going to make me fat.” And a very popular statement, “Fats are unhealthy and clog your arteries.” These statements are not completely accurate.

Yes, some fats are unhealthy and can cause medical problems. However, some of us forget that there are good fats too. Good fats do quite the opposite of their bad-fat counter parts.

Good fats can do miraculous things for your health, including, life expansion, weight loss and even prevent inflammation. A lot of us forget about these good
fats. If we learn where they are, and more about them, we can better utilize them.

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) are good fats. MUFA is present in both meat and in plants. It’s present next to saturated fats in animals
and can be found in the olive and in the avocado alike. Both meat eaters and vegetarians benefit from monounsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated fats are fatty acids with one unsaturated carbon bondGreek colonies mediterranean diet cure psoriasis (double bond) in the fatty acid chain and the remaining atoms are single bonded. One easy way to distinguish the difference is MUFA stays in a liquid state while at room temperature and it solidifies during refrigeration. There are many places to get monounsaturated fats.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the 1960’s, Greece, Italy, and most other Mediterranean people lacked fat related diseases despite having a high fat diet. It was later learned that olive oil was their primary fat source, which contained high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids one of which is oleic acid. Oleic acid is a MUFA that is linked to anti-inflammation.

The Mediterranean people ate olive oil with everything and had lower heart problems versus countries with heart problems that didn’t eat
olive oil at all. Mediterranean eating is now very popular and the olive industry has been booming ever since.

During cooking, most monounsaturated oils can be resistant to low heat damage, which means it keeps its molecular stability and
nutritional form. This is great news for us; because it rarely receives any oxidative damage at low temperatures. It can help us beolive oil heals psoriasis
unsusceptible to free radicals and inflammation.

But according to Doctor John, like other oils, if subjected to too much heat it can in turn “change to a free radical.” He recommends eating “olive oil in its natural state as often as possible,” and to take “one teaspoon of olive oil three times per day unless there is a gallbladder problem.” Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for most recipes.

Raymond Francis says that “is a very healthy food, we know that it helps to prevent cancer, it has been used for thousands of years, the problem is you can’t get any. More olive oil is sold today then produced. The demand has simply out striped the supply. So what they do is they dilute it with other oils.

They did a study that 96 percent of all the extra version olive oils that they tested had been adulterated by other oils. This loses all the health given properties. Here is the link for pure, high quality, unfiltered, fresh, natural, unrefined, organic extra virgin olive oil.

Benefits Linked to Olive Oil

– Counters Psoriasis

– Prevents Inflammation

– Fights Stress

– Counters Obesity

– Reduces Chance of Heart DiseaseItalian olive oil fight psoriasis

– An Antioxidant

– Contains Omega 3

– Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

– Reduces Risk of Diabetes

– May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

– Defends Against Cancer

– Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

– Reduces Blood Pressure

– Lowers Cholesterol

– Lowers Risk of Stroke


The Avocado? , known as “the sexy fruit,” is very peculiar because it has monounsaturated fats. Unlike other fruits which carry mostly carbohydrates. The main MUFA in the avocado is oleic acid, the same anti-inflammatory fatty acid that is in olive oil. The avocado is loaded with fibers, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good fats, and a few carbohydrates, making avocado a supreme super food.avocado heal psoriasis bitmoji

Besides eating avocados daily, they can be used topically too. According to healthdiaries.com, there has finally been a study on the avocado on the psoriasis remedy. Basically, avocado oil and olive oil are mixed and added to the skin to help it heal faster.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “many people experienced positive results from using avocado oil. Applying avocado oil directly to the affected area of skin may help your psoriasis patches to heal faster.” This doesn’t work for everyone, for those that have been changing their diet; this remedy seems worth experimenting with. And unless you are allergic to avocados, you have nothing to lose.

Avocados Contain

– Vitamin K

– Vitamin A

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin E

– Vitamin B Complex

– MagnesiumAvocados treat psoriasis

– Potassium

– Protein

Benefits Linked to Avocados

– Counters Psoriasis

– Clears Inflammation

– Antioxidant

– Reduces Blood Pressure

– Reduces Chance of Heart Attack

– Reduces Chance of Stroke

– Reduces Chance of Kidney FailureAvocados remedy psoriasis naturally

– Reduces Cataracts

– Fights Cancer

– Promotes Weight Loss

– Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes

– Lowers Cholesterol

– Helps Prevent Heart Disease

– Counters Diabetes

– Increases Antioxidant Absorption

– Counters Arthritis

– Counters Osteoporosis


Another food that has a high amount of MUFA is the almond. My girlfriend’s opinion, almonds taste like unsweetened ice-cream. I don’t agree, and I think she’s crazy. They belong to a fruit group, related toalmonds heal psoriasis food plums, peaches, and cherries and are the seed of a fruit on the almond
tree. Almonds alkalize the body, and are subjectively the healthiest type of nut there is. If you still want to call it a nut and not a fruit
(because people will call you crazy if you do) then call it the super food of nuts; a super nut that’s jammed packed with benefits.

Some of the most beneficial almond ingredients include linoleic acids and linolenic acids. Both acids are powerful types of monounsaturated fats. Linoleic and linolenic acids are highly anti-inflammatory and are allowed to eat sparingly on psoriasis diets.

Doctor Pagano says that eating “a few almonds a day” is very advantageous; therefore, almonds are on his recommended list, but only
one dozen almonds a day at the most he says. He is very specific in his books about not over eating, and not over portioning foods. He stresses that “when there is a choice to eat more or less, always eat less.”

Almonds Contain

– Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

– Manganese

– Fiber

– Vitamin Ealmonds in bag psoriasis food

– Phosphorus

– Zinc

– Calcium

– Niacin

– Selenium

– Copper

– Iron

– Riboflavin

– L-Carnitine

– Protein

– Folic Acid

– Carbohydrates

Benefits Linked to Almonds

– Counters Psoriasis

– Reduces Inflammation

– Counters Osteoporosisalmonds psoriasis diet

– Improves Cognitive Functions

– Reduces Oxidative Stress

– Increases Blood Circulation

– Promotes Heart Health

– Controls Blood Sugar Levels

– Strengthens Bones

– Helps with Digestion

– Strengthens Skin

– Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

– Prevents Constipation

– Improves Bowl Movement

– Promotes Weight Loss

– Reduces the Chance of Birth Defects

– Protects Against Diabetes

– Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer

– Enhances Energy

– Promotes a Healthy Immune Systemalmonds heal psoriasis

– Improves Skin Complexion

– Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

– Regulates Blood Pressure

– Increases Intelligence

– Helps Maintain Healthy Hair

– Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth

– Counters Anemia

– Counters Impotency

– Protects Against Free Radicals

– Helps Repair Damage Lung Tissue

– Supports Healthy Red Blood Cell Formation

– Reduces Appetite

– Treats Bronchitis

– Improves Urinary Problems

#11: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Heals the SkinCoconut oil cure psoriasis

– Generous Amounts on the Skin

Did you know that extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) contains the same type of fatty acids that are present in your skin? That’s right; EVCO is an excellent lotion for dry skin because it bonds with skin cells by acting as a nourishing, moisturizing, absorbable, fatty acid. Not only that, studies show that coconut oil also decreases inflammation and loosens flaking skin all over the body including the scalp.

From experience, coconut oil helped reduce my itching to bare minimum. This fact alone was considered gold to me. Sometimes the itching would be so annoying and unbearable that I would just yell “Forget this… AHHHHH, something cure my psoriasis now!” I would yell things like that as loud as I could.

Prescribed medications did nothing for my itch much less decrease inflammation. The types of treatments prescribed to unfortunates like me included cream that smelled like charcoal and other topical medications that didn’t seem to do anything for my skin or itch.

The reason EVCO works so well is because it contains the good type of saturated fatty acid. This is called “medium chained saturated fatty
acids” which “are easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body,”Coconut and oil cure psoriasis says Todd Bello in his internet article The Negative Effects of Coconut Oil. He “has been suggesting coconut oil for psoriasis since” he “can remember.

Coconut oil has about 90 percent saturated fats and the rest monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Yes coconut oil can be eaten, but the real benefit comes with direct application. Applying EVCO to inflamed, itchy patches of skin all over the body are what thousands of people are doing all over the world, most users experience ultimate relief.

So yes, adding this anti-inflammatory psoriasis cure to the “To Do List” is a must. Be very generous with the quantity applied every day. I applied it several times daily. Coconut oil not only decreased my inflammation and loosened my flakes but it decreased my itch. That latter fact alone makes coconut oil a must have for any temporary itching sufferers. Relief is a great thing.

