Apple Cider Vinegar For Psoriasis – 3 Reasons Why

Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apples with yeast. This ferments sugars into alcohol.

Mother probiotics aka good bacteria is added, which ferments the alcohol into acetic acid. Acetic acid is the popular active compound in apple cider vinegar. And debatable what gives it most of it’s super powers.

There are many reasons to use apple cider vinegar for psoriasis. In this article, I will discuss the main three reasons why. One: apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory. Two: apple cider vinegar removes toxins. Three: apple cider vinegar has nutrients.

Apple Cider Vinegar Fights Inflammation

Acute vs chronic.

Acute inflammation aka short term inflammation is thought of as healthy inflammation because it is turned on when the body is suddenly damaged or imperil, such as injury or infection.

Acute inflammation serves to exterminate toxins, bacteria, and other foreign molecules when it is needed. And it deactivates when its services are no longer required. It will activate to do its task and then it will stop when it has completed its task.

Chronic Inflammation aka long term inflammation is the opposite of acute inflammation. It can be known as very troublesome.

Chronic Inflammation is a warning sign because it’s a symptom of something amiss, something very wrong. It is red, nasty, and very annoying, it likes to cause trouble; and doesn’t seem to be doing anything except making itself known, this can cause hundreds of conundrums in the body.

It starts a domestic fight with the body’s own tissue and doesn’t stop, its just there causing violence. Chronic inflammation will continue to be activated because something in the body is causing it to react this way. Something is keeping chronic inflammation activated. Chronic inflammation will cause extreme problems if it is not dealt with.

The number one reason to use apple cider vinegar for psoriasis is it counters chronic inflammation by the way of alkalizing.

Over eating highly acidic foods can cause the body to be inflamed.

Apple cider vinegar has an acidic PH, but it still alkalizes.

And even though the body’s PH self regulates with almost flawless balance.

ACV still helps regulates acidity by allowing PH buffering. This counters extreme acidity with alkalization. Tweaking and restoring , and finely tuning the proper PH balance thus helping to control body inflammation.

Psoriasis, which is inflammation of the skin, is caused by inflammation of a leaky gut mostly.

There are many reasons on why the gut is inflamed and leaky. To learn the main reasons why click here.

Apple cider vinegar promotes gut healing and anti-inflammation by pampering good bacteria.

Good bacteria also known as probiotics utilize prebiotics. Prebiotics can be developed from many foods especially apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar Removes Toxins

Also, used as a detox. Apple Cider Vinegar is well-known for removing toxins.

For thousands of years it has been utilized in many health related ways. Even in 400 BC, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates promoted its use.

Think of apple cider vinegar as an internal body cleanser. A healthy acid that scrubs the digestive track as well as the liver.

The liver, (the body’s filter), its main job includes filtering blood exiting the digestive tract, then passing it to the rest of the body, could use a good flush now and then. Just as one would clean their air conditioner filter or shower filter.

The acid found in apple cider vinegar binds to excessive toxins in the body and removes them. Promoting healthy circulation and a detoxified liver.

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Nutrients

ACV has an extreme concentration of nutrients that is beneficial to the body. A lack of certain nutrients can cause certain ailments including skin problems.

Here are some of the goodies that are present in one of the best Apple Cider Vinegar brands you can buy. Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

Acetic Acid: Is a natural antimicrobial. Produced by good bacteria during fermentation. It fights fungal and bacterial infections. Acetic acid increases the body’s ability to digest protein faster and break it down into amino acids quicker. This helps ensure an efficient metabolism and discourages a lacking one.

Probiotics: Healthy bacteria or friendly bacteria. Call it what you will. It helps break down food in our guts and promotes a more effective digestive system.

Braggs Organic and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar contains strands of  friendly bacteria called ‘Mother,’ one of the top stands around.

C vitamin: Discussing the top vitamin on the planet. Vitamin C can do the extreme. Reversing inflammation is indeed a under rated trait. But mainly, vitamin C act’s as an electron giver.

The vitamin C found in apple cider vinegar can not only prevent disease, but it can also reverse disease too. This happens because vitamin C donates
electrons to free radicals.

But why donate electrons to the enemy? Because, by giving electrons to the free radicals, they now hold all they can carry. This hinders them from stealing electrons from other sources.

B vitamins inside apple cider vinegar can regulate inflammation.

