How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

If “The Do List” is considered The Garden of Eden, then “The Don’tDon't-eat-bad-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji List” is the Forbidden Fruit. The following items in this part of the website should be avoided at all costs, especially if you are trying to learn how to treat psoriasis properly. Anything in “The Don’t List” will not improve the skin condition, can be considered counterproductive, and may make your skin look worse than it already is.

It is imperative that these items are not used or consumed while learning how to treat psoriasis. If, however, these foods are consumed, then the ridding attempt will be a lengthy experience indeed and for some folks their goal will never be met because of it.

It is very important that this material is read and understood. It is also very important that you read the other posts on this website too. The posts can be found on the home page,  the main menu or just click the links below.

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Stay TrueYou-got-this-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji

Staying true means don’t cheat yourself out of a properly earned glory. Be true to the game of life. Stand up for yourself and accomplish something personal. This is your skin we are talking about, it don’t get more personal than that.

When I first acquired Psoriasis, it was like falling into a deep hole. The more I battled psoriasis and lost, the deeper I fell. Knowing how to treat Psoriasis was like escaping the hole by finally building a ladder and climbing out. The ladder is still here, this website.




#1: Processed Sugar Causes Inflammationsugar does not treat psoriasis

– It is a well-known fact that sugar is one of the main causes of disease.


Almost every product in the grocery store contains some form of sugar. It is literally in almost every type of food. Just flip the food
product over and see for yourselves. It’s everywhere. Sugar is even added to foods that one would think for sure don’t have any.

Biochemist Raymond Francis declares that heating food to high temperatures and converting it to a crystalline or powdery forms,
changes the foods molecular structure making it toxic and less nutritious. Therefore, the integrity of the foods nutritional value, if
it had any at all, has now been compromised due to the conversion.

So that means both sucrose (regular table sugar), and man made sugarSugar wont treat psoriasis bitmoji like Sweet & Low, Splenda, and Equal are all highly toxic as well. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, and acesulfame found in diet, sugarless drinks, like diet sodas and sugar free juice, are all types of man made sugars. They are all designed to be very sweet,
unnatural chemical perversions to substitute sugar cane aka sucrose or table sugar, and to satisfy the average dieters’ sweet tooth.

A 1998 scientific journal called Life Sciences “concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the form of formaldehyde.” Formaldehyde is a form of embalming fluid, the same stuff they preserve many things, from can foods to the deceased.

These toxins being consumed over time can cause many problems and symptoms to arise. This is the main reason the majority of people undergo so many diseases in the first place, because so many sugar products are being consumed on a regular basis.

Sugar does not treat PsoriasisSugar in everything wont treat psoriasis

As known and stated by medical practitioners and nutritionists, processed sugar is of course linked to weight gain and increased levels of body fat. Studies show that body fat heightens pro inflammatory
hormones or inflammation. Inflammation of the skin is known as psoriasis.

To me, once upon a time when I was plagued with that cursed disorder psoriasis, every time I would eat something sweet my psoriasis patches would seem to itch more than usual. Sometimes, when eating candy or drinking regular or diet soda, I would get an eerie crawling sensation on my scalp or on the other lesions on my legs and back. As if somethingsugar products wont treat psoriasis was moving under my skin. Probably my body attempting to push the toxins out via skin purge.

Negatives Linked to Sugar

Studies show that many symptoms and diseases may occur during high amounts of sugar intake. Sure there are positives of eating sugar too, but that is not being considered right now.


  • – Psoriasis
  • – Inflammation
  • – Diabetes
  • – Anxiety
  • – Ovarian Cancer
  • – Premature Aging
  • – Tooth Decay
  • – Obesity
  • – Heart Disease
  • – Arthritis
  • – Gall Stones
  • – Duodenal Ulcers
  • – Gastric Ulcers
  • – Appendicitisjelly-wont-treat-psoriasis
  • – Ulcerative Colitis
  • – Crohn’s Disease
  • – Cholesterol
  • – Osteoporosis
  • – Advanced Glycation End Products
  • – Vitamin E Deficiency
  • – Decrease in Insulin Sensitivity
  • – Periodontal Disease
  • – Varicose Veins
  • – Food Allergies
  • – Eczema
  • – DNA Impairment
  • – Cataractsjuice does not treat psoriasis
  • – Cardio Vascular Disease
  • – Emphysema
  • – Atherosclerosis
  • – Parkinson’s Disease
  • – Liver Inflammation
  • – Kidney Inflammation
  • – Anti Bowel Movement
  • – Migraines
  • – Myopia
  • – Depression
  • – Cancer
  • – Alzheimer’s Disease
  • – Kidney Stones
  • – Seizures
  • – TumorsApple juice won't treat psoriasis
  • – Candida
  • – Deduction of Testosterone Levels


There are many more negatives, the list can keep going but I’m sure the point is taken. If you want to know how to treat psoriasis, then understand that sugar should be avoided. The first negative on the list should be reason enough.