Benefits Linked to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

– Anti-Inflammatory

– Battles Psoriasis

– Decreases Itch

– Prevents Dandruffcoconut oil heals psoriasis

– Counters Eczema

– Battles Timdonitis

– Improves Thyroid Functionality

– Battles Gum Diseases

– Counters Liver Diseases

– Battles Heart Diseases

– Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

– Helps Prevent Cancer

– Counters Depression

– Battles Dementia

– Battles Alzheimer’s disease

– Helps with Autism

– Reduces Wrinkles

– Kills Candida

– Enhances Energy

– Sooths Sore ThroatsCoconut tree remedy psoriasis naturally

– Sooths Cold Sores

– Sooths Chapped Lips

– Antibacterial

– Antifungal

– Prevents Osteoporosis

– Reduces Anxiety

– Supports Weight Loss

– Balances Cholesterol Levels

– Relieves Constipation

– Antioxidant

Coconut Oil can also be used for cooking at high temperatures because it is one of the few oils that remain stable over high heat. Most other
oils oxidize, or chemically combine with oxygen, changing its molecular structure and becoming toxic.

Coconut oil is a good saturated fat and is known to do something different than oxidize when heated. When EVCO is “produced with heat,”
it “results in the highest amounts of antioxidants,” according to Dr.Coconut layers cure psoriasis Axe in Food is Medicine. A study published by Food Science and Biotechnology theorizes that this is “due to the release of polyphenols.”

It is important to use organic coconut oils and not synthetic or altered coconut oils because some coconut oil manufactures produce their oil using a more refined process, altering it via chemical distillation, heat, preserves, desiccation, and substitutes. This alteration perverts the saturated fat and converts it into an unhealthy “synthetic trans fat,” which is highly unbeneficial.

When buying Extra virgin coconut oil, especially when using it to cook, choose, pure, organic, high quality coconut oil, and find the one with excellent consumer product ratings. Study up on the product that interests you before you buy it online or while walking down to the grocery store. It’s easy, just pull out your phone and ask Google via microphone “top five healthiest coconut oil brands,” or “Mom and Pop Coconut Oil brand good or bad?” Nine times out of ten there will be information about that oil.

You can also look on the back of the bottle it comes in. If it has any other ingredients besides EVCO, or if it says is was processed in a facility that produces soy, or anything strange or counterproductive for the person that wants to cure psoriasis, then it may be a clue to just browse a different brand.

Here’s a link for quality coconut oil.

#12: Garlic Prevents Psoriasis Flair-Upsgarlic treats psoriasis

– A Little bit of garlic here and there.

Garlic is known as “nature’s penicillin” meaning its nature’s antibiotic. Yes this glorious root fights infection causing bacteria. But it also lowers cholesterol levels by 15% which is why garlic was added to this list. Because high cholesterol levels exist in the skin of psoriasis patients, fresh garlic should be consumed weekly.

Garlic has been used since farmers first started farming. It is an alternative medicine, natures medicine. Scholars say it was originally cultivated in Asia, but that can be debated.

Ingestion of a garlic can reduce plaque in the arteries,  lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Our bodies are literally trying to tell us something. If findings of too much cholesterol are evident, then reducing the excessive cholesterol levels should be obvious by eating fresh garlic or taking quality garlic supplements.

Garlic Helps Prevent

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Heart Disease
  • – Atherosclerosis
  • – Heart Attack
  • – Stroke
  • – Plaque Buildup
  • – High Cholesterol
  • – Hypertension
  • – Infection
  • – Cold
  • – Flu
  • – Lowered Immune System
  • – Negative Effects of Bacteria and Parasites’ In Food
  • – Prostate Cancer
  • – Stomach Cancer
  • – Gangrene
  • – Obesity
  • – Colon Cancer
  • – Breast Cancer
  • – Laryngeal Cancergarlic cures psoriasis
  • – Ovarian Cancer
  • – Blood Clots
  • – Inflammation
  • – Alzheimer’s Disease
  • – Eczema
  • – Acne

Studies show that cooking with fresh garlic is better than taking garlic tablets. However for those that don’t like eating garlic, garlic tablets are sold at local stores and online.

But if you don’t want to cook with garlic and don’t like the smell. Here is the link for the highest rated odor controlled garlic supplement with little to no preservatives and has the highest quality organically sourced ingredients.

#13: Probiotics treats Inflammation

– Quality and quantity are very important..Probiotics Reduce Inflammation

Probiotics are good bacteria. Our bodies have billions of good bacteria already functioning in our digestive track with the sole purpose of, digestion, fighting infections and bad bacteria. But if we eat high amounts of cholesterol and dairy product, good bacteria becomes depleted, giving room for bad bacteria to take over.

Bad diet and stress destroy billions of good bacteria every day, which leads to digestive problems that also effect the skin. When we take probiotics, it helps us digest food more efficiently thus supporting our immune system.

When a bad bacterium takes over the digestive system, problems occur and the body starts to malfunction in different ways.

Friendly Flora, or probiotics can be bought in supplement form and it’s best to find tested, and high rated brands that are known for their variety of different  strains.  The total number of different strains, or types of bacteria in each probiotic formula, varies significantly. Each strain is diverse and affects the overall gained benefits.

Furthermore, some Flora brands lay dormant in their warehouses, exceeding their shelf life and collecting stale dust. This renders the percentage of live cultures down to sometimes even zero percent. Which means the product purchased is obsolete.

The CFU or Colony-Forming Units is also very important when shopping for probiotics. It represents the total amount of bacteria present. The CFU is extremely important because Flora are only effective in large quantities.

Ultimate Flora – Critical Care is a good brand that meets the requirements in question.

Here’s the link for Ultimate Flora at All Star Health.

Here’s the link for Ultimate Flora at Amazon.

Benefits of Probiotics

  • – Reduces Inflammation
  • – Reduces Acne
  • – Reduces Diarrhea
  • – Improves Digestion
  • – Improves Immunity HealthProbiotics cure psoriasis
  • – Lowers Cholesterol
  • – Decreases Effects of Gingivitis
  • – Kills Tooth Decay Bacteria
  • – Helps Prevent Eczema
  • – May Help Balance Bad Vaginal Bacteria
  • – May Help With Yeast Infections
  • – May Help With Urinary Tract Infections
  • – May Help With Bacterial Vaginosis
  • – Reduces the Chance of Respiratory Infections
  • – Helps Prevent Bloating
  • – Helps Prevent Constipation
  • – Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements
  • – Counters Psoriasis
  • – Counters Thyroid Imbalances
  • – Counters Chronic Fatigue
  • – May Help with Autism
  • – Counters Joint Pain
  • – Helps Utilize Nutrition More Effectively
  • – Destroys Candida
  • – Increases Energy
  • – Helps Lose Weight
  • – Treats Liver Disease

#14: Olive Leaf Extract Is Good For The Skin

– This was one of the best recommendations ever presented to me.

Olive leaf extract is another antioxidant that can be placed in thisolive leaf extract treats psoriasis list. I discovered this wonderful extract in the first few years of looking for something to cure my psoriasis. A random lady was selling information off her own blog on how to cure psoriasis through time.

She charged twenty dollars for a list of about five items that worked for her. I wrote down the items on paper after I downloaded it. The next day, somebody stole my laptop bag with the paper in it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember who she was, where to find her online again, and the items on the paper, except the antioxidant olive leaf extract.

To make things clear; an antioxidant prevents free radicals in the cell, it does this by taking up the space a free radical may converge. A
free radical is an atom or molecule that has a single vulnerable electron by itself (AKA, valence electron) leaving the atom or molecule
without a closed electron shell. When bonded to a cell, free radicals make the cell more susceptible and chemically reactive to other
substances which may even react badly with each other. Olive leaf extract establishes itself to an atom rendering it closed and not vulnerable.

For centuries mankind has used olive leaf extract for health benefits. In ancient Egypt, Olive Leaf extract was commonly used as medicine for illnesses. Today it is also used inside skin lotions, creams and an assortment of beauty products.

Oleuropein, (a polyphenol), found in the olive tree is what is sought after because of its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungalolive leaf extract heals psoriasis attributes.

Some Well Known Benefits Linked to Olive Leaf Extract

  • – Anti-oxidant
  • – Anti-bacterial
  • – Anti-inflammatory
  • – Lowers cholesterol
  • – Anti-Fungal
  • – Anti-Viral
  • – Lowers Blood Pressure
  • – Anti-Aging
  • – Fights Arthritis
  • – Prevents Cancer
  • – Regresses Tumorsolive leaf extract cures psoriasis
  • – Fights Atherosclerosis
  • – Fights Diabetes
  • – Fights Cancer
  • – Fights Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • – Prolongs Life
  • – Anti Stroke
  • – Fights Heart Disease
  • – Prevents Hypertension
  • – Prevents Alzheimer Disease
  • – Lowers Fevers
  • – Kills Bacteria and Fungi
  • –  Counters Psoriasis

Natures Way Olive Leaf Extract is good quality, inexpensive and soy-free.