B6 vitamin: is an ingredient that is also put into anti-inflammatory drugs. These medicines are issued by physicians to control inflammatory diseases.

B1 vitamin: also known as thiamine, which is also found in liver and beans has been known to promote nerve inflammation if deficient. So luckily it’s present in ACV.

B2 Vitamin: according to the internet’s PubMed, the US National Library of Medicine, B2 vitamin or Riboflavin “deficiency induces a pathological pro-inflammatory response.”

B3 Vitamin: Also known as Niacin promotes skin and digestive health which is extremely relevant when dealing with psoriasis. Live Science quotes the University of Maryland Medical Center. “Severe niacin deficiency can cause inflamed or flaky skin.”

B7 Vitamin: Also known as biotin is found in many food sources. It promotes healthy skin and digestive system, which is ideal when combating inflammation and psoriasis.

B9 vitamin: Also known as Folic Acid or Folate. Helps the body make healthy new cells and not unhealthy and inflamed flaky old ones. Especially important for prenatal and postnatal brain and spine development.

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Minerals

The main difference between vitamins and minerals is vitamins are organic. And minerals are inorganic.

Because vitamins are organic they originate from animals and plants.

Minerals are inorganic solids and originate from earth and soil but are acquired through animals and plants. Both are natural occurring.

Vitamins can be broken down further from their current chemical
compound. Heat, air, acid and the reaction to other compounds ensure the
chemical break down possible. Edible minerals can’t be broken down any
further because they exist as an element (simplest form of substance) and not a compound (combination of two or more elements in a well ordered, natural occurring chemical structure).

The essential minerals are basically a few raw elements on the periodic table. Also, known as dietary elements or dietary minerals.

Like some vitamins, some essential minerals are perfect in just trace amounts of consumption. And similar to some vitamins some dietary elements are more beneficial if consumed in a more generous amount.

Granted also, another similarity some dietary minerals share with vitamins is the ability to be stored in the human body.

Dietary Minerals Present in Apple Cider Vinegar Counter Inflammation

  • Iron – Trace amounts are good. Deficiency = inflammation.
  • Magnesium- Abundance is good. Deficiency = inflammation.
  • Calcium – Battles obesity. Fatty cell common with psoriasis.
  • Phosphorus – Filters waste and toxins.
  • Sodium – Trace amounts needed for fluid balance.
  • Potassium – Flushes excessive sodium reducing inflammation.

ACV Fights Many Ailments

– Osteoporosis

– Obesity

– Cramps

– Pain

– Hypertension

– Arthritis

– Psoriasis

– Aging


– Acne

– Shingles

– Insect bites

– Dandruff

– Vaginitis

– Hyperglycemia

– Diabetes

– Gastroparesis

– Sunburn

– Sore throat

– Other Body Inflammations


How to Use

– Teaspoon consumed orally in the morning

– Teaspoon consumed orally before meals

– Tea spoons in drinks

– A quart in the bathtub

– May be used as a topical ointment

-Infinite Recipes

What We learned in “Apple Cider Vinegar for Psoriasis” Article

Apple Cider Vinegar is excellent for fighting body inflammation. This includes skin inflammation which is psoriasis. Incorporating apple cider vinegar in our daily routines will help serve in curing psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.

Here is a link to some Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

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I have just taught you about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. If done in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will ensure that you cure psoriasis naturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin indefinitely

How to cure Psoriasis

Cure Psoriasis – The Do list

How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

Cure Psoriasis With Passion

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Drake Brooks


  1. Hi Drake,
    This is a great read! I use Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar whenever I make a drink. I also take a vitamin C supplement in powder form.
    I didn’t realise that ACV contained Vit C – so much for not reading the label 🙂

    Anyway, do you think taking ‘too much’ Vit C can cause an adverse effect?


    • Hello Jacqueline, Apple Cider Vinegar only carries trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. Which are still beneficial. The real mother load of good stuff comes from the acetic acid which is the main component. Vitamin C is not stored in the body for long. It is usually dispersed during urination carrying toxins and other free radicals with it. I’m not a doctor so I can’t recommend the limit on how much you should take. However no evidence exists of generous amounts of vitamin C being harmful.