Sugar in General

– Natural sugar from fruit and vegetables should be part of our diets but processed table sugar that is added to most packaged food products should be avoided.


Apple juice sugar won't treat psoriasis

– Dr. John O.A. Pagano wrote in his book Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, fruit should also be avoided in the first few weeks of healthier eating and should be eaten sparingly thereof.


– A study has been conducted that a diabetic person, that is dependent upon sugar, can now use honey as a substitute. This is good
news for the diabetic who needs to keep a certain blood sugar level. As long as this sparingly eating honey privilege is not abused things
should be all right.


– Doctor John Pagano says that, if you really want to know how to treat psoriasis and craving something sweet then a tiny bit of “honey is permitted, if consumed in small amounts”, but like fruit, it should only be used several weeks after beginning the healthier eating process.



#2: Advanced Glycation End Products (A.G.E.)

Everybody may hate the author after reading about this particular “Don’t.” But hey, you made it this far, just a dozen more things not to
eat.Grilling-won't-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji Advanced Glycation End products are oxidant compounds derived when sugars cross link with meat. This occurs in foods that have been cooked in certain ways, mostly through high temperature cooking/ reduced moisture cooking.

Cooking in these methods has been known to cause inflammation throughout the body.

Cooking Methods to Avoid

– Frying

– Deep Frying


Fried Food

We all know fried food has a bad reputation. And it’s for good reason. Too much fried food is another bringer of diseases and does not treat psoriasis it brings it, so why not cut it out completely. Frying foods is one of the unhealthiest ways to cook and it brings inflammation. Saturating meats in man made oils and
then heating them in the deep fryers at excessive temperatures changes the integrity of the meat, making it unbeneficial for a person with
psoriasis. Doctor Pagano’s regimen also discourages fried food from being eaten because of psoriasis flair ups.

Note* Pagano’s regimen only allows four eggs a week. Fried eggs are NOT permitted.

If that’s not enough for discouragement, fried food has been known to decrease sex drive and erection size. Heart disease, hypertension andFried chicken won't treat psoriasis bitmoji
diabetes, will eventually manifest too.

Negatives Linked to Fried Food

  • – Causes Psoriasis Flair-Ups
  • – Causes Inflammation
  • – Stroke Risk
  • – Alzheimer’s Risk
  • – Clogs Arteries
  • – Increases Arterial Plaque
  • – Hypertension
  • – Heart Disease
  • – Cancer
  • – Diabetes
  • – Obesity

#3: Night Shades Cause Psoriasis Breakoutsnight-shades-won't-treat-psoriasis

Nightshades, aka Solanaceae belong to the botanical family of plants; this includes the famous Atropa Belladonna plant. Most nightshades are not edible but some nightshades are. Nightshades have one thing in common; they carry a natural bug poison, chemical compounds called alkaloids.

Solanine, which is part of Alkaloid chemical group, exits mostly in the nightshade leaves and stems but is also present in the vegetables they harvest. Nightshade plants carry this poison to discourage insects from eating them. Alkaloids found in vegetables do not always affect the average human unless they have an auto immune disease.


Nightshades and Their Alkaloid Counterparts

– Tomatoes (tomatine)night shades spices won't treat psoriasis

– Eggplant (solanine)

– Tobacco (nicotine)

– Potato (solanine)

– Peppers (capsicum) (but not black pepper)


Even though some nightshades are considered good; for example red bell peppers have a high concentration of vitamin C, second in
concentration only after oranges and tomatoes have a high Biotin and Lycopene concentration; in this case, and unfortunately, the badsome spices won't treat psoriasis
outweighs the good.

Alkaline chemicals inflame, and vitamin C, Biotin, and Lycopene, can all be acquired through other means. Therefore, nightshades should not be consumed while ridding away psoriasis because of the “auto immune dangers” attributed to them agrees Paleo Leap.

According to Dr. John Pagano, nightshades play a big part in the inflammation of the skin. His findings suggest that when nightshades are removed from his patient’s diets, improvements in their condition begin to manifest. This finding is also apparent with the usage of nicotine, another alkaloid compound.

Notice how some people with average skin speculate that their skin becomes more appealing after they have stopped smoking tobacco. I noticed a difference in my skin when I discontinued all nightshades until eventually my psoriasis was all clear. So if you really want to know how to treat psoriasis, then know that nightshades are one of the worst foods you can eat.