I have been taking this particular brand for quite some time and I have to admit that I’ve always been impressed with it’s affects.

This brand comes with 60 tablets and has a lower price than most brands.

If you are interested in taking what I have been taking,,,

Here’s the link for Amazon. “Natures Way Olive Leaf Extract”

Here’s the link for All Star Health. “Natures Way Olive Leaf Extract”

#15: Colon Cleanses Can Clear The Skincolon cleanse clears psoriasis colon cleanse clears psoriasis

– Will speed psoriasis cure process

One can only imagine how dirty the colon is. Human waste doesn’t just pass through the digestive system completely; it collects overtime. Waste build-up settles indefinitely on intestinal walls and for most cases, it settles for a life time. Colon cleansing is not uncommon in today’s society; it is practiced everywhere in the world, and known to be very beneficial overall.

Four Common Colon Cleanses.

1. Colon Irrigation: The process of cleaning the large intestine directly through the colon using pump/vacuum technology. A hose is inserted into the colon and water is then rotated in and out of the large intestine. The process can take 30 minutes up to an hour.colon clense treats psoriasis

I tried this procedure in Colorado in a metaphysical shop that specialized in selling crystal stones and exotic herb teas, a big difference from my assumption that it was suppose to take place in the common medical office, with hospital-like atmosphere.

Home Enema kits can also be purchased and practiced in one’s own home.

2. Herbal Supplementation: These are products to be taken orally. Most products are ineffective but some have outstanding results. For these types of products it is best to research testimonials and reviews on the best and top products in the market. Just ask Google for the “top ten lists on herbal colon cleanse.”

3. Oxygen Based Cleansers: This is arguably the bestColon Cleanse treats psoriasis method of colon cleansing, because this type of cleanse works the entire digestive track. Fecal matter is melted away by the process of oxygenation completely detoxifying the digestive system.

4. The Apple diet derived from the famous Edgar Cayce. This cleanse will take a few days of eating nothing but apples and
drinking pure water.

Benefits from Colon Cleansing

– Energy Regained

– Increased Vitamin and Nutrient Absorption

– Constipation Relief

– Clearer Skin

– Increased Concentration

– Weight Loss

– Immune Health Improvement

– Colon Cancer Preventative

#16: Vitamin C Can Help Cure Psoriasisvitimen c helps cure psoriasis

– I take high doses daily.

Vitamin C is controversially the best vitamin in the world. Plentiful amounts have never been shown to be lethal. A high dose of vitamin C can not only prevent illness, but it can also alleviate illness.

Most people don’t know this interesting fact, or if they do they don’t take advantage of it. We know vitamin C is good, and it helps prevent us from getting sick, but most of us don’t take vitamin C supplements because we believe we are already healthy to begin with.

Yes, many fruits and vegetables carry vitamin C, but one would have to eat an abundant amount a day just to get the ideal amount of vitamin C the body deserves.

And really, who eats an abundant amount of fruits every day? Juicing:Never be sick again book cover cure psoriasis a process of liquidizing fruits and vegetables is a good technique to do so, but a few tablets of vitamin C supplement will ensure the amount
needed to truly benefit, and one can still make juice if they want too.

Benefits from Vitamin C

  • – Stress Reducer
  • – Improves Skin
  • – Regulates Sugar Levels
  • – Reduces DNA Damage
  • – Lowers Cholesterol
  • – Improves Blood flow
  • – Immune Health Improvement
  • – AntioxidantRaymond-Francis-Talks-Inflammation
  • – Healthier Healing Factor
  • – Encourages Growth and Repair
  • – Helps Hypertension
  • – Helps Prevent Asthma
  • – Protects Against Cancer
  • – Prevents Endothelial Dysfunction
  • – Reduces Cellular DNA Damage
  • – Reduces Inflammation
  • – Combats Oxidation Damage from Smoke
  • – Helps Prevent Stroke
  • – Helps Prevent Gallstones and Kidney Stones
  • – Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s
  • – Prevents Cataracts
  • – Helps Prevent Gout
  • – Helps with Osteoporosis
  • – Maintains Testosterone LevelsNever be sick again vitamin c
  • – Helps Absorb Iron
  • – Natural Antidepressant
  • – Helps with Gingivitis
  • – Strengthens Teeth Enamel
  • – Helps Prevent Anemia
  • – Treats Congestive Heart Failure
  • – Helps Counter Weight Gain
  • – Helps with Scurvy
  • – Anti Aging Agent
  • – Defends Against Free Radicals
  • – Fights the Common Cold
  • – Fights the Flu
  • – Improves Fertility
  • – Resolves Lead Toxicity
  • – Treats Vasodilatation
  • – Angina Pectoris
  • – Treats Atherosclerosis
  • – Resolves Diabetes
  • – Debatably Cures Diabetes

Raymond Francis, the Biochemist who wrote Never Be Sick Again, wrote about how he was laying in his deathbed waiting to die, because all his doctors said so. While lying, he decided to do some research and read about the benefits of Vitamin C, therefore acquiring some. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.

The next day his “vital signs began to stabilize.” And, “In forty eight hours” he “was able to sit up in bed.” But Raymond hasn’t sat up
in months, which is a very intriguing revelation from just eating some vitamin C.

In the meantime, his thirty-six physicians could not understand it either. He then left the hospital and brought himself back
from the brink of death. He is now Biochemist Raymond Francis, devoting his life to “teaching others how to be healthy.”

Raymond Francis’ writings baffle the mainstream and threaten the medical system fully and out right. Readers comment his work on being
“too extreme,” or “too hard to do.” Soundly said, any transition to a new life style can be extreme or hard for anyone. It is indeed inevitably tough to get used to.

Raymond’s books have many fundamental facts that may strike as common sense or known knowledge, yet most of us don’t put it to good use.c-vitamin cures psoriasis bitmoji

There was a gentlemen on YouTube that claimed that to cure psoriasis, all he took was Vitamin C and Probiotics. He exercised and didn’t eat junk food. A few months later, his skin was healed and his psoriasis was gone.

What is truly scary is some doctors administer medications to suppress the immune system. They do this to patients that have psoriasis which indeed have an over active immune system. The immune system is so over active that it’s attacking the skin thus causing lesions and inflammation. So instead of eliminating the problem ( toxin overload, which was mentioned in the “How to cure Psoriasis” Menu of this website), they suppress the symptom by lowering the immune system.

They even warn you before they do it. Stating that if they follow through with the administering of the drug, it could make you more susceptible to infection and other diseases which are naturally kept at bay by your immune system.

Truth is, your immune system is still doing it’s job, it’s managing whats harmful to the body in many different ways. Working for the betterment of the whole bodily system. How you as an individual assists your immune system or compromise it, is solely on you. So make the right choice and keep it healthy and not suppress it and make it week and useless.

Here is the Link for Raymond Francis Book,  Never Be Sick Again.

Some Raymond Francis Facts

  • Norman Cousins’ bestseller Anatomy of an Illness, talks about being harmed by medical treatments, the power of the mind,
    laughter causes pain to go away, and vitamin C’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heating foods past 375 degrees can produce a number of “toxic compounds…which may damage DNA,” and cause a host of other problems.
  • Microwave ovens can produce a number of diseases, cancers, abnormalities, and brain damage.

Here is the link for quality Vitamin C at Amazon

Here is the link for quality Vitamin C at All Star Health

#17: Pure Water Rejuvenates Skinpure water treats psoriasis bitmoji

– I drink large amounts of pure water all day, every day.?

Water, the building block of life, a basic component to live besides food and oxygen and yet we don’t seem to drink enough of it. Instead we drink flavored beverages to satisfy our taste buds. We drink caffeine or alcohol to get a fix. But if you are reading this e-book, it’s time to drink more water and less of the other drinks.

Plenty of water will cleanse the body of toxins over time. So, by ingesting less toxins and consuming more pure water, the more likely the body can be cleansed.

However, there is a big debate on which water is the best type of water to drink. Water is a big underground controversy so it would probably be best to do your own research on what water you would prefer to drink plenty of.

Here is a quick summery of my thoughts on differentpure water cures psoriasis types of water.

Thoughts on Distilled Water

Distilled water has had all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation is the process of boiling water until evaporation. The evaporated water is then collected after it turns into
condensation on the top surfaces of vacuum containers. Contaminants,
metals, and microorganisms are left behind.