  2. Your post is very interesting about Psoriasis and how to get rid of it, your research is very helpful a times we face some sickness and we don’t know the cause and even there names but people like you that go in depth in research of how you would help other by creating this post, I give kudos to your post especially you talk about how it serve as internal body cleanser but my question is I always know that prevention is better than cure how many times do you suggest we use the Apple Cider Vinegar for internal cleanser.

    • Hey thank you for the nice words. Yes I do put in a lot of hours in research but cool analogies like “internal body cleanser,” shoot out from my head like lasers. 😛 As far as internet recommendations on apple cider vinegar oral amounts vary. A tea spoon before meals here and there and about the same amount added to healthy drinks. Here is a link if you want some.

  3. Awesome information. I do not suffer from Psoriasis but have been considering an apple cider vinegar regiment in my diet lately. I do know of some coworkers that suffer from it and I will pass on your website to them for this information. 

    I did learn a whole lot about ACV that I didn’t know. 

    I am wondering though…I have read somewhere that only a small amount was needed to benefit from ACV…like only a teaspoon a day. You recommend one teaspoon in the morning, one tsp before meals and one tsp in drinks. Would the drinks be all throughout the day? Just curious. And why so many times a day.

    That’s a lot of vinegar to take in a day.

    I look forward to seeing your response, thanks for the information, by the way. 

    • Hey Bob, thanks for passing the information down to your co workers. I, absolutely sure they will appreciate it.

      A few teaspoons through out your day is highly recommended. A teaspoon before meals and in your drink here and there wont kill you but will make you healthier.

      I don’t exceed more than three or four teaspoons a day personally. Just don’t chug the stuff and you’ll be fine.

      I recommend Bragg Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. It is high quality Apple Cider Vinegar at a decent price.

  4. I like your website “how to remedy Psoriasis” All the cures and remedy’s people need is all here. Awesome. I noticed that throughout your website you have different sections, some describing what psoriasis is and other sections discussing how to cure it using natural remedy’s. All I have to do is navigate the easy to use interface. The tabs are all self explanatory.

    I like how your information in nicely organized. All I have to do is scroll through the top or side menus and there’s all the standard information for beginner knowledge and advanced information for people that are passionate about curing psoriasis.  

  5. It’s so evident that so much research has gone into making this post. I have apple cider vinegar at home but I never knew it could help me cure psoriasis. I only used it for some pain I feel sometimes. This is really good enlightening and I think I’ll make good use of my ACV now that I’ve learnt about its benefits. Your information are all well organised. Great post

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I always put a lot of work and research in all my articles. I dig hard for information and really search down the rabbit hole to get the best material to help others. Apple Cider Vinegar is truly a beneficial concoction that can really do the body some good.

      Most of us forget we own some, and it just lays dormant in the back of the cabinet, never being touched or used. It’s unfortunate that most of us choose to be reactive and go to the expensive doctor, instead of being proactive and staying healthy with the inexpensive items from the grocery store. Again, thank you for the feedback.


  6. The acute vs chronic inflammation comparative is quite useful to review for those looking for alternatives.

    I grew up in a family where apple cider vinegar was used extensively by the older generations.

    It is intriguing given how apple cider vinegar tastes, that it offers so many benefits in terms of counter-balancing inflammation and gut irritation.

    • Many diseases and disorders come with chronic inflammation. The body is being irritated in some form or another and inflammation is proof of this. Modern medicines reduce symptoms but never truly get down to the nitty-gritty and confront the overall problem. As Raymond Francis put’s it, “There is only one disease,” and that one disease is called “Malfunctioning Cells. Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.” I discuss it in my book. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. Thank you for the comment. Here is a link to some high quality Apple Cider Vinegar.


  7. I have been using Apple cider vinegar for quite some time because of it’s effect on digestion and weight control. But I am not aware that there are so much more usage of apple cider vinegar until this time that I read your article. Thanks for sharing!

    My daily routine is to drink apple cider vinegar every morning adding 2 teaspoon on warm water with lemon and so far am loving it. 

    • Same here. I take two spoon fulls in the morning and also before meals. It is amazing for digestion and weight control no doubt that.

      It also works as a topical skin ointment if you can stand the smell.  lol. I don’t mind the scent because the benefits it brings out weigh the smell any day of the week, which isn’t too bad anyways.


