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Hear the words of wisdom and consider the precept crucial. Think of the gravity of the situation and heed every word. Wisdom shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially if you were the one seeking the wisdom on how to cure psoriasis in the first place. Wisdom is knowledge gained though either personal experience or passed on by the experience of others. It is the sole essence of making right choices that affects everything we do. These are my words of wisdom.

How to cure PsoriasisNever be sick again book cover cure psoriasis

In this part, two understandings will be referenced, discussed and considered. The sources of these scientific statements are both credible in their own respect. Each reference has a slightly different perspective on this supposed “not so fully understood” psoriasis


1. Raymond Francis, M. Sc. – who wrote, Never Be Sick Again. “There is only one disease,” and that one disease is called “Malfunctioning Cells. Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.”


2. John Pagano, D. C. – who wrote, Healing Psoriasis.dr. pagano-program book-review cure psoriasis Psoriasis is considered the “leaky gut syndrome, the workload for the kidneys and liver becomes so great that the body has to eliminate waste through the skin.”

What is Psoriasis?

To understand how to cure psoriasis, you must understand the problem. In this case, the skin is not operating the way it normally operates; it’s doing something else, something out of the normal. They diagnosed this skin disorder as psoriasis.

So what is psoriasis? Psor/o means [itchy] and -aisis means the [state of] or [process of]. Psoriasis is the state of being itchy. It’s defined as an autoimmune disorder in which the epidermis produces an excessive amount of cells. Patches of skin become occupied by lesions of plaques and red or silvery scales. It usually occurs on the scalp, knees, elbows, and hands, but can appear anywhere else on the body.

The supposed problem is that the skin cells are being attacked by the body’s lymphocytes aka immune cells. The lymphocytes attack healthy skin cells thus shortening the life of the skin cell which causes more cells to produce faster in its place. This cycle ends with flaking dead skin and then it repeats.

What is causing Psoriasis?

Medical science claims that it is “not fully known” on what causes the lymphocytes to act up and they claim they don’t know how to cure psoriasis.

We know that psoriasis attacks the skin cells, but what’s causing them to attack the skin cells? We know that lymphocytes are the body’s white blood cells with a purpose to fight off foreign substances, viruses, bacteria, and infection. So why are they attacking skin cells?

According to Doctor John Pagano, the body is attempting to rid itself of toxins via sweat glands in the skin. If this is so, could the flakes of skin be excess toxins being shredded away like any other toxin release mechanism? This may also explain why the t-cells attack the skin cells to the point of inflammation. Toxins accumulate in the skin and before the body removes it completely, the t-cells attempt to destroyread-about-how-cure-psoriasis it. The after math would probably look like inflammation, red rashes, lesions, flakes, and scales.

How Do You Cure Psoriasis?

So what causes cells to malfunction and become unhealthy? I think biochemist; Raymond Francis answers this question best in his book Never be Sick Again. “Cells malfunction for two reasons.”


1. Toxicity: Too much toxin intake.

2. Deficiency: Not enough nutritional intake.


If you want to know how to cure psoriasis it is simple. Give the body what it needs or it will malfunction. Stop giving the body what it doesn’t need or it will malfunction.

Our bodies’ cells need high nutritional intake to operate at peak potentials minus excessive amounts of toxins. If the body’s system is not operating at its peak potential, then there is room for error. When the body errors, the immune system operates harder, compensating for the lack of nutrition. The immune system also works harder reacting to excessive toxins. Symptoms occur in proof of this.

The medical definition for “symptom” is indication of disease present. Symptoms are indicators of major battles going on in the body. These battles consist of white blood cells and body mechanics vs. bacteria, viruses, toxins, and many other contaminants foreign to the body. The display of symptoms indicates malfunctioning activity in and outside of the body.


Some Symptoms that are Toxin Release Mechanisms

– Sneeze: A spasm to blow out contaminants

– Runny nose: Mucus seeping toxins

– Productive cough: Releases and hocks up phlegm build up

– Sweat: Can seep toxins through pores of the skin

– Vomit or diarrhea: Releases toxins quicklyi see how to cure psoriasis

– Inflammation: Elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue


Most medications fight the symptom and not the problem. For example, the common cold medicine reduces the symptom of a runny nose by reducing the flow of mucus, but it doesn’t stop the problem on why the nose is

The nose is runny because it’s trying to rid the body of excess toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

With the skin disorder psoriasis, simply putting on powerful ointment to reduce itch, swelling, and redness, will not stop the problem but only reduce the symptom.

If yow want to know how to cure psoriasis then drastically reduce toxicity and significantly increase nutritional intake.

Some may ask, “Why not eliminate toxicity all together?” Because toxicity is everywhere, our bodies are exposed to it all the time: from computer screens to cell phones, man made food to laundry detergents, all the beverages we drink to the air we breathe. There will always be toxicity, just avoid it by the best of your abilities by making sound choices.