So to speak, condensation water is distilled water; and distilled water is the closest thing to rain water without the trace amounts of impurities.distilled water distilled psoriasis

Personally, I like to drink distilled water because there are no added minerals or fluoride. Distilled water is just pure H2O without all the added chemicals and minerals. Through my diligent perceptions, minerals are not actually needed in our water because minerals already exist in our foods. All that is needed from H2O is H2O. The debate not in favor of distilled water is that it lacks the minerals the body needs to survive. And supposedly it absorbs all vitamins and minerals. Thus all nutrients are lost after urination. One of the reasons this claim is hard to believe is because a lot of people have been drinking distilled water for years and they remain nourished, disease free, and healthier than ever.

Distilled water does indeed remove excess amounts of unused metals and minerals from the body and kidneys, keeping the body free of stored unused matter. So yes it does rid the mineral waste. And it helps thedistilled water heals psoriasis body absorb nutrients better by pure water intake.

And because distilled water is just pure H2O, it helps the kidneys function more efficiently, and more effectively, by filtering and flushing waste away without extra unused elements.

Distilled water can be purchased by the gallon at most major grocery stores. Household items can be used at home to make distilled water as well. WikiHow.com shows “How to Make Distilled Water” using a five gallon pot with a lid, a glass bowl, some regular water to boil, and some ice.

Thoughts on Fluoridated Water

Beware fluoridated water. This is the water that comes out the tap. We wash our hands with it and we shower in it, which is fine for most. But we also drink it sometimes when we order ice water at restaurants and at fast food joints. We even acquire it from water mills and fresh water wells. Even though it is considered filtered water, it still contains fluoride that hasn’t been completely filtered. According to officials, fluoride is added to our water systems to fight tooth decay. Sounds ridiculous I know.

Too much fluoride in our drinking water can kill off good bacteria infloride water may cause inflammation our digestive tract; and will also cancel out probiotic supplements.
Fluoride has been known to cause a lot of harm to human beings, even though they say fluoride is good for the teeth and that it fights

Fighting cavities is the only good thing they have to say about fluoride, and yet that fact is debatable because fluoride has been known
to cause osteoporosis which is the deterioration of the bones. If teeth are considered bone matter, then wouldn’t fluoride be harmful to teeth too, just as it’s harmful to our other bones?

A study was conducted on major cities using fluoridated water systems. It turned out that cities with less fluoride in their tap water had higher IQ’s then cities with more fluoride in their tap water. For those that might get offended, if you drink fluoride water on a regular
basis and consider yourself smart with a high IQ, that’s fine and all the power to you. However, studies show that your IQ would increase drastically if you lessened your fluoride intake; making your intelligence superior to others or even maybe near genius.

Distilling your water or Alkalizing your water is said to filter out the fluoride.

Thoughts on Rain Waterrain water remedy psoriasis naturally bitmoji

If only we can drink rain water on a regular basis. Unfortunately we can’t always drink rain water. Rain comes from the atmosphere, and the atmosphere can be polluted sometimes with particulates and other atmospheric gasses. These gasses and particles in the air are not always natural. And can sometimes be harmful to humans. Acid rain is a good example.

Nitrates and nitrites as well as other matter, like dust particles and germs may be present in rain water. Fortunately there are ways to filter water.

Thoughts on Bottled Water

Bottled water, depending on the brand, is way better than drinking from the tap. We either buy several cases of 24 bottled waters or just stack up on jugs from Wal-Mart. Don’t mean to rattle anyone’s bones but guess what: bottled water may still have fluoride and other chemicals that were purposely added to it. The plastic containers they come in also have chemical residue. Even distilled water comes in plastic containers. And believe it or not, some bottled water companies are justbottle water treat psoriasis selling unfiltered tap water.

You are probably thinking “Well hell, what the hell am I supposed to drink then?” Water is a personal quest and should be researched
thoroughly and with due diligence. A deeper conclusion about the building block of life will be formed and will be held with a deeper
respect in mind.

Thoughts on Alkaline Water

More on the water debate, there is much controversy on alkaline water and if it’s better than all the other waters. Alkaline water has pros and cons just like any other type of water. The PH balance of the type of alkaline water you drink is usually considered while buying or making it. So what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is less acidic than regular tap water. It has compounds and minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Silica, Bicarbonate, and other alkalizing compounds. Alkaline water is said to come from natural springs or underground reservoirs all over the planet. These rock places that hold water contain basic minerals that seep into the H2O at molecular levels. Other minerals like Limestone and Iron are also present there.

Some alkaline water companies produce basic water, (aka alkaline water) at their own water plants, adding the minerals needed to make the water maintain its alkalinity.

Alkaline Water Claimed Pros

– Anti Aging

– Cleanses Colon

– Rejuvenates Skin

– Reduces Body Fat

– Encourages Immune HealthAlkaline-water ionizer remedy psoriasis

– Reduces Fatigue

– Increases Energy

– Protects the Bones

– Eases Acid Reflux

– May Help With Indigestion

Alkaline Water Claimed Cons

– Poor Nutrient Absorption

– Growth Retardation

– Negatively Reacts to Most Medications

– Neutralizes Most Medications

– Causes Malabsorption

– Causes Hypochlorhydria

– Cardiovascular Problems

– Edema

– Mental Confusion

– Hypertension

– Metabolicalkalosis Kidney Damage

Of course both cons and pros about alkaline water are just claims with either side lacking the official evidence needed to be legitimate.water distiller cure psoriasis

Like I said before, the type of water to drink is a huge underground controversy. And everybody else drinks soda.

A Few Ways to Filter Away Fluoride

– Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer

– SteamPure Pure Water Distiller

– 4LPure Water Distiller

– Biocera Alkaline Anti Oxidant Jug Filter

#18: Meditation can Cure Psoriasis

– Twenty minutes a day or more.

Meditation is perfect for helping the body cure itself and cure psoriasis. It has been usedmeditaion cure psoriasis by the ancients throughout history as a form of enlightenment and a rising of consciousness. Known as one of the most ultimate remedies to
help calm/clear the mind, the spirit, and the human body, meditation is a glorious remedy for clearing the skin too.

Meditation Benefits

– Relieves Stress

– Alleviates Depression

– Increases Intelligence

– Helps Prevent Asthma

– Increases Memory Retention

– Reduces Blood Pressure

– Improves Immune System

– Increases Energy Level

– Reduces Inflammations

– Promotes Longevity

– Reduces Coronary Artery Thickening

– Can Help Prevent Arthritis

– Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

– Helps Treat Menopausal and Premenstrual Syndromesmeditaion treat psoriasis

– Relieves Anxiety

– Counters Psoriasis

– Reduces Atherosclerosis

– Manages Cholesterol

– Treats Epilepsy

– Promotes Skin Resistance

– Helps Prevent Partaking in Bad Habits such as Smoking Tobacco

– Improves Awareness

– Boosts Sex Life

Some people are probably reading this part of the eBook and thinking to themselves; “Oh great, now I have to sit down and meditate.” My retort to that is, “great indeed :)” And why not, most people reading this eBook are sitting down anyways, and some people do most of their daily activities sitting down as well. Why not get something awesome out of it, like clear skin? And besides, meditation is easy and should be considered a “walk in the park,” or should I say, “A sit in the park.” So quit whining and don’t be a pussy.

Meditation PreppingMeditate heal psoriasis

1. Find a nice quite spot that you won’t be bothered.

– Beach

– Park

– Woods

– Backyard

– Hotel Room

– Roof of House

– Inside Your Dark Closet

2. Sit down on floor and get comfortable. Sitting position does not matter at first.

– Cross Legged

– Indian Style

– Strait Legged

– Lotus Position

– Straddle Sit

– Knees Up

– Lop Sided

– Seiza Position

3. Get very comfortable. Cushion items are encouraged.

– Pillow

– Towel

– Small Blanket

– Yoga Mat

– The Grass

– Hard Floor, if meets your preferencemeditate and heal psoriasis


Now comes the fun part, getting to actually meditate like The Greats do; Da Mo, Gandhi, and Master Splinter. The point of meditation is to clean the mind. Cleanliness is Godliness is what they say.

Clean the mind by clearing the mind. Don’t dread on memories from the past and don’t entertain fretted thoughts of the future. Focus only on that exact moment. Live only in the present.

It is a misconception that meditation is not thinking. The mind will always think, it’s just what the mind does. It’s the way our brains process everyday tasks and information. But even our minds need a break.

Naturally our brains are on autopilot thinking about whatever, whenever. Meditation allows us to pilot our own brains on our own terms. It’s time to take the reins; thoughts will appear and it is your flight plan to avoid entertaining every single thought that comes to mind.