  8. Thank you for a very interesting article and I have learned a lot as a result. My mum suffered from psoriasis but unfortunately she has passed in the last year. But if I had read this article when she was still with us then it may have made a differnce to her especially with understanding more about it like your article has achieved. I have a friend also who suffers with it so I will pass this on to her. I have heard that fermented foods in ones diet is necessary and in moderation and I am a believer in food is medicine and medicine is food – everything in moderation of course.

    • I am sorry for your moms passing. My condolences. I’m sure this article would have made a big difference to her skin. As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Please tell your friend about the information you have found for her. She will love you for it I am sure. Thank you for stopping by.

      -Drake Brooks-

  9. Hey! Really great content! I personally like that you are providing a natural remedy to people. When something is normally wrong with someone they quickly run to the pharmacy to get medicine for their problem. But I personally love natural remedies.I think your work was well detailed and informative from explain the two different kinds of inflammationand explaining how psoriasis is an inflammation in the skin caused mostly by a leaky gut and how apple cider vinegar can help solve this. I like that you also stated the nutrients the apple cider vinegar has and the benefits of them and also how it helps to remove toxins. I think it was a job well done !

    • Hey Daniel, I really appreciate your great feedback. I put a lot of time in this article and everything written here is meant to help the average sufferer out. Now a days, people run strait to the pharmacy the moment they sneeze. Modern society has forgotten that food should be our medicine and not drugs from big pharma. I’m glad you enjoyed reading all the information I have provided here. Thank you for the compliment.


  10. Early in life, before being diagnosed with prediabetes, I never even heard of Apple cider vinegar. I done research on this and never knew it was good for diabetics. I bought a large bottle of apple cider vinegar and started drinking one half cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar. I read that a diabetic’s sugar level spikes when sleeping during the night.

    I know that’s not the only health benefit this drink provide. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in many other ways as well. But will it improve my situation down the road? I hope over time it does.

    • You are fortunate to know about Apple Cider Vinegar. Most never even hear about it in their lifetime, much less utilize it. As you read in my article above. It fights dozens and dozens of disease with scores and scores of benefits. I personally like to drink a few teaspoons of ACV separate from my water, but either way is fine. I’m sure you will reap all the benefits it brings and live a longer life because of it. Thanks for your experience.


  11. Wow, I had no idea that Apple Cider Vinegar was a remedy for Psoriasis.  My son will be eternally grateful for the recommendation.  This is an excellent remedy compared to all the OTC creams and other prescriptions that we have purchased for him over the years.  No one has ever recommended apple cider vinegar…what a wonderful alternative from the commercial products.

    I will speak to my wife about this as well.  I think incorporating it in our diets as you outlined here with alternative methods for consuming it makes a lot of sense to me.  An ounce of prevention…etc!  I am a real believer in more natural cures if at all possible and I also believe in preventative measures to help with body deal with so many toxins in the foods we eat and the air we breath now.  

    Thank you again for such an informative and expert article. 

    • Well it’s a good thing you stumbled onto this website. You’re son would be proud. There are so many topical creams out there but what people don’t understand is that most inflammatory auto immune disorders originate internally and not externally. We are taught to assume that they are indeed exterior problems only. Most of society thinks by simply putting on topical creams and ointments would eventually do the trick and rid the problem. For the most part this simply isn’t true. Doctor Pagano says it best, in his book Never be sick again, “There is only one disease,” and that one disease is called “Malfunctioning Cells. Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity
      and Deficiency.” So basically, too much toxin intake and not enough nutritional intake would make the body malfunction sooner or later which in his eyes is just “one disease.”

      I talk about this too in my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. Scope it out for you and your son. It’s a great read.

      Here is the link to some high quality apple cider vinegar too.

  12. Hi Drake, wow, apple cider vinegar is a powerful liquid.  My wife has bought this product in the past to assist with weight loss.  I had no idea it had all of the vitamins you have listed here.

    You did a good job describing acute and chronic inflammation.  Before I read your post I had no idea apple cider vinegar could be used to treat any disease, much less psoriasis.

    Very insightful article, thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy re-reading parts of my articles that people appreciate the most. Lol. My 
      acute and chronic inflammation segment was fun for me to write for I researched that subject well and put a lot of time and effort in it.

      And yes it is indeed a very “powerful liquid.” It can do the most insane amount of things, as you read in all the benefits I labeled above, with weight loss being in that list too. It is jam packed with many nutrients.

      Again thank you!


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