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I love onions. Some people can’t stand them. But if you like them or not. Onions can be considered one of the miracle foods that can reduce inflammation.Onions are Foods That Can Reduce Inflammation bitmoji

Inflammation is one of the body’s immune functions. We need inflammation to heal wounds at the molecular level and at the regular level. This is called acute Inflammation and it’s good.

Sometimes inflammation can get out of control when we eat to many inflammatory foods. This dilemma can actually work against the healing purpose and it can start to cause massive damage instead. This is called chronic inflammation and it’s considered very bad.

Foods with processed sugar and loads of saturated fat can activate the body’s inflammatory response and keep it active indefinitely. This is considered an overactive immune system. An overactive immune system or chronic inflammation, can lead to many inflammatory diseases like psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, and hundreds of other diseases and problems.


Onion Origins

Used by many ancient cultures. Onions have been used medicinally by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Asians, and dozens of other cultures. From burying onions with their dead; and from eating, drinking and rubbing onions all over their skin when they were alive. Ancient cultures knew that onions were foods that can reduce inflammation.

Ancient understood benefits include.Egyptians use onions

– Antiseptic Qualities

– Diuretic Qualities

– Digestion Health

– Heart Health

– Joint Health

– Vision Qualities

– Anti-Inflammation Qualities


Onions are Foods that Can Reduce Inflammation

Experts say that red, purple or yellow onions are richer in nutrients than their white colored cousins. But don’t be prejudice. All onions work wonders for the body. But Yellow, purple and red onions just happen to work a little better.

There are plenty of natural foods that have anti-inflammatory qualities. This is due to the presence quercetin inside of them. Onions are one of them.

Onions have antioxidant phytonutrients that reduce inflammation in the body by using compounds like anthocyanin and quercetin to regulate levels of histamines, leukotrines and prostaglandins. All of which are associated with inflammation.

Considered a flavonoid antioxidant, quercetin keeps inflammation at bay by fighting free radical damage.

Other Quercetin Foods That Can Reduce Inflammation

– Blue Berries

– Kale

– Green Tea

– Beans

– Olive Oil

– Asparagus

– Capers

– Cranberries

– Cabbage

– Spinach

– Black Berries

– Cherries

– Apples

Onions, Onions, Everywhere, and Not a Bite to Eat

Onions are present in many types of recipes. They can add an explosion of flavor or just a slightly needed alteration of taste. Want some zazz to your boring salad? Pop some onions in it. Tired of the same recipe? Sprinkle some diced onions in it.

Onions can benefit almost any recipe. By adding a few table spoons to the cooking process, it can change a well cooked meal’s taste level from “eh,” to “oh yeah” in a heart beat. Some recipes actually require onions in it because the taste drastically depends on it.

Fresh Onions vs. Cooked Onions

Fruits and vegetables are considered more nutrient rich in the raw state vs. the cooked state. This is also true with onions. Though benefits are still present after cooking onions, eating them raw as opposed to cooking them is ideal.

There are many recipes that contain fresh onions. A simple salad is one of them. Get your onion fix in regularly by eating the occasional salad.

*Note: For those with psoriasis or major inflammation issues. It is best not to add counter-productive ingredients to your salad. Such as night-shades, croutons, dairy, or commercial dressings.

Olive oil and a splash of apple cider vinegar is the best way to benefit from a salad. Scope my Don’t List for avoiding Inflammatory foods.

Modern Benefits from Onions

Yes ancient cultures had unique ways of utilizing onions. Some onion uses we may not fully understand yet. For example, Egyptians not only ate onions, they buried them with their dead. Dozens of archaeological digs display onions in the hands, between the feet, on the chest, and even over the eye sockets. We don’t practice this anymore. Many funeral attendees probably would scoff at the notion of putting onions on top of anybody dead or alive.

Another example is the Greeks. In Greece, during popular competitions. Athletes would utilize onions by spreading onion juice on their skin. They would drink the juice and eat them raw like apples.

Today, some athletes just drink Powerade before the big game. A controversial practice because Powerade is known to have more negative attributes than positive ones.

There are hundreds of benefits from onions that are presently known in today’s world. I will name a few.

Here is a list of modern benefits from onions.

– Counters Heart DiseaseOnions are Foods That Can Reduce Inflammation

– Slows the Aging Progress

– Reduces the Effects of Oxidative Stress

– Supports Immuno Health

– Counters Stomach Ulcers

– Reduces High Cholesterol

– Counters Atherosclerosis

– Counters Circulation Problems

– Counters Diabetes

– Reduces Eye Problems

– Counters Cognitive Impairment Disorders

– Counters Gout

– Counters Viral Infections

– Counters Bladder Problems

– Counters Prostate Problems

– Counters Problems of the Ovaries

– Reduces Allergy Symptoms

– Counters Asthma

– Counters Psoriasis

– Counters Eczema

– Works Against Cancer

– Lowers Inflammation

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By The Way

If you haven’t read “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” on this website, go back to the main menu and read that content now.

The other content will help you understand WHY inflammation happens in the first place. Understanding the WHY will help figure out HOW to counter inflammation that much easier.

This is the “Foods That Can Reduce Inflammation” section of this website where onions are discussed in full. If eaten in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will help you reduce inflammation naturally and it will also help you be healthier thereof.

If you have inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema keep reading all the material on this website because it was designed for people like you.onions Can Reduce Inflammation bitmoji

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