Night Shades Foods to Avoid When Suffering From Psoriasisinspect spices won't treat psoriasis

– Tomato Sauce

– Ketchup

– Marinara Sauce

– Tabasco

– Paprika

– French Fries

– Hash-Browns




#4: Drinking Alcohol is Bad for Psoriasisdrinking-wont-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji

The majority of people trying to treat psoriasis, encounter massive breakouts after a night of drinking alcohol. Alcohol should be avoided until the skin clears up, and the person affected with psoriasis should not continue to
drink again until several months after being clear, sparingly at that. Alcohol inflames the digestive system and can inflame the skin too.

During my time period of attempting to clear my body of psoriasis; I would go weeks without doing or eating anything that may cause my psoriasis to flare up worse than it already was. While eating only natural foods, my skin would start to become less and less inflamed with less flaking as well. Patches would decrease in size.

All would seem like it was going swell and I was making progress, but then I would get the urge to drink with my friends and my girlfriend on the weekends, and I would crack down and eventually drink with them. It wasn’t until the following morning that I would regret my actions. My skin would seem like it did a few weeks ago, back when I first started learning how to treat psoriasis.

Alcohol and smoking cigarettes were two of the hardest habits for me to stop. I am now psoriasis free, tobacco free, and I only drink maybe once or twice a month. And if I do drink, my drinking would be on a weekend night, or a special occasion night. Hey, what the hell, a little alcohol is okay now and then, but only during post psoriasis of course.

wine wont treat psoriasis


Negatives Linked to Alcohol

  • – Psoriasis Flair-Ups
  • – Injures Digestive Track
  • – Inflammation of Pancreas
  • – Inflammation of Stomach
  • – Creates Unhealthy Immune System
  • – Gastritis
  • – Pancreatitis
  • – Cancer
  • – Malnutrition
  • – Liver Disease
  • – Gum Disease
  • – Tooth Decayalcohol won't treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Stomach Ulcers
  • – Cirrhosis
  • – Colon Cancer
  • – Hypertension
  • – Stroke
  • – Increases Risk of Heart Attack
  • – Anemia
  • – Osteoporosis
  • – Atrophy
  • – Infertility



#5: Substance Abuse is Bad for the Skinsay no to drugs to treat psoriasis bitmoji

Excessive substance abuse takes a toll on the internal organs and takes a toll on the external organ too, the skin. Ever notice a drug addict’s skin on a documentary? Their skin looks like a zombie case: dead. And that’s just users without psoriasis that abuse substances, but what about a person with psoriasis? Abusing black or white market drugs will affect the skin eventually.

Consult your doctor about your prescribed medications and ask him to double check your doses of medications. See if you can get him to reduce the amount of prescriptions you take if that’s possible. Because too much over the counter drugs can be just as harmful as too much under the counter drugs.

This drug topic reminds me of this political cartoon drawing that I saw once; the subject was the legalization of marijuana. It was a white background type of drawing, with a young cartoon woman wearing jeans and a Peace & Love t-shirt. She was probably in her early twenties. She was just standing there being happy, and she was holding a flower pot with a marijuana plant growing out of it.

There was an old, angry, obese, cartoon lady sitting in a chair rightstop-drugs-to-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji next to her. She looked mad and full of hate. She had what seemed to be dozens of prescription pill bottles on the table next to her. A word bubble appeared over her head. The fat lady was yelling at the younger lady, “Damn drug addict!”

For those that didn’t get the cartoon, the irony of it is, the angry old lady is a hypocritical drug addict. And the young girl, maybe she just smokes the occasional joint every so often, and she doesn’t abuse it.

Some people do drugs because they have to; they have some type of medical condition in which the symptoms are so bad that the medications keep the symptoms in check. But they also might be abusing it too, and not even know it. Doctors might have accidentally prescribed too many medications, and the patients just keep taking more and more meds indefinitely. Or the doctor purposely prescribed them too many drugs because that’s what was supposed to be prescribed by law.

Some people abuse drugs all the time and on purpose because it feels good; some people just do drugs on special occasions because it goesdrugs wont treat psoriasis bitmoji with the occasion. Some people do drugs recreationally too much and don’t even know they are abusing it.

Yes we live in an age where drugs are everywhere and everybody seems to be doing them. But abusing substances is counterproductive and shouldn’t be done regardless of the reasons.