We can clear the mind and then three seconds later we start thinking about other things, like the game score for example, or other people. The Walking Dead TV show or Game of Thrones TV show is common to think about. So how can we meditate without all the thoughts bombarding us every few seconds? There are several ways to meditate, different techniques exist all over the world and have existed since the dawn of man.meditatate to cure psoriasis naturally

Meditating Techniques

Remember the goal while meditating is to try and keep the mind clear throughout the whole duration of the meditating session and focus on one positive thought or emotion at a time. Here are some ways to clear the mind.

1. While breathing deeply: imagine floating on a magic carpet way above the clouds and every passing thought is nothing but a dissolving cloud. Concentrate on the moment and focus on breathing. This can be done with or without the magic carpet.

2. While breathing deeply: imagine sitting at the bottom of the ocean wearing an oxygen mask and every passing thought is a fish floating away. Concentrate on the moment and focus on breathing. This can be done with or without the oxygen mask.

3. While breathing deeply: nothing exists but you and a briefcase. Every thought that arises goes into the briefcase. Concentrate on the moment and focus on breathing.

4. While breathing deeply: only concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Feel how the oxygen fills the lungs and gives every part of the body life. Feel how carbon dioxide leaves the body and how it expels toxins with it.

5. While breathing deeply: there is only one word in the world. That word is clear. Clear is everywhere. Clear is everything. Nothing exists except, “Clear.” Concentrate on the moment and focus on breathing. There are millions of ways to meditate. I meditate in the shower sometimes or floating in the bathtub or pool. I can also kill two birds with one stone and meditate while running laps. The way I do this is I close my eyes very slightly while running, so that I can see the path still; then I think I’m running on the moon. I repeat the words “healthy and clear” throughout my run; and I concentrate on my breathing.

Browse the Internet on all the various techniques and combinations of meditation. Remember to have fun.

#19: Grounding AKA Earthing – Alternative Psoriasis Treatment

– Bare feet, grounding mat, or both.

After sitting around for a while meditating, standing up should be nice. Take off your shoes and socks. Go outside and walk on the grass barefoot for a while. I know you all must be thinking I’m being a weirdoearthing heals psoriasis or something. And you all are right, I am a weirdo. But not just any weirdo, I’m a weirdo with very attractive skin.

Negative ions are good for the body because they act like antioxidants neutralizing free radicals’ positive charge; a good amount of negative ions for the body is considered very beneficial.

Think of the Earth as a massive negative ion bank, but the only way to gain access to and benefit from all those negative ions in the Earth is it to be grounded. One of the best ways to be grounded is to touch the Earth directly.

World famous Doctor Steve Sinatra specializes in grounding research and is proud to mention all the advantages discovered from simply keeping contact with the Earth. Here are a few Grounding Benefits

Grounding Benefitsearthing cures psoriasis

  • – Reduces Inflammation
  • – Improves Blood Flow
  • – Reduces Stress
  • – Increases Energy
  • – Promotes Healing
  • – Increases Oxygen Flow to the Brain
  • – Natural Antioxidant
  • – Reduces Viscosity
  • – Heals Eczema
  • – Repairs Tissue Damage
  • – Encourages Weight Los
  • – Reduces PMS SymptomsRemedy Psoriasis Naturally skim board grounding
  • – Relieves Headaches
  • – Cures Psoriasis

Grounding can be done anytime and anywhere. Thousands of people take off their shoes and ground to the Earth any chance they get. The beach is my favorite place for grounding.

There are other ways to ground besides standing outside. Grounding can be done inside your house  while sleeping. Because products online, like grounding sheets make it possible to be grounded via ground plug. These items can be purchased on popular websites like eBay or Amazon. They can also be purchased on other websites as well.

#20: Cook with John Pagano’s Cook Books – Psoriasis Recipesdr.-pagano cook books cure psoriasis

– Buy both the Healing Psoriasis Cookbook and Healing Psoriasis book.?

Inside these awesome books, John gets into a deep understanding on psoriasis. His many food recipes will allow you to eat well and not worry about any counterproductive ingredients. Definitely eat these recipes if you want to cure psoriasis from your body.

Patient testimonials are also present in Doctor John Pagano’s books; inspiring cases where psoriatic patients both young and old experience different detoxification stages of the disease. Here are some examples that he stresses about in his books and good reasons to buy his work.

Some of Doctor Pagano’s Book Facts

– Due to the leaky gut syndrome, Dr. Pagano stresses not to drink liquids while eating. Try to only drink liquids way before eating anddr.pagano cook book review cure psoriasis
long after eating.

– Towards the end of the regimen, sometimes patients experience “a purge” (AKA Herxheimer reaction) when the body attempts to rid itself of all toxins. This purge can cause massive breakouts all over the body but will subside soon enough and the body will be free.

– Before and after pictures demonstrate how the psoriatic patients finally have clear skin after three to seven months of detoxifying. Some cases show patients being afflicted with psoriasis for over 45 years and being free after several months.

– Why nightshades are bad for the human body. Italy, a country that eats a lot of tomato sauce and also smokes a lot of tobacco, suffers from the highest rate of psoriasis is the world.

– Epson salt baths are very beneficial because it is an effective cleansing procedure. The baths should last 20 to 30 minutes and the water should stay heated. He states that these baths should NOT be takendr.-pagano-program-book-review-cure-psoriasis if heart or blood pressure problems are present, if pain arises, or if alone in the house.

– Spinal Adjustments may relieve impinged nerves that normally circulate blood to waste disposing organs like the intestines. According to Dr. Pagano’s studies on Dr. Edgar Cayce’s research, he contends that revitalizing the intestinal organs by way of spine adjustment, may help aid the skin in healing.

– Recommended supplements for the psoriatic patient. Some supplements were researched from other anti-psoriasis books, like the Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs and Lets Get Well. Some of the supplements recommended are Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Copper, Lecithin, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and Milk Thistle to name a few.

I totally recommend these books. See for yourself that it’s possible to cure psoriasis.

Healing Psoriasis


Healing Psoriasis Cookbook

#21: Castor Oil Massage after a Salt Water Scrub in the Oceancastor oil cures psoriasis

– I love a nice soothing massage after a nice soothing swim.

If you don’t have castor oil in your house by now, you can have some delivered within a few days. People are calling this stuff the miracle oil. It has been used for thousands of years and has even been found in Egyptian burial sites. The Aztecs were also known to use castor oil for medical purposes as well as skin problems too. This is probably because it promotes a healthy immune system.

Castor oil is used in most lotions and skin products today, and is very popular in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Thailand. Just small
amounts can be rubbed all over the body for moisturizing effects. Caster oil is best used after soaking in the Epsom Salt Water from the ocean. Salt water helps remove flakes and cleanses the skin. This handy combinationcastor oil heals psoriasis will decrease the appearances of psoriasis and if done enough times, and with proper eating it could cure psoriasis. Both a castor oil massage and a salt water scrub go hand in hand, working in harmony with each other.

Castor oil can also be ingested, for its multiple medicinal benefits. Yes, there is a toxic chemical inside the castor oil plant and beans but it is neutralized during oil extraction making it safe for ingestion.

Castor Oil Benefits

– Treats Colic

– Helps Constipation

– Anti-Inflammatory

– Moisturizes Skin

– Cleanses Stomachcastor oil can help psoriasis

– Natural Laxative

– Helps with Fungal Infections

– Helps with Arthritis

– Promotes Hair Growth

– Slows Aging Process

– Encourages Healthy Tissue Growth

– Reduces Pigmentation

– Helps Prevent Premature Graying of Hair

– Antimicrobial

– Thickens Hair

– Disinfectant

– Treats Bloating

– Induces Sleep

– Detoxifies

– Treats Dandruff

– Shines Hair

– Treats Psoriasis

I use Heritage Castor Oil. It’s one of the better quality  brands out there, because it’s free of added chemicals and solvents. Heritage uses only pure Ricinus Communis (castor).

Here is the link for Heritage Organic Castor Oil at Amazon.

Here is the link for Heritage Organic Castor Oil at All Star Health.

#22: Ocean water and Epsom SaltEpsom salt cures psoriasis

-Have a nice soothing bath.

People have been bathing in Epsom salt for a quite some time now. The benefits linked to the amazing salt are extreme to say the least. Mainly used as a soaking agent to relieve joint pain, wounds, cuts, muscle cramps and sprang ankles. It is widely used as psoriasis treatment. Epsom salt removes dead skin cells from psoriasis lesions and eliminates toxins from the skin thus reducing inflammation.

Salt water from the ocean and Epsom salt are slightly different yet the same. While salt water from the sea is mineral rich, Epsom salt is mainly comprised of Magnesium and Sulfate. The element Magnesium and natural chemical compound sulfate help escort toxins from the body by clinging on to the toxins and dispelling them. Magnesium plays a big roll promoting better blood circulation, preventing blood clots, keeping the arteries from hardening and drastically reducing inflammation.  Both ocean salt water and Epsom salt water are highly beneficial while attempting to cure psoriasis naturally.

