Slippery Elm Powder from Baar Products – Review

Slippery Elm Powder from Baar Products Healed My Gut

Welcome to my review on Slippery Elm Powder from Baar Products.Slipery Elm Bark powder heals psoriasis

Baar Products specialize in health. Their company has many products that help people heal their problems away.

Slippery Elm Powder is the same powder that Dr. John Pagano Recommends in his book Healing Psoriasis. And is the same powder that Edgar Cayce recommends as an “eliminate” to prevent the body from creating inflammation and letting coagulation take place. Slippery Elm Powder  is necessary to heal and strengthen the digestive tract.

Slippery Elm Powder comes in the mail in a sealed plastic container.

Upon opening the product I could tell right away that the contents were very soft and fine.

The product smelled  interesting and fresh at the same time. After following the directions and tasting it. I found that It didn’t taste like much but then again it’s not about the taste, it’s about stopping inflammation and healing the skin.

I use about half a teaspoon in a small cup of warm water. I stir it up and let it stand for exactly fifteen minutes (and no longer) before I chug it.

It is suppose to be consumed in the morning, (thirty minutes before breakfast) as Dr. John Pagano explained in his writings.

I consumed Slippery Elm Powder every morning until my psoriasis was 100% gone.

Here is the link for Slippery Elm Powder at Amazon.


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