The once in a while dub might actually relieve some stress for some of us but I’m not saying go out do drugs. And I’m not going to be that person that’s says “say no to drugs,” either. But I will smile and say, “Don’t abuse it,” especially while having a bigger goal in mind. Like knowing how to treat psoriasis naturally and finally getting your skin and your life back!




#6: White Flour Causes Inflammationsandwiches does not treat psoriasis

In every isle, in any direction, around every corner, and almost in every food product; there resides white flour. This stuff is everywhere. Just look at the back of each product. They even put flour in meatballs. This is why I avoid the middle aisles at grocery stores; I can’t go one moment without bumping into it.

In the food industry, white flower is ultimately the cheapest ingredient that food manufactures can add to a product. It takes fractions of pennies to produce. And most of the time, it’s not just added to the product, it is the product.

Flour is used as filler, a space taker. It fills the box or bag it comes in and it fills your stomach. They just add salt, flavoring, and sugar to equal 80% of all the middle food aisles.pizza does not treat psoriasis

Me being a body builder, I’ve always tried to avoid white flour anyways. “Bread makes you fat, just don’t eat it,” said my economics high school teacher one day. Ever since he said that, I’ve tried not to eat flower products. I would avoid the bread sticks at pizza joints.

Sometimes I would eat all the cheese, sauce, and toppings off a pizza
but only eat half the pizza dough; and I would never eat the crust. My
friends thought I was crazy.

At burger joints, I would order a double meat burger with extra vegetables, either double grilled chicken patties or double ground beef patties; I would then take off both bread buns and use the meat patties in place of the bread buns with the extra vegetables stuffed in the middle.

Am I making you crave bad foods? LOL, Well you better get used to craving bad foods because they are in every direction, in every corner store, in every restaurant, and in every refrigerator. If you want to understand how to treat psoriasis then understand that you are going to have to live with not eating bad foods for a very long time. This includes never eating flour.pizza slice does not treat psoriasis

Some say that we need flour for energy, for the carbohydrates it provides. True we do benefit from carbohydrates. Well, carbohydrates are found in vegetables too, but without all the toxins that can make us ill, obese, or inflamed.

Raymond Francis lists in his book, Never be Sick Again, all the bad facts affiliated with flour, including just “like sugar,” white flour is processed in high temperatures changing its molecular structure making it highly “toxic and an anti-nutrient…” thus, “flour contains little nutrition.” Dr. John Pagano also says in his book, Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, that “white flour…is over acidic,” and when it’s mixed with other inflammatory foods, it can be a “nightmare for the psoriatic.”

White Flour is bad for our stomach and intestines because it’s hard to digest, according to Erleen Tilton, a Holistic Nutrition Specialist. “White flour has been called the glue of the gut…and it clogs the system and slows down digestion.” She mentions how not too long ago, peoplecake does not treat psoriasis would make actual glue out of flour and water and that “sugar and white flour are deadly poisons that have an inflammatory effect on the body.”


Flour products include

  • – Bread
  • – Tortillas
  • – Pasta
  • – Pastries
  • – Chips
  • – Pancakes
  • – Cereal
  • – Creamy Soups
  • – Creamy Saucessubway does not treat psoriasis
  • – Creamy Gravies
  • – Breading
  • – Pizza Dough
  • – Ramen Noodle
  • – Croutons
  • – TV Dinners
  • – Meat Balls
  • – Flat Breads
  • – Can Foods


Negatives Linked to White Flourcookies does not treat psoriasis

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Inflammation
  • – Hemorrhoids
  • – Colitis
  • – Rectal Cancer
  • – Constipation
  • – Obesity
  • – Diabetes
  • – May Cause Addiction
  • – Arthritis
  • – Heart Diseasedonuts does not treat psoriasis
  • – Memory Loss
  • – Celiac Disease
  • – Asthma
  • – May Trigger Wheat Allergies
  • – May Trigger Gluten Intolerance
  • – Depression
  • – Hypertension
  • – Fatigue
  • – Ileitis
  • – Reduces Brain Functionalitynoodles does not treat psoriasis
  • – Hypoglycemia
  • – Drowsiness


In actuality, I’m a major food person; I love all types of food. From elementary to the present; I would always get double portions of everything. I have an extreme hunger with a fast metabolism. As a child, I would finish my food and I would cry until I was fed more.

Nowadays, I long for a fat hamburger with some pizza, I would love to eat all the bread buns off all the burgers all the time. And I would love to eat all the crust off a pizza too. But I don’t. I keep myself in check. Because I know how to treat psoriasis. Only give yourself that privilege once in a blue moon, but only months after your skin is beautiful again.



