Yoga in the Morning Sunlight – Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally

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Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a type of yoga in the morning sunlight. It is a Beautiful way to get sunlight in the morning; give it it’s not too early to where the sun hasn’t even come up yet. Knowing how to salute to the sun to cure psoriasis is a easy and fun morning routine.

Yoga in the morning sunlight is considered a stretching exercise that only lasts a few minutes and gives greeting to the start of a beautiful new day. Saluting to the Sun is considered “being grateful for what we have” type of exercise, and a “stress release” type of exercise.

Stretch postures and poses are the bases of Surya Namaskar and are usually done five times each, so a total of five sets. Beginners do less and veterans do more, it’s all on preference.  The main point is to get a quick little stretch and exercise going while basking in the sunlight. Sunlight, anti-stress, grounding, and physical exercise can all cure psoriasis. All four work against psoriasis in the end so you are practically killing four birds with one stone so to speak.

If you can’t do yoga in the morning sunlight, try to do it in the late afternoon sunlight. Follow the sequence below and always have fun.

Mountain Pose

Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally mountain pose1.Begin outside by facing yourself towards the sun (never looking directly at the sun duh). Stand in the Tadasana position, or Mountain Pose. Touch both your big toes together and heels about an inch apart. Have middle toes facing forward. Breath deep and slow. Find your center. Keep both arms hanging by your sides with both palms facing forward. Close your eyes if you like. Throw your shoulders back and try to touch your shoulder blades together. Keep breathing deep and slow.







Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally upward salute

Upward Salute

2.Second, stretch your arms out to the sides in a 90 degree angle, slowly raising them over your head and having them stretch straight up trying to touch the clouds. This is called Urdhva Hastasana or Upward Salute. Reach your fingertips into the skies, send your greeting to the sun with all your heart. Inhale deep and think “thank-you.”






Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally foward bend

Standing Forward Bend

3. Third, while exhaling slow dive your hands in front of you and then onto the ground. Stretch by trying to touch the ground.  If you can touch the ground good, if you can’t touch the ground yet just grab your legs for now. This is called Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend. Try to keep your legs straight and let you head dangle and relax.






Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally half foward bend

Half Forward Bend

4. Forth, as you inhale deeply and from where you already are just look up in front of you. Keep your hands on the floor and extend your spine with your forward gaze. This is called Ardha Uttanasana or Half Forward Bend. It is like the Standing Forward Bend Position but with your head looking up and straight instead of relaxing.








Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally plank pose

Plank Pose

5. Next, exhale slowly and lightly, hop or step your feet back way behind you into a push-up position or Plank Pose your palms should still be flat on the ground and your arms straight. Legs and arms should be hip length apart.








Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally staff pose

Chaturanga Dandasana

6. Then exhale slow and deep as you lower yourself into Chaturanga Dandasana. Keep your legs straight and your body close to the ground by bending your arms next to your stomach. (Like a push-up but with you elbows touching your rib cage.) Try to keep your body strait and flat never dipping your shoulders or hips unevenly. If  you can’t do this on your toes try doing it on you knees.








Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally upward dog

Upward Dog

7. Now inhale slow and deep as you ark your chest forward and your pelvis down into Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward Dog. (Simulating going under a fence to escape the cops but as if you didn’t want to get your clothes dirty.) Bring your shoulders up and make your elbows lock straight. Your palms should remain on the ground and your toes should be stretched out behind you.








Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally downward dog

Downward Dog Pose

8. Moving forward, exhale slow and deep and step forward with both hands still on the ground bringing your butt high into the air. This is called Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Pose. Remain for several deep breaths.









Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can treat Psoriasis Naturally

Squat Pose

9. Inhale deep and slow as you near the end of the sequence, step or lightly hop both of your feet between your hands taking care not to knee yourself in the chin, returning to Half Forward Bend.









Yoga in the morning Sunlight Can Cure Psoriasis Naturally downward dog

Back to Mountain pose

10. Exhale and stand up very slowly to Mountain pose (the beginning position). Relax for a few deep breaths as the sun gives you new rejuvenation and energy for the day. Continue the salute cycle a few more times and smile.









Remember this is an activity to do while basking in the sunlight to ultimately cure your psoriasis. Continue to read the other lessons on this website.

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This is the homemade recipes for psoriasis section of this website. If done in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will help you cure psoriasis naturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof.


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  1. As a nurse, I deal a lot with patients with psoriasis. Now, I always knew it was a disease related to stress, as it flares up when people are stressed and have lower immune system functionality.

    What I like about the method you propose in this article is that it targets at least two areas when it comes to healing psoriasis: the direct contact of the sun makes it easy for vitamin D to get into the skin. And we know that vitamin D is a fantastic antioxidant.

    Secondly, we all know yoga is an excellent stress management method. So performing yoga exercise in the natural sunlight is a two-for-one option that I’ll suggest to my patients.

    Thanks a lot for this amazing article!

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