Benefits Linked to Bathing in Epsom Salt Water or Ocean Salt WaterEpsom Salt can cure psoriasis bitmoji

  • – Decreases Stress
  • – Helps With Constipation
  • – Eliminates Toxins
  • – Counters Muscle Cramps
  • – Helps Prevent Blood Clots
  • – Decreases Chance of Hardening Arteries
  • – Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells
  • – Reduces Inflammation

Here is the link for a five pound bag of Epson Salt from Amazon

#23: OPC Grape Seed Extract Heals Psoriasis

– Use as directed. ?

There is hype going around about grape seed extract. They say it stops diabetes and prevents weight gain. But most importantly, it fights inflammation. OPC, found in grape seed extract, stands for Oiligomeric Proanthocyanins, which are just bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids are potent antioxidants. There are over 20,000 types ofGrape-Seed-extract-treats-psoriasis bioflavonoids and OPC’s are the strongest type on the list. OPC’s are free radical terminators, meaning they hunt and kill free radicals in the body. This is good news because that means that OPC’s also fight against inflammation.

A Saudi Arabian study was found that OPC’s regulate the activity of T-Cells (white blood cells), “stopping inflammatory markers,” says Terry Lemerond, author of the online newsletter ProHealth.com.

OPC’s also amplify the effects of existing vitamins, and according to the Colon Therapists Network, OPC’s “potentate’s Vitamin C and
regenerates Vitamin E.”

Benefits Linked to OPC Grape Seed Extract

  • – Fights against Psoriasis
  • – Anti Inflammatory
  • – Power House Antioxidant
  • – Free Radical Hunter Killer
  • – Vitamin Enhancer
  • – Anti-Aging
  • – Works against Arthritis
  • – Stops Diabetes
  • – Counters Heart Disease
  • – Counters Liver Cirrhosis
  • – Counters Arteriosclerosis
  • – Combats Circulatory Disorders
  • – Improves Circulation
  • – Normalizes Blood Pressure
  • – Vitalities Arteries and Veins
  • – Fights against Eczema
  • – Reduces Hypersensitivity
  • – Reduces Stroke Risk
  • – Reduces Chance Of Cancer
  • – Helps Asthma
  • – Helps with Cataracts
  • – Decreases Menopause Symptoms
  • – Antibacterial AgentGrape Seed extract cures psoriasis
  • – Battles MRSA
  • – Counters Anxiety
  • – Discourages Insomnia
  • – Delays Alzheimer’s Symptoms
  • – Boosts Attention Span
  • – Improves Motor Coordination
  • – Reduces Hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • – Inhibits Plague Formation
  • – Prevents Cognitive Loss
  • – Eases Effects of Oxidative Stress
  • – Works against Obesity
  • – Reduces Chance of Blood Clots
  • – Helps Open Blood Vessels and Arteries
  • – Speed Muscle Recovery
  • – Battles Parkinson’s Disease
  • – Reduces Risk of Phlebitis
  • – Reduces Bruising
  • – Improves Joint Flexibility
  • – Inhibits Edema
  • – Treats Venous Insufficiency
  • – Relieves Varicose Vein Problems
  • – Fights Scurvy

OPC’s can be found in certain tree bark, and certain fruits and vegetables. The Colon Therapists Network reports that the highest concentration of OPC exists in the grape seed extract “containing 92% of active ingredients.” Grape Seed Extract is a definite must when it comes to battling psoriasis. The CTN also said that OPC is “20 times more powerful then Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful then Vitamin E.”Grape Seed extract heals psoriasis

Fun Fact

In the winter of 1595, the Explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew were marooned in the Saint Lawrence River. The crew had run out of food and supplies, and were all developing scurvy which was killing them one by one. An Indian Chief told Cartier that Pine Tree bark would heal his crew. Cartier and his men used the bark and became well again. Cartier recorded his findings is his journal.

Today, when analyzing the bark of pine trees, it is discovered that high amounts of bioflavonoid are present within the bark. Included in these bioflavonoids is the most powerful bioflavonoid of all, Oiligomeric Proanthocyanins also known as OPC. Grape seed extract still holds the highest amount of OPC.

-Here is the link for quality Grape Seed Extract from All Star Health.

-Here is the link for quality Grape Seed Extract from Amazon

#24: Turmeric is Awesome For Cure Psoriasis Recipesturmeric cures psoriasis

– The main seasoning that I purchase.

I cook with turmeric two to three times a week. Not only does this stuff taste good but it’s highly beneficial for psoriasis. Turmeric is a
yellow grounded root mostly used in Asian cooking and is also used in India for medicinal purposes. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is why it’s highly anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric is also used as an antioxidant agent. When curcumin is introduced to the body, it deactivates free radicals and it encourages
the body’s free radicals to come into play.

According to several sources, curcumin is inadequately absorbed by the human body unless it’s consumed with piperine or black pepper. When eaten together, the absorption rate increases by “2000%;” otherwise, the curcumin contained within turmeric will just pass through the body with little absorption. Some people swallow peppercorns right after consuming turmeric; they do this to guarantee that the curcumin being consumed is utilized by the body fully.

Benefits Linked to Turmeric

– Anti-Inflammatory

– Helps Reverse Psoriasis

– Antioxidant

– Anti-Aging

– Promotes Longevity

– Helps Prevent Heart Disease

– Helps Prevent Cancer

– Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

– Alleviates Depressionturmeric heals psoriasis

– Increases Learning Abilities

– Helps Prevent Memory Loss

– Battles Arthritis

– Helps Prevent Dementia

– Decreases Intestinal Problems

Turmeric can be purchased at any grocery store within the spice and herb sections. It can also be purchased as a supplement. Some people will acquire the whole turmeric root as is, ground it raw, and utilize it that way. All forms of consumption are advantageous.

Here is the link for Ground Turmeric seasoning from Amazon.

Here is the link to All Star Health if you wish to take Turmeric Capsules instead.

#25: Slippery Elm Powder Heals the Leaky GutElm Bark powder cures psoriasis

– I drink one serving in the morning.?

Slippery Elm Powder heals the intestine wall and should be taken every morning before breakfast. There are multiple medicinal purposes including anti inflammation, meaning this powder is a perfect remedy for cure psoriasis naturally. Doctor Pagano’s Regimen also includes Slippery Elm Bark as a major player in fighting psoriasis and works in unison with Saffron tea.

Me, like other people that were trying to cure psoriasis used Slippery Elm Powder with awesome results. People using the powder displayed generous improvements with clearer skin, especially when not eating counterproductive foods like red meat and processed food.

For my full review about Slippery Elm Powder and the best place to get it click here.

Benefits of Organic Slippery Elm Bark PowderElm Bark powder Treats psoriasis

– Battles Psoriasis

– Heals Intestines

– Fights Inflammation

– Antioxidant

– Protects Against Ulcers

– Helps with Constipation

– Helps with Diarrhea

– Eases Stress

– Eases Anxiety

– May Prevent Breast Cancer

– Relieves Cold and Flu Symptoms

– Treats Sore Throat

– Treats Acid Reflux

Doctor John Pagano says that, Slippery Elm Bark Powder should be consumed hours away from Saffron Tea due to Elm Bark Powder being a healer while American Saffron tea is a detoxifier. Both work great when taken hours apart but when taken together in close proximity they will not work at all. This is because the Elm Bark Powder cannot heal the intestine line while Saffron tea is trying to flush it.

#26: American Saffron Flushes Toxinsyellow saffron tea cures psoriasis

– I drink one cup, right before bedtime, with nothing added.?

There are many testimonials online about how wonderful Saffron tea is for people who have psoriasis. American Saffron AKA Yellow Saffron Tea detoxifies majorly. Toxins are expelled in a much quicker succession then other detoxifying teas; in fact, it is debatable that American Saffron is the best detoxifying tea there is.

Recommended by Doctor Edward Cayce himself, this miracle tea helps clean the digestive tract and is known as an intestinal antiseptic.

American Saffron tea also works against inflammation, making this product ideal for the person trying to cure psoriasis.

To best take advantage of American Saffron teas effectiveness, Dr. John Pagano condones using it in conjunction with Elm Bark Powder. Using Elm Bark Powder only in the morning and using American Saffron tea onlyyellow saffron tea treats psoriasis at night before sleep is the way the compliment each other. As long as the two are separated. This will give the two items room to work and do what they do best. Elm Bark Heals, and American Saffron flushes. They can’t work properly if taken at the same time or if taken to close to one another.