#7: What are the Bad Oilsvegetable oil does not treat psoriasis

One of the biggest misconceptions in kitchens all around the world is what is believed to be healthy cooking oil. The cooking oil industry has sprung a web of lies making populations everywhere think all the wrong ideas about their products. Sadly, many consumers are trapped in this webbing and most of them buy the bad oil thinking it’s the good stuff.

Bio chemist Raymond Francis considers bad oils one of the “bad four” and to avoid it due to its extreme toxicity. B.Sc. Kris Gunnars contests that the problem with bad oils used in restaurants and purchased in grocery stores is that they are “way too high in omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids,” and they go through too many conversion processes.

Watch the manufacturing videos on the making of cooking oils on YouTube and see for yourselves. Cooking oils go through extreme
conversions and alterations before they are bottled. These conversions include bleaching, deodorizing, chemical extractions, and solvent insertions like hexane.

Bad Cooking Oils to Avoidvegetable oil and soy does not treat psoriasis

– Vegetable Oil

– Canola Oil

– Cotton Seed Oil

– Corn Oil

– Soy Bean Oil

– Sesame Seed Oil

– Rape Seed Oil

– Sun Flower Oil

Just because you go to a restaurant and order the healthiest entrée on the menu, doesn’t mean that it was prepared and cooked healthily. Restaurants never use the good oils to cook with. Even the Olive Garden doesn’t use 100% good oil. They use concocted multi-oils mixed together. I should know because I worked there for years.

Chinese Buffets are usually the worst; they use corn oil which is thepasta does not treat psoriasis worst of the worst. The cooks that make the foods right in front of their customers douse the food with corn oil as if it were a big show. Then you give them a tip in the money jar for the act. The cooks that don’t speak English will just nod and say “yes” that they do have olive
oil, but the truth is, they don’t have olive oil.

Here is a technique that my girlfriend suggested; after you learn how to treat your psoriasis and have cured it, bring your own olive oil or high quality coconut oil in a small jar to a good restaurant and have them cook your healthy non fried food with the oil you bring. It may help to give the cook the tip first, that way he can cook your food with extra love.

Just make sure not to order anything that may be counterproductive to your skin condition. Tell them no dairy products like butter or fake butter. And definitely no seasonings that may contain sugar or any other type of nightshades ingredients like paprika and cayenne pepper. And to only use the oil that you brought.

Quick Note On Cooking Oils

A cooking oil’s “smoke point” is when the oils molecular structure breaks down at a certain high temperature. This smoke point factor thus converts healthy oil into bad oil making it highly toxic. Because Safflower oil can withstand higher temperatures. Some recipes are recommend to be cooked with safflower oil instead.

Because different oils have different smoke points, it is best to use certain oils for certain smoke points.


Good Cooking Oil Smoke Points

-The smoke point for Coconut oil is 350 degrees Fahrenheit .

-The smoke point for Virgin olive oil is 391 degrees Fahrenheit.

-The smoke point for Extra Light Olive oil is 468 degrees Fahrenheit.

-The smoke point for Safflower oil is 510 degrees Fahrenheit.


Oil Safety Margins

  • Any recipe cooked under 349 degrees Fahrenheit can be cooked with Coconut oil.
  • Any recipe cooked under 390 can be cooked with virgin Olive 0il.
  • Any Recipe cooked under 498 can be cooked with extra light Olive 0il
  • Any recipe cooked under 509 degrees Fahrenheit should be cooked with Safflower oil.



#8: Pork Causes Skin Problemshot dogs do not treat psoriasis bitmoji

“Pork, the other white meat,” is considered the unhealthiest type of meat. But some claim, lean pork is healthy. On the contrary, the average pig holds many toxins, worms, parasites and diseases, more so than any other meat. These toxins and diseases are still active when consumed by humans, even after the pig meat has been well cooked. Pork also has high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids that won’t sit well with the psoriasis condition. There are plenty of other reasons not to eat pork.

Coming from the average vegetarian point of view, did you know that pigs are debatably smarter than cats and dogs, are forbidden to eat in some countries, and in the Bible, God says not to eat pork, because it is “unclean”?

An endless amount of interpretations try to interpret Gods words; what does God mean by pigs being “unclean”? Most people reflect that the reason God says pigs are “unclean” is because pigs like to dwell in mud. But others believe that the reason the pig is considered unclean to God is because pigs are linked to so many illnesses and diseases.