Prepare for the worst by giving your body a fighting chance. Nutrition is what the body needs. High doses of nutrition will give your body what it desires to fight off reduced toxicity and operate sufficiently.

A jet pack cannot fly without proper fuel; an engine will eventually break without the decent lubrication of oil. A human body cannot thrive properly without sufficient nutritional components either.

What is Inflammation?

Acute inflammation or short term inflammation is considered good because it is activated when the body is damaged or imperil, such as anfacts about how cure psoriasis bitmoji injury, fever, or infection. Acute inflammation serves to eradicate bacteria, toxins, and other foreign objects when it is needed, and deactivates when it is no longer required. Hence, its name, “acute”inflammation, it arrives, it performs its task and is gone as quick as it came.

Chronic inflammation or long term inflammation is considered a bad sign because it’s a symptom of something amiss. Red and bothersome, it likes to hang around like a roommate’s couch potato friend; and doesn’t
seem to be doing anything except taking the roll of cock block.

It attacks the body’s own tissue and doesn’t turn off or go away. Chronic inflammation continues to be activated because something within the body is keeping it activated. All types of mechanisms, mechanical or biological, if left operational for long periods of time, it may cause serious problems in the long run, or may just break down entirely.


If You Really Want To Know How to Cure Psoriasis

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Drake Brooks


  1. Interesting article, I found it to be very informative. My brother has a problem with Psoriasis, but he won’t listen to anyone.
    Now that I have read your article I know I was right when I told him to watch what he was putting into his body. He thought i was nuts but i am going to share this with him!
    Maybe you will get through to him!

    • You are welcome…and dude you are right in knowing that… “You are what you eat”  starts to make a lot of sense once your health starts to decline… help your brother out… bring him by.

  2. Thanks for he article. It is what you know that kills you but what you don’t know kills you faster. This article opens a lot of people’s eyes. I personally didn’t know what psoriasis is but now I do. I am suffering from a rash that won’t go; just disappears for some time and then comes back. So this information is of great importance to me. I am taking your advice to read the other articles of ‘How to treat psoriasis’ and ‘Cure psoriasis’.

    • Sometimes the inside can affect the outside for good or worse. If your inside is not up to par…then malfunctioning on the outside may occur. Scope all my posts and cure yourself. =)

  3. Hi there
    Many thanks for this important and informative review on Psorasis. I knew a neighbours child who had this condition and he was eventually admitted to hospital for a few days, in order to attempt to get rid of his complaint.
    There they dosed him with steroids, so that it would drive this condition out of his body,
    It was successful initially but this was only a temporary solution.The psorasis came back with a vengeanse shortly afterwards and it was even more severe the second time around.
    I believe that he started a course of natural mineral drinks and juicing and this method relieved his symptoms greatly, thankfully for him.
    I understand that the drink was an Aloe Vera juice and it wass recommended by some professionals as more of a containment exercise rather than a cure.
    I agree totally with your comment when you say…we are what we eat, so I do believe diet is an important factor when dealing with these conditions
    Thanks again for the great post and continued success
    Cheers PB

    • Poor kid, instead of putting him on the right foods they just inject him with a temporary fix.

      Our bodies try to adjust to the new threats accordingly. Sometimes there is aftermath. Sometimes there is a war-zone left behind. And sometimes you can see that war-zone…right on the skin. Reacting to the problem and Injecting medications to counteract the symptoms wont solve the problem, but will make the problem worse.

      Go to the root of the problem and make the adjustments there. An excessive bad diet is the problem, eliminate the bad diet solves the problem.

      Thank you for your comment Phil, tell that brat to scope my sight so he can get his young life back.

  4. Like Brandon, my dad battle with psoriasis for years, but he is stubborn whenever i tell him to change his diet. its only when his doctor told him that his cholesterol is high that he began to eat less heavy meats

    • Yea some people are at the point in their lives where they have accepted their psoriasis and don’t care. The only thing we can do is respect their decision and try again later. He would have to really want it for himself if he’s going to drastically change his life style and eating habits. But as you said, it’s not the case.

  5. Thanks for walking us through how best to use your website. It’s a trip to take into account all the stuff that’s going on in our bodies at once, and how something small can throw everything out of whack.

  6. Hi Drake, great info ty! 🙂 But did Beyond Health go out of business? Can’t find the supplements anywhere? Do you have other supplmnt. brand recommendations?
    Same with that miracle cream – Doctor’s Defense – Zen Cream??? No where to be found…. bummer 🙁
    Ty, Laura

    • A lot of places are MIA. Stick to high quality products with solid reviews. Thank you for the emoji’s. ☺️ I’ll come back and edit this reply when I find something awesome for you.

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