Users have stated that their psoriasis condition has decreased substantially since they have been using American Saffron and others, including me, have lost their psoriasis condition all together. It is a definite product to use while combating any skin condition especially psoriasis.

Read my full review and where to buy American Saffron.


– This tea is not to be used during pregnancy.

– Use as directed, many users have stated that the tea may cause drowsy symptoms.

– May put the user to sleep

– May wake up sweating in the middle of the night. Sweating is a good sign.

– Some people don’t like the taste.

– Not to be used in the morning while Elm Bark Powder is healing intestines.

Similar Great Tea’s But Are less Effective

– Mullein Tea

– Milk Thistle Tea

– Chamomile Tea

– Watermelon Seed Tea

– Oolong Tea

– Ginseng Tea

– Ginger Tea

– Rooibos Tea

#27: Vitamin B Complex Cures Psoriasis Over Timevitamin b complex cures psoriasis

Vitamin B has many forms, put them all together and you get B Complex. Vitamin B Complex is what most people are extremely deficient of. Even if one takes a multivitamin a day, chances are they wont get enough B vitamin within that multivitamin dose.

According to Nutritionist, Adelle Davis, who wrote, Let’s Get Well. She explains that psoriasis and eczema are caused by a “faulty utilization of fat.” And a deficiency of lecithin and the B vitamins. She recommends to replenish lecithin, vitamins A, C, E, and especially the B vitamin in the body to alleviate the skin disorders.

She states that animals and humans alike suffer from “various types of skin rash…when deficiencies of essential fatty acids or almost any one of the B vitamins.” She stresses that it can become worse over time. The body will become “encrusted with heavy, itching scabs.”

Adelle Davis continues saying that these “B vitamin deficiencies…result in scaliness of the skin and showers of dandruff; and itching red rashes.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Davis has just described psoriasis and scalp psoriasis. She says to take the B vitamins and Lecithin because the body is deficient of these nutrients and that the problem will eventually go away after these deficiencies are replaced in the diet.B complex cures psoriasisB vitaman complex cures psoriasis

Vitamin B Complex is very important for the liver, nervous system, obtaining energy, production of red blood cells, and in this case, and more importantly, for the skin.

Adelle Davis’s says Vitamin B6 in-particular.

Most vitamin suppliers try to make their supplements cheap and affordable by using only inexpensive components to form their products. The problem with this method is, you get ingredients in your multivitamin that your body can’t utilize effectively or at all. Thus your body still becomes deficient in B and all vitamin nutrients because of it. Money, time, and effort go down the drain in vain.

That’s where high quality vitamin products should be considered.  I have been using this product for years.  Beyond Health Vitamin B Complex. This stuff is considered the top of the top, and the highest quality Vitamin B Complex you can find on the market today.

Beyond Health specializes in only using natural ingredients that the body can actually use. No soy, no wheat, and no GMO are quoted on every bottle.

Here is the link for Beyond Health Vitamin B Complex from Amazon.

#28: Zinc deficiencies may cause Psoriasis

Zinc is a mineral found in our skin. Both our metabolism and immune system benefit from Zinc. But why don’t we hear much about it? And when we do hear about it, skepticism is all over the place. Yes, our bodies do need Zinc. But does a Zinc deficiency have anything to do with psoriasis?

Remember Raymond Francis and his quote about only one disease being present? He says that all diseases could be considered just one disease. And you can call that one disease “Malfunctioning cells,” and cells only malfunction for two reasons, “toxicity and deficiency.”zinc treats psoriasis

Let’s say that this, (not so far fetch) theory is correct, and are diet is toxic thus making are bodies malfunction, then shouldn’t we be avoiding those toxic items?

Let’s say that Raymond is also correct about a deficiency. Deficiency of vitamins, of nutrients, and of minerals, than wouldn’t it be prudent to pick up the slack?

Our skin should contain almost twenty percent of our body’s Zinc stores, but for most of us, Zinc is hardly present.

So does a Zinc deficiency arouse psoriasis symptoms? Coincidentally,  mice and rats whom are deficient in Zinc also develop skin problems. The skin condition they develop is called keratogenesis. Keratogenesis is quite similar to Psoriasis in humans. According to Hoffer and Walker in Orthomolecular Nutrition.

Yes taking to much of anything can be hazardous, but taking too little of something can be hazardous too.

According to the United States Recommended Dietary Allowance Board, the minimal recommended intake for Zinc is fifteen mg a day, yet most American’s don’t even meet that standard.

Note* Chicken and beans have Zinc.  Never fried.

A dose of 50 mg a day can be beneficial and bring our Zinc deficiencies up to par. So I take just that. 50 mg every day or every other day.

My preferred Zinc brand is NOW, their products are known to be good quality at a decent price.

Here is the link to Amazon for NOW Zinc.

Here is the link to All Star Health for Now Zinc.

#29: Steam Cook Most of Your FoodSteam cooking cures psoriasis

Steam cooking is absolutely the healthiest way to cook. There are many benefits linked to steam cooking but the number one reason we want to steam cook our food is because it reduces inflammation.

Always eating foods that have been cooked at excessively high temperatures or have been cooked by dry cooking methods can cause serious inflammation problems in all parts of the body. Inflammation can arise anywhere in the body especially the skin. Psoriasis is a known form of skin inflammation.

Avoiding dry cooking methods can leave most people confused on how to prepare their meals. After all, everywhere we go, and the majority of the foods we eat are cooked via grilled, fried, deep fried or microwaved.

Even boiling foods to long can diminish the many nutrients they may have.

Boiling foods is still a better choice then dry cooking them. But to gain the most value out of cooking without any toxic effects and minimum nutrient depletion would be steam cooking.

Some Steam Cooking Benefits Include

  • Foods retains more vitamins and minerals then any other cooking method.
  • Foods retain more natural color and taste.
  • Does not require oil.
  • Fast and easy.
  • Will not produce advanced glycation end products via high temperature dry cooking.
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Counters many illnesses including psoriasis.

Here is my review on the best steamers.

#30: It Is Very Important That You Read All The Other Posts On This WebsiteLet go cure psoriasis bitmoji

Go back to the main menu and read the other content concerning what NOT to do when trying to cure psoriasis, and the other information on WHY the do’s and dont’s are so important. Understanding WHY, will help you figure out HOW to cure psoriasis that much easier.

You have now read the list of items and tasks that will help cure psoriasis naturally and will also help maintain beautiful skin thereof. However…it is imperative that these items and tasks are carried out indefinitely.

The other Posts include:

-“How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

-“How to Cure Psoriasis

-“Cure Psoriasis With Passion

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Drake Brooks


  1. Wow, so grounding, huh? And law of attraction? I’ve never heard of these as cures for psoriasis, but I guess that they make sense, especially the power of the mind. I mean, if you can suffer from psychosomatic illnesses, you should be able to do the reverse, as well, right? While I don’t suffer from it (at least not much), almost all the men in my family deal with psoriasis, and I’ve heard of many of these cures. It could be that as a health-nut martial artist, I am just doing things that keep me from breaking out! Who’d have thought?

    Anyway, great read, and thanks for so much great information on how to treat psoriasis. I’ll pass this on to my dad and brother!

    • The mind is a powerful thing indeed. It’s cool you understand. I’m glad you found this site. Bring your family too.

  2. Very informative site about psoriasis. I am always happy to see people out there presenting natural ways to help themselves and cut someone’s stress also. I just have to say I love the little red guy doing so much work on your site. He is awesome and so is the information on yoga.

  3. Hi there,

    Great article,

    I know two persons who suffer from psoriasis, they’ve got this because of stress. Well, that’s what the Doctors say.
    They’ve tried everything, and they even traveled to Israel to cure at the dead sea. They’ve put mud all over their body, and it worked, but only for a few month, psoriasis came back.
    I think they didn’t try everything, though:) Your article is fantastic, and I will share it with my friends so that they can follow your suggestions and hopefully, they will cure psoriasis!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • As time goes on, more and more people start to suffer from psoriasis.. It is becoming an epidemic and will get worse before it ever gets better. This will work for people that can’t travel to the dead sea. They just have to stick with the regimen for as long as it takes. Invest their time now so that they can have their whole life later.

      If they want to hear it or not, tell your friends anyway, and when they finally get their skin back, always remind them that a healthy life style with only eating bad on rare occasions is the best way to keep there skin thereof.

  4. Very extensive and detailed information. My husband has one of the worst cases his doctor has ever seen. He’s been injecting Enbrel for 10 years now, but it looks like it may have stopped working. Your information is important to us right now and I will make sure my husband sees your website too. Do you do all of these things everyday yourself? He’s not good at taking supplements so we’ll have to see what’s on your list that he will actually stay with.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable information here.

    • Think of supplements as a Detox Clean Up Crew that rowdy’s up the Body’s Army. The Detox Cleanup crew has Cleaners, Healers, and Operators. Basically just generous amounts of nutrient rich produce food but in supplement form.

      If your husband really wants his skin back. He would have to give his body the tools necessary to flush and heal itself properly. At the same time, he would have to avoid most inflammatory foods and toxins that I mentioned on “The Don’t List.” And more importantly. He has to really want it for himself in order to make a drastic life style change and continue it. No cheating, strait will-power.

       Healing the body of psoriasis is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Because it involves not eating the foods you love, vigorous exercising, and prompt nutrient intake everyday for almost a whole year.

      For some people, and very rarely, it takes less than four months to rid their body of psoriasis. We’re talking clear skin Sherry. Pre-breakout looking skin, teenage looking skin again!

      If totally devoted. Does nothing counter productive. Inflammation will go away in due time.

      I did these tasks everyday for months and months and months until slowly my healthy skin returned.

       Let me know if yall have any more questions. =)

      – Drake Brooks –

  5. Hey there! The weather is changing from fall to winter and I feel that I’m having some flakes on my scalp. Every time I scratched my scalp there’s like flakes falling down and I don’t think that this is psoriasis and hopefully it’s not. Is the things listed here are effective ways to cure the flakes that are on my head or is it only for psoriasis? I really appreciate your response.

    • Rico, cool name. People get flakes on their scalp all the time. I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose.

      Weather changes the way our bodies act sometimes. It could be just a weather symptom or it could be a sign that you are lacking key nutrients in your body or you have too much toxins in your body.

      Read my, “How to Cure Psoriasis” List and my “Don’t List” if you haven’t read it yet. It will help your cause.

      And to answer your question, yes, the items I listed above can help you too.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  6. Psoriasis is something that has been troubling me for years now, I think it is really difficult to manage and keep Psoriasis in check and thanks for creating this really helpful to do list.
    I have always believed that anyone who has Psoriasis should definitely have a regular regime without any Gaps to control this issue.

    • Hey Shrey, thanx for reading my To Do List…if you follow the regimen by exerciseing regularly, eating vitamins, and ONLY eating certain foods. You wont have to worry about psoriasis anymore. Your body will cure itself naturally in due time. No more “controling” the issue or keeping it in “check.” Because if you follow these steps as others like you have done before…there will be no more psoriais anyways. Your skin will clear up and it will look beautiful once again. Read my Don’t List and How to Cure Psoriasis pages if you havnt already.


  7. These days I literally can’t see sunlight so I think I will go with an alternative which is cardio. Actually, I wanted to start jumping rope regularly and I will probably start next week.

    • Cardio exercise is the best thing we can do for ourselves. It’s hard work, but man does it pay off. There is so many benefits from doing cardio that one could write a book and still wouldn’t cover half the benefits.

      Jump roping takes skill and coordination. I have come to love running and jump roping both.

  8. I was just diagnosed with psoriasis in April, and wow what a huge lifestyle change I had to make! And I am still trying to read up more about it, just cause it feels like im always missing something out..
    But your website, is by far THE BEST helpful psoriasis web out there and I just wanted to say thank you!!

    • Hey thank you for the awesome comment, it’s good to know that this website I have built is appreciated and being used to cure psoriasis. You have inspired me to continue adding content. Don’t forget to read the Don’t List , and all the other content too. =)

  9. Wow! This is grounding information about psoriasis. I always love it when I read from people who understands fully well what they are talking about and I’m glad I visited this site. I also appreciate the fact that you have presented natural ways to which a person can remedy psoriasis. I’ll bookmark this post and reread the information’s again. Thanks for a well written article. Cheers

    • Thanx for reading. And you are welcome. I indeed know this subject well because I have lived through it. My skin and I have gone to hell and back. Because I used to have this horrible condition. I have researched tons of information, applied it, and now the psoriasis is gone and my skin is golden once again. Bookmarking my site may definitely come in handy down the road. Who knows, you may have to refer back to it sooner or later. Thanx for the comment.


  10. This is a really great post, I have a friend who keeps giving himself so much stress and hardly leaves his work at all, this has made him really unhealthy and recently he complained about his skin and I discovered he has psoriasis. I think he needs to check your site out and see ways of curing himself naturally. Now I have a good reason to believe coconut oil and water really work as natural remedies to cure psoriasis. Thanks for putting this comprehensive and educative post up. I’m very grateful.

    • Stress is a huge factor when it comes to skin problems such as psoriasis. Stress can make ones hair grey or even fall out from the scalp. Stress can make one age rapidly or even cause them to have low energy and make them tired all the time. Plain and simple, too much stress is bad for the individual and very bad for the skin. I talk about it here in my Don’t List.

      I drink distilled water and use high quality coconut oil only. Here is a link for some high quality coconut oil.

      Thanx for the comment. Tell your friend to scope out my book too.  Here is the link. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

      -Drake Brooks-

  11. What an amazing collection of great advice on how to cure psoriasis naturally. Amongst others, I loved reading how the power of attraction and the power of positive affirmations have the possibility to help manage and even cure this disease. This makes so much sense because when we feel positive our stress levels go down and that helps out health overall and psoriasis in this case, in particular. 

    The diet advice is really helpful. It’s hard to decide on so much advice out there – yours is straight to the point and easy to follow. Thank you. 

    • Thank you for the cool compliment. The law of attraction is indeed a very wonderful concept that actually works. Positive thoughts are always more constructive in the end. While negative thoughts get us no where. It is very important to always be optimistic and never pessimistic, especially if we truly desire beautiful golden skin and our goal is usually just around the horizon.

      Again thanks for reading and thanks for the compliment.


  12. Thank you very much for the extensive review and summary on how to cure psoriasis. I have a friend who suffered this illness for some time now. Most of the time he took methotrexate or cyclosporine to control his conditions, but has no good effects. He is a scientist and somehow doesn’t believe so called natural cure, as he responds to me when I tell him the potential natural cure for his psoriasis.

    I am so much impressed by your hard work. There are so many ways to deal with this illness. I am sure there are some things that can help his condition. I am going to share your article with him.

    It is kind of you spending a lot of time summarizing the information and sharing it with us.

    • I’m sure your friend would appreciate you sharing this information with him. You are right. I worked hard researching and writing all this content for all to benefit from. Send this to your friend. Scientist or not, we all know that natural medicines do exist and not all treatments and cures manifest from modern pharmaceutical drugs. And also, let’s not forget the quote from a famous doctor. Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

      Here is my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, he will enjoy it because it is indeed a good read that has a lot of scientific facts. Thanks for the comment.


  13. I have seen In many cases, psoriasis goes away and then flares up again. The triggers that bring on psoriasis include: stress, dry air, infections, skin injuries, some medicines, too much or too little sun but I’m glad I came across this article should it happen to anyone around me I have understood how to handle it. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    • You are welcome. It is my privilege to bring information to those that need it. Too much or too little of everything does effect our bodies in strange ways. It’s called deficiency and toxicity. Raymond Francis talks about it in his book, “Never Be Sick Again.” I also talk about it in my book How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

      Thanks for the smart comment.

      -Drake Brooks-

  14. Thank you for this article about how to cure psoriasis. Its a very health oriented type of article which is very important for all kinds of people. You show us how to cure psoriasis easily and naturally. I love this article because of its natural treatment like sunlight, cardio exercises, etc. I think it will be very popular with everyone in a very short time.

    • Thank you for your quick observation about this article. I’m glad you found it interesting, a good read, and you “loved it.” Again thanx!


  15. Great article, however I should point out that FRESH fruit should NOT be avoided as they are alkaline and cleansing. John Pagano sats this numerous times in his book and in my experience of eating just fresh fruit and veg my psoriasis cleared up really fast along with 3l of water each day.

    • Hey Lucille, thanks for the comment. Yes in his book Healing Psoriasis, John Pagano says that fresh fruit is very beneficial. However,, over eating anything, especially fruit with too much natural sugar, does not help with alleviating psoriasis.

      Anything that is beneficial should still be consumed in moderation and not be overeaten. Small portions is key. Eat until satisfied not “full.”

    • Hey Joyce, unfortunately I don’t have a regular paperback print version for you to read as I know that it is more convenient for most. I also prefer to read paperback books over eBooks as I enjoy soft pages over LED screens. Some day I will have a print version as I think it would be cool to have a tangible copy. My bad for the inconvenience.

      However if you are still interested in owning a digital copy it is available on many platforms including kindle programs which can offer a low light and soft reading experience.

      Here is a link to my eBook on Smashwords or Amazon.

      Have an awesome read!


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