Negatives Linked to Pork

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Inflammation
  • – Liver Cirrhosis
  • – Liver Cancer
  • – Multiple Sclerosisbacon does not treat psoriasis
  • – Menangle Virus
  • – Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus
  • – Trichinosis
  • – Hook Worms
  • – Round Worms
  • – Paragomines Westermaini
  • – Clonorchis Sinensis
  • – Metastrongylus Apri
  • – Asthereosclerosis
  • – Influenza
  • – Erysipelas
  • – Small Pox
  • – Tuberculosis
  • – Toxo Plasma Goundii
  • – Paciolepsis Buski
  • – Depression
  • – Anemia
  • – Trichinella Spiratissausage does not treat psoriasis
  • – Schitosoma Japonicum
  • – Balatitidium Coli
  • – Sudden Death
  • – Obesity
  • – Salmonella
  • – Listeriosis
  • – Staphylococcus Aureus
  • – E. coli
  • – Swine Flu
  • – Hepatitis E
  • – Nipah Virus
  • – Taenia Solium Tapeworm
  • – Heart Attacks
  • – Hypertension


Maybe God did mean that pigs are literally unclean. The Suspigs do-not treat psoriasis domesticus does have a bad reputation after all, but pigs being the
filthiest animal alive, that’s still a controversial subject for some. Yes they like to relax and eat the occasional piece of mud. But they
have been known to eat the feces of their own species and other species, including humans.

Some parts of the world, pigs were supposedly kept around for just that purpose, to eat excreta. Today, just like cows, swine are kept in cages and in stables, where they spend their whole life confined. It is in these small confined areas that they dwell in their own defecation. Pigs are also one of the few animals that don’t sweat. This means toxins accumulate more excessively within their system.

Pigs are also fed an un-nutritional diet. Because pigs are known to eat virtually anything, they are fed things like leftover and inedible animal remains, soy, man made carbohydrates, and corn feed.

Animal rights activists defend the Sus domesticus, claiming that the eating of pork is wrong. Activists reason with the fact that pigs, “have very complex cognitive abilities that surpass the house cat and even the dog.” Some pork eaters inherit a new found respect for pigs after learning about their intelligence, and refrain from eating pork thereof.

But the main reason a psoriatic should not eat pork is because it inflames the human body including the skin. Pork has high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids which are considered inflammatory to the human body, as well as a host of other diseases and parasites that can do the same.

If you are doing Doctor Pagano’s healing psoriasis regimen, then you should know that eating pork is not part of the regimen diet, and to avoid it. He writes in his books that “pork is not permitted.” But he does allow the “occasional slice of very crisp bacon” every once and while if so desired.


Food That Contains Pork pigs will not treat psoriasis

– Hot Dogs

– Pepperoni (my favorite)

– Bologna

– Deli Meat

– Canned Meat

– Pork Grimes

– Breakfast Sausage

– Meat Balls

# 9: Avoid Red Meat to Treat Psoriasistacos do not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Red Meat is hard to digest. And since red meat spends more time in the intestines than any other meat, it should not be eaten. While trying to heal the body of psoriasis, anything slow to digest and harmful to the intestines will not set well with the leaky gut syndrome.

According to Heal with Food, “red meat contains pro inflammatory compounds…like saturated fats and omega 6 fatty acids…which are shown to accelerate the growth of skin cells.” Other toxins have been known to be present in livestock animals such as injected hormones, pesticides, antibiotics. All of these chemicals mentioned won’t help the cause of someone trying to cleanse their body, like a person with psoriasis for example.

Dr. Pagano knows how to treat psoriasis the best and he states that lamb is the only red meat that is OK for the psoriasis patients to eat. Therefore, all red meat besides lamb should not be eaten.burgers do not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Negatives Associated with Red Meat

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Heart Disease
  • – Cancer
  • – High Cholesterol
  • – Diabetes
  • – Coronary Heart Disease
  • – Hypertension
  • – Worsens Psoriasis
  • – Inflammationbeef-tacos-do-not-treat-psoriasis-bitmoji
  • – Digestive Problems
  • – Tumor Prone
  • – Alzheimer’s Disease
  • – Colon Cancer
  • – Obesity
  • – Kidney Stones
  • – Coronary Artery Disease
  • – Stroke
  • – Atherosclerosis
  • – Erectile Dysfunction
  • – Depression
  • – Anxiety
  • – Stress
  • – Pancreatic Cancer
  • – Prostate Cancer

#10: Gluten Products Cause Inflammationgluten products do not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Gluten is considered a double protein, or a two part protein, aka sticky protein. It is found in most types of grains, especially wheat. The two part protein is composed of glutenin and gliadin.

There is a massive misconception on gluten products being healthy, in actuality, it is quite the opposite. Despite what unhealthy eaters think, and despite even what healthy eaters think. Gluten products cause a lot of problems, including inflammation of the brain, intestines, and skin.

Doctor David Perlmutter contests that “all neurodegenerative diseases are predicted on inflammation,” and to “completely avoid grains.” Dr. David Perlmutter is also the author of the bestselling book, Brain Grain: The surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar; your brains silent killers, Dr. Perlmutter writes about gluten and how it’s “the root” to many brain diseases.

Kelly Brogan, MD, writes in her article, Two Foods That Destroy the Brain, that there is, “Immune activity and inflammatory proteins…in wheat and in dairy products “

Doctor Amy Myers stresses in her article, How Gluten Wreaks Havoc on Your Gut,junkfood does not treat psoriasis bitmoji “gluten is causing your body to attack itself.” Gluten causes intestinal cells to malfunction and there is a “link between gluten, systematic inflammation, and auto immune diseases.”

To further this claim of gluten linked to inflammation, blood tests were done on patients with psoriasis in the Medical University of Silesia. The results showed that “high amounts of anti-body levels of both, transglutaminase and gliadin,” the same proteins present in gluten, existed in the psoriasis patient’s blood. In conclusion, stop eating gluten products because, inflammation can be the result of even just a bit of gluten being eaten.

Gluten Products

  • – Pastas
  • – Rye
  • – Malt
  • – Wheat
  • – Yeastpancakes do not treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Soy
  • – Oats
  • – Breads
  • – Granola
  • – Processed Meat
  • – Beer
  • – Vinegar
  • – Corn
  • – Flat Breads
  • – Bagels
  • – Doe


Negatives Linked to Gluten

  • – Psoriasis
  • – Inflammation of the Brain
  • – Inflammation of the Intestines
  • – Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • – Intestinal Permeabilitypopcorn will not treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Celiac Disease
  • – Anemia
  • – Osteoporosis
  • – Dementia
  • – Alzheimer’s Disease
  • – Malnutrition
  • – Candida
  • – Schizophrenia
  • – Depression
  • – Bipolar Disorder
  • – Brain Degeneration
  • – Eczema
  • – Heartburnspagetti does not treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Constipation
  • – Diarrhea
  • – Bloating
  • – Death
  • – Respiratory Symptoms
  • – Abdominal Pain
  • – Infertility
  • – Weight Loss
  • – Wheat Allergiesgluten does not treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Anxiety


The doctors and experts will say that “you should get a wheat allergy test done,” to see if you are allergic to wheat or have a gluten intolerance. These so called allergy tests have been known to be unreliable. Allergic or not, gluten products are one of the things I was willing to banish from my diet to guarantee I would get my skin back in this lifetime. If I had to choose between my skin and a bagel, fuckbagels. Wheat products taste like crap anyways.

And not eating pasta or not eating wheat bread may still not be enough. Dr. Amy Myers says that “even trace amounts of gluten from cross contamination, medications or supplements can be enough to cause an immune reaction in your body…just eating gluten once a month increases the relative risk of death by 6oo%.”

Dr. Myers notes that because “gluten is a very large protein, it can take months to clear from your system.”




 #11: Stress & Lack of Sleep Is Bad for the Skinstressing does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Ever watch those war movies and find that the main characters go through a lot of stress? And to depict that, the film makers would have their make-up artists style their actors accordingly. Skin would lose pigment, color and hue. Black bags would appear around the eyes as their hair would seem thin and balding. Confronting side characters would make comments like “Well if it ain’t John Doe! Holly hell man! You look like shit!”

This isn’t just fiction either, studies show that when in high stressful situations for long periods of time, the body will display stress symptoms throughout the skin and hair.

Even dermatologists mention that stress can be a trigger to psoriasis breakouts. And for some psoriasis patients, psoriasis first appeared on their skin just after a stressful situation in their lives.

Our jobs will have us stressing sometimes. This is okay, as long as we don’t over stress it; meaning, don’t stress yourself out too bad, or too long. Counter stress with peaceful mind exercises; listen to ambient music, and participate in calming activities.

Make yourself laugh hardwith comedies, comedians, and funny comic book characters like Deadpool. Laughter is the best medicine after all. Just don’t let the mind run amuck and definitely don’t lose sleep over it.

Negatives Linked to Stress

– Psoriasis Break-Outs

– Hair Loss

– Depressioncrying does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

– Anxiety

– Instigates Asthma Attacks

– Testosterone Levels Decrease

– Menopause Symptoms Amplify

– Weakens Immune System


In the beginning of my psoriasis situation, I would stress out so much because I thought my social life was all over. I would think devastating thoughts to myself like, “all my friends are going to disown me because they are going to see my skin and think that I’m contagious.not sleeping does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

All the women in my life are going to avoid me once they see my skin like this. I will have to buy long sleeve shirts and not go to the beach or pool anymore. I won’t even be able to take off my shirt during sex anymore either. What the hell am I going to do for the rest of my life now? The Doctors say it’s only going to get worse from here. My life is

After all that stressing out, my psoriasis patches would look more and more like monster mange. It seemed that I was an alien character from Star Wars films. My skin resembled a war zone.





#12: Shellfish Causes Psoriasis Breakoutscrab does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Ever wonder why so many people have different allergens to shellfish? Some people just get a runny nose, some break out in hives and turn red, while other people’s windpipes contract as their whole body inflames. A lot of people can tolerate shellfish with no symptoms for the most part but shellfish has certain toxins that should be avoided while cleansing the body of psoriasis.

In Doctor John Pagano’s studies, he noticed that shellfish has high amounts purine bodies. The end product of the metabolism of purine compounds is uric acid. According to Pagano, uric acid is associated with gout and allergic like reactions that trigger psoriasis flair-ups.


Shellfish Includes

– Shrimpshrimp does not treat psoriasis

– Lobster

– Crab

– Oysters

– Mussels

– Octopus

– Calamari (Squid)

– Clams

– Scallops

– Snails

During my experience of cleansing my body of psoriasis; in the beginning sushi does not treat psoriasis bitmoji of eliminating certain habits and foods that may cause break outs, there would be long periods of time when I would only eat fish, baked chicken, and green vegetables, and my skin would improve.

After a while, I would start to crave other types of unhealthy foods. Reluctant to break my healthy eating streak, I would not fall into temptation. I still would crave other types of foods.

One day, during a Good Friday, I decided to eat at a seafood buffet; my plan was to only eat fish and green vegetables with o bad oils, (and not green peppers of course.) I thought I was doing an excellent job of avoiding all the forbidden foods and not eating any fish with paprika. It wasn’t till the end of my meal that I decided to go back for one last scan of the buffet line.

A new dish was presented, zucchini with seafood on top. I love zucchini. But the stuff on top had counter-productive ingredients like cheese, bread crumbs, shrimp and crab. I decided to take two of theshellfish does not treat psoriasis bitmoji
seafood zucchini halves back to my table, remove all bad toppings, and eat it like that. That was a big mistake on my part.

The next day I noticed that my skin showed more flakes on my psoriasis patches then it did in several weeks. I have eaten at that particular buffet before, and did well by only eating food items that were allowed to me, like fish and green vegetables. But this last trip
when I ate the zucchini, and even though I took the bad ingredients off, I still broke out.

The reason for this breakout is because the zucchini was tainted by the shrimp, cheese, bread, bad oils, and crab residue. The juices from these counter-productive items still remained, and still affected my skin.


#13: Dairy Products Causes Psoriasis Flair-UpsIcecream cone does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Sad to say, but dairy products are a huge misconception, and not as good as many of us think. Yes we’ve been drinking and eating dairy for centuries but the truth is; dairy is very hard to digest, is associated with inflammation, and is considered extremely harmful.

Yes we can eat dairy products and survive off of it, but in the long run it’s really not doing “the body good.” Studies show that dairy products, especially high fat dairy products, inflame the body’s organs, intestine and skin included. The skin, which has many backup functions, and is the largest organ in the body, can be inflamed as well.

According to Doctor Raymond Francis, the human digestive track has trouble digesting dairy. Meaning, just like red meat, the digestive process can take longer than it would be digesting unprocessed or moreIcecream cones do not treat psoriasis bitmoji
beneficial food. The intestines work harder because of this.

The intestines shouldn’t be working hard in the first place, especially when the intestines are malfunctioning. If your washer is making weird noises and pounding, are you going to keep washing heavy blankets? If your car is smoking blue smoke and making funny sounds, are you going to put the pedal to the metal and make your car work harder? Knowing now that psoriasis is affiliated with the leaky gut syndrome and inflammation, do you want to keep causing the problems with inflaming irritants such as dairy?

Doctor Raymond Francis mentions that a cow’s “toxic bioaccumulation is the problem.” Cows are exposed to many different toxins, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and many other chemicals. These contaminants are also present in the cow’s milk.Icecream does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics stated in 1992 that “milk damages health.”


Negatives Linked to Dairy

– Causes Psoriasis Flare-ups

– Causes Intestinal Inflammation

– Causes Skin Inflammation

– Osteoporosis

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Heart Diseasedairy does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

– Cancer

– Causes Allergic Reactions

– