What Is The Cure For Psoriasis

I was once like you, searching, digging, scanning the internet. Desperately looking for answers and yearning for the truth.

Do you feel that you’ve been left in the dark with vital information; as if they were not telling you everything?


What is the cure for psoriasis you ask? Didn’t the doctor say there was “no cure, only lifetime topical treatments that helps control it from spreading or itching too much.” If you heard the doctor say something similar to that quote then you must not want to take that information with a grain of salt because here you are seeking alternatives.

But don’t get mad at the average doctor for lying to you because more than likely he’s just trying to keep his job by telling you what big pharma wants you to think. Which is buy more of our medications and everything else “shows no indications or evidence that it works.”

Just smile and understand that most of us are not the idiots they take us for.

So What Is The Cure For Psoriasis?

To understand the question, “what is the cure for psoriasis?” You have toNever be sick again book cover cure psoriasis first understand three basic health fundamentals from three key big league professionals. These three people are revolutionary in their philosophy concerning health and disease. Specialist yes. Masters in general in more respects.

Each have laid their reputations on the line to prove their controversial perspectives about disease and have succeeded.

All have tested their hypothesis in the field with hundreds of patients and controlled variables. And finally, all three have proven their points with successful outcomes matching their hypothesis.

  1. This is the foundation fundamental in which other conclusions presented here (and from the other two scholars) can be based. “There is only one disease.” That one disease is called “Malfunctioning Cells.” And “cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.” – Biochemest Dr. Raymond Francis, M. Sc. – who wrote Never Be Sick Again.

2. As if confirming Doctor Francis “toxicitydr. pagano-program book-review cure psoriasis” point to the letter, Doctor Pagano has concluded that Psoriasis is the “leaky gut syndrome, the workload for the kidneys and liver becomes so great that the body has to eliminate waste through the skin.” – Dr. John O. A. Pagano, D.C. – who wrote Healing Psoriasis.

3. Another one of Doctor Raymond Francis points confirmed. The matter of deficiency. The “lack of so many B vitamins” or “deficiencies… have resulted in scaliness of the skin. And showers of dandruff. – Nutritionist Adelle Davis who wrote Let’s Get Well.

Malfunctioning Cells

Let’s think about the problem. In this case, the epidermis is not operating the way it usually operates; it’s doing something strange, something unusual. They diagnosed this skin disorder as psoriasis.

So what is psoriasis? Psor/o means [itchy] and -aisis means the [state of] or [process of]. Psoriasis is the state of being itchy. It’s defined as an autoimmune disorder in which the skin creates an excessive amount of cells.

Patches of itchy skin become occupied by red and white lesions of plaques and/ or silvery scales. It usually occurs on the knees, scalp, elbows, and arms, but can manifest anywhere on the body.

The current problem is that the skin cells are being attacked by the body’s lymphocytes aka immune cells. The lymphocytes fight and damage healthy skin cells thus shortening the life of those cells which causes more cells to produce faster in its place. This cycle ends with inflamed, flaking dead skin and then it repeats.

Malfunctioning cells are present with every disease. From diabetes to dementia. From cancer to the common cold. Cells and primary systems are malfunctioning. Secondary systems are being activated. This is happening due to one or two reasons.

Toxicity and Deficiency.


Toxicity means too much toxin intake. If you are constantly eating and drinking trashy foods and garbage drinks, meal after meal, day after day, year after year, then you are obviously setting your body up to malfunction.

It simply can’t take the abuse without something somewhere going drastically wrong, malfunctioning, shutting down and activating secondary toxin release systems.

Some trashy junk foods are usually the cause of toxicity but being exposed to harsh chemicals is also a major factor too. Constantly using the wrong soaps or being present around certain environmental anomalies is a major factor to consider.

“What is the cure for psoriasis?” Avoid everything on my Don’t List is part of the answer. I discuss a huge list of things to be avoided when healing from psoriasis. These items are mostly foods that should be avoided when trying to rid the body of psoriasis.

Why not cease all toxicity all together?” Because toxins are everywhere, our bodies are exposed to it 24/7. Computer screens to cell phones, man made food to laundry detergents, all the beverages we drink to the air we breathe. There will always be toxicity, avoiding what we can when we can and to the best of our abilities is a good balance of time and choices.


Cells of all kinds need tremendous amounts of nutritional intake to operate at peak potentials efficiently. If the body’s system is not operating at its max potential, then there is space for error.

When the body errors, the immune system operates without ease or dis-ease, compensating for the lack of nutrition. The immune system also works to the point of exhaustion while reacting to excessive toxins. Symptoms occur in proof of this.

The medical term for “symptom” is indication of disease present. Symptoms are indicators of major skirmishes going on in the human body.

These fights consist of white blood cells and body mechanics vs. bacteria, viruses, toxins, and many other contaminants alien to the body.

The display of symptoms indicates malfunctioning and secondary systems being activated.

Some Symptoms that are Toxin Release Mechanisms

– Sneeze: A spasm to blow out contaminants

– Vomit or diarrhea: Releases toxins quickly

– Runny nose: Mucus seeping toxins

– Dark or cloudy Urine: Extreme toxin flush

– Productive cough: Releases and hocks up phlegm build up

– Sweat: Can seep toxins through pores of the skin

– Inflammation: Elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue

Usually in all cases, medications counter the symptom and not the problem. A good example would be that the common cold medicine reduces the symptom of a runny nose by slowing the flow of mucus, but it doesn’t stop the problem on why the nose is runny in the first place.

The nose is runny because it’s attempting to rid the human body of excess toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

With the skin problem psoriasis, simply putting on potent ointment to reduce itch, flakes, inflamed swelling, and redness, will not eliminate the problem but only reduce the symptom.

If you asked, “what is the cure for psoriasis?” Here it is again. Drastically reduce toxicity and significantly increase nutritional intake.

Prep for the worst by giving your beloved body a fighting chance. Nourishment is what the body requires. High doses of nutrition will give your body the expected enrichment required to fight off low amounts of toxicity and operate sufficiently.

  • A Jet-Pack from that classic Rocketeer movie cannot race through the clouds without proper Jet-Pack fuel. ?
  • Any engine will break down eventually without the proper lubrication of oil.
  •  A human body cannot thrive as was intended without sufficient nutritional components.

“What is the cure for psoriasis?” I cured my psoriasis by doing the things on my “Do List.” It is indeed part of the answer. I discuss a huge list of things to do to cure psoriasis. These items are mostly nutrients that should be utilized by the body indefinitely.

Two Deficiency Examples: Vitamin B Complex and Lecithin

B Vitamins are what people with skin conditions are extremely deficient with.

According to Nutritionist, Adelle Davis, who wrote, Let’s Get Well, eczema and psoriasis are both caused by a “faulty utilization of fat,” and deficiencies of “vitamin B” and “lecithin.”

She pushes her readers to replenish lecithin, vitamins C, E, A, especially B vitamins which can alleviate skin diseases.

She has discovered that both animals and humans alike suffer from “various types of skin rash…when deficiencies of essential fatty acids or almost any one of the B vitamins,” are obvious. The Nutritionist stresses that the situation can become much worse if not confronted.

Both animal and human can become “encrusted with heavy, itching scabs.” She suggests the utilization of Lecithin and multiple Vitamin B.

Here is a Link to some high quality B complex.

Lecithin is a lipid that exists in the body presently. Produced by the liver, it is one of the primary components that hold together cell walls; it is also present in other animals, eggs, spinach and many other perishables. An organic building block. A magnificent natural occurring phospholipid in the body’s cell membranes that holds us together. But that’s the boring part.

Now get this. Because excessive amounts of toxic cholesterol exists in the blood and also in the skin cells of those that have psoriasis, lecithin can work in the readers favor by reducing cholesterol and dissolving it. You read right. Dissolve toxic cholesterol.

Lecithin emulsifies fats, enabling the fat to be dispersed in H20. Psoriasis patients have shown to have an overloaded amount of fat cells. Harnessing lecithin should be definite because it dissolves toxic fat.

What is the cure for psoriasis you ask? Lecithin is a God-send because it is part of the answer you seek.

“254 patients” ceasing new break outs after the first week, after being given “4 to 8 tablespoons” of lecithin. Even severe cases of psoriasis displayed recovery after just five months.

I like the liquid lecithin that has no soy and is Non GMO. Here is the Link to some Lecithin.

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Drake Brooks


  1. A great article highlighting a problem that many people I know face. I know it can make peoples lives pretty miserable at times and can be very detrimental to their self image in all kinds of ways. I like the way that you focus on natural remedies here and the level of detail you provide is very thorough. Great subject matter, clearly explored while offering practical natural solutions. Good work.

    • Thanx for the compliment dude. This short article took me longer then expected to write. I pull remedy methods from many works of literature.

      It is amazing what we experience, seek, and then find. I wouldn’t know this stuff if I didn’t go in and out the whole horrible experience myself.

      Having healthy / beautiful skin and losing it is a devastating wake up call.  But getting your skin back from oblivion makes you truly grateful for what was lost and found. 

  2. It’s amazing how many ailments can be cured by changing your diet or simply eating the right foods. 

    Psoriasis sounds similar to eczema, which is something I get from time to time on my arms. I was wondering if they are the same thing? I haven’t had it for a while luckily, but it is the most awful itch. I find seawater helps to a certain degree.

    I am certainly going to take your advice in any case and stock up on those vitamin B tablets, and I think I must start writing down whatever I eat so that maybe the next time I get an attack I can see what I ate that could have triggered the reaction.

    Great website with really helpful advice, thank you.

    • It is amazing isn’t it? Yet so simple too. It’s all about what we put into our body and what we DON’T put into our body. Simple as that.

      Psoriasis and  eczema are brother and sister slightly different but very similar. Psoriasis can appear elevated while eczema not as much.

      Ocean water has been known to detoxify the skin and helps cure psoriasis for most people. I talk about it on my “Do List.”

      And yes, definitely stock up on all the B Vitamins. Here is a Link.

      Why write it down when you can read it off your phone. Everything to be avoided is here on my “Don’t List” or here on my eBook.

  3. Hallo there Drake, 

    I have to say that this is the most interesting post I have read today. 

    My brother has been suffering from psoriasis for a really long time now and it hurts me to see how it brings his esteem down. He has been getting some medication to reduce the itching and you have made understand how it’s not helping since he is only working on the symptoms instead of the actual cause.

    I will encourage him to take the sunflower liquid lecithin you recommend here.

    If he insists, I will show him your post so that he can get some good perspective of his problem.

    Thanks heaps for this post it has really shed a lot of light for me.

    Have a good day.

    • I’ve been where your brother is now man. Let’s say your brother continues this path with the main stream doctor and with maybe a slight cosmetic alleviation from the symptoms. For the most part, the psoriasis will still be there, it will just be harder to see.

      Once the expensive medication wears off however and then completely runs out… the skin disorder psoriasis can come back in full force or worse, bursting from the symptom suppression.

      Or your brother can just get the doctors point of view and browse and decide on alternative remedy’s that can heal his unhealthy skin or get prescribed skin chemicals that mask and hide the unhealthy skin; only for it to return later.

      Have your brother read my eBook. Here is the Link. It will definitely help his cause.

      Here is a link for some Lecithin too.

      Glad I can help.

      – Drake Brooks –

  4. Just discovered this wonderful website! I ordered and read the book, knew allot of stuff but, this book brings it all together! Thank you for doing this Drake!

    • Hey somebody that actually read my book. I am so happy to meet you. I really hope you enjoyed the read because that book took me forever to write and finally publish. I decided that nine dollars and nighty nine cents was a fair price. What do you think? I’m glad you told me. I’ll await your response.

  5. Hi Drake, most of us spend 10 bucks in the first half hour we’ve climbed out of bed. Need I say more? My wife is a chef and is homing in on a strict diet for me. She has 2 questions she could not find in the book (she read it too!) First question is it OK to consume organ meats from beef and gelatin? Second question we have an air fryer is it OK to use if we use no oil and keep it below 350? Temp in Fahrenheit of course here in the US I don’t know where you’re at. thanks again have a great day!

    • Hey Bob, thats my neighbor’s name. I take his trash out sometimes because he forgets and is almost 90.

      Lucky you, you have a chief around. She will have fun with the seasoning…there are many foods to play with and many to not play with. Use Doctor John Pagano’s Psoriasis Cookbook too.

      I have never researched or tried air-frying before in my life. That sounds amazing although I think I may have heard that term before. What does Google say about air frying with psoriasis? Low temp cooking with no oil. You may be on to something Bob. Let me know what you find and how it goes. BTW I live in Texas. Feel free to keep asking me things I’ll try to answer promptly.

      I’ll do my own research too about air frying, that could be an article to write about too ‘what is the cure for psoriasis? Could air frying be a better cooking alternative?

  6. Thanks Drake, I’ll check out Dr. Pagano’s book. Yeah, if you find anything interesting on the air frying go ahead and post it, I’ll do the same. There’s so much info out there that it needs to be distilled down to simple factual data like you have done in your book. That is funny about your neighbor….maybe in 30 more years you can come help me with my trash. 🤠

    • Hahaha that’s gross Bob. You can go and find your own Drake. And yeah for sure I’ll do some more digging around about air fryers. The method fascinates me even though I’m very cautious about the word frying in general. So far I just looked up some tasty recipes on air frying that look absolutely scrumptious and amazing. LMK what you find, I’ll meet you back here with some results too. I’m very serious writing an article about it too. I’ll let you know when I get a chance and finish it for sure.

      P.s. I forgot to answer your question on organ meat. I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advise, (I have to say that sometimes =) but I have learned that too much organ meat can cause gout. However small portions of liver meat that are cooked in the appropriate methods are ok sometimes because of the richness in zinc.

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