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Sunflower Liquid  Lecithin Heals Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Now Liquid Licithin

Welcome to my review on Sunflower Liquid lecithin.

Years ago when I used to have psoriasis, I searched and read about many things that might help me get my precious skin back. It took  weeks of learning and researching endlessly. Then I learned about the promises of lecithin, I became ecstatic.

Lecithin Comes in Different Forms

I have tried both lecithin capsules and lecithin granules.

The problem with lecithin capsules is that I would have to take dozens of capsules a day just to get the recommended amount. At that rate, you could go through a whole twenty dollar bottle in a few days.

The problem with lecithin granules is that they’re primarily made Lecithin cures psoriasisfrom soy and not’s a good thing.

Sunflower Liquid Lecithin

Then I learned about Sunflower Liquid Lecithin made by the company now. This stuff is awesome. It is Soy-Free and GMO free. It is made with Phosphatidyl Choline, a phospholipid. The same Phospholipids composed of our cell membrane. It does not contain, yeast, corn, tree-nuts or dairy products. This is great news.

Texture: The texture to Sunflower Liquid Lecithin is thick. Thicker than pancake syrup and similar to the texture of molasses just not as sticky.Lecithin-review-bitmoji

Taste: I could say that it taste like nothing but then I would be wrong. I have tried other lecithin brands that do taste like nothing. Sunflower lecithin brand tastes like plastic. I wash it down with a glass of water right after I ingest it. Remember it’s not about the taste it’s about your skin. Plain and simple.

Quantity: I usually take about 6 spoon fills at the end of the day, moments before I go to sleep.

Mission of Ingesting Liquid Lecithin

Within days of taking Sunflower Liquid Lecithin you will start to see your skin slowly change back to normal. The flakes and inflammation that are present by psoriasis will start to disappear. This process is slow and it takes several months. This is a guaranteed win against psoriasis but only if you don’t eat any counter productive ingredients within that time frame.

I always order these items in bulk. I order about six bottles at a time.

The cheapest places online to get Sunflower Liquid Lecithin is All Star Health and Amazon.

If you haven’t read “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” on this website, go back to the main menu and read that content now. The other content will help youfoods-that-reduce-inflammation-bitmoji cure psoriasis, and understand WHY the “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” are so important. Understanding the WHY will help figure out HOW to cure psoriasis that much easier.

Read my homemade recipes for psoriasis section of this website too. If done in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will help you cure psoriasis naturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof.

How to cure Psoriasis

Cure Psoriasis – The Do list

How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

Cure Psoriasis With Passion

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  1. I found this post “by coincidence” (something I don’t really believe in as I believe everything happens for a reason)! I had been searching and searching online for someone to give me some clue of how to heal Psoriasis and mostly what I found were people stating there is NO cure and that they knew very little about why it happens. This was so frustrating! Then I finally read (in two different places) that people HAD IN FACT cured their psoriasis by taking Lecithin. So I went to the Health Food store and picked up the NOW Sunflower Liquid Lecithin. I wasn’t sure which lecithin to get because there were granules, capsules and liquid forms. My intuition told me to get the liquid and that the NOW Sunflower Liquid Lecithin was the best. Then I came home and searched one last time about lecithin and psoriasis and found YOUR article – which of course – lists the NOW Sunflower Liquid Lecithin that I purchased as highly recommended by you. I was ecstatic! Thank you for posing this! I sincerely appreciate it!

    I am interested in your book…. however, does it say anything other than taking the liquid lecithin and the “do’s and don’ts of diet? I already know about the diet. And now I have the lecithin – so I’m not sure I need the book. Please advise.

    • Hahaha I was reading about coincidences’ in this cool ESP book I found not to long ago. It says that things always manifest in our universe if we want it badly enough. Pathways present themselves if we our passionate about what we want.

      I am happy you found my article about Sunflower Liquid Lecithin. And yes liquid lecithin is much better then granules lecithin. Granules lecithin usually contains soy and other impurities that are sometimes counter productive when healing psoriasis.

      I take around three tablespoons of liquid lecithin before or after every meal. My choice brand of lecithin is Sunflower Liquid Lecithin because it has no contaminants like soy or GMO’s.

      To answer your question about my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, I disclose everything I did to heal my psoriasis and achieve vibrant skin. This includes detailed research on liquid lecithin. There is a simple science to why liquid lecithin is so beneficial to those looking for beautiful skin. I write about it here throughout my website as well as my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

      This Sunflower Liquid Lecithin review is but one section of which I discuss the qualities of taking it regularly. Browse around the different tabs here on my site, I have good content for your one hundred percent-clear skin needs.

      So Raji, if you decide to score my book, know that is comes in many formats like epub, mobi, kindle, pdf, irf, pdb, txt, online reader and more. You can store and read it as a simple ebook file on multiple devices if you are ever offline.

      Look at me, you got me selling my book in the comments section. lol

      So might as well continue. It’s available on many platforms including Amazon and Smashwords.

      I want to thank you very much for the good comment you left here on my Sunflower Liquid Lecithin Review. Comment’s like this help my articles stay on top of search engine results thus helping others learn about how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

      Anyways, please enjoy all my other content on here too , it’s a goldmine of natural psoriasis remedies.

      Have a good day,

      – Drake Broooks EMT –

      P.s. Coincidence or not, glad I can be of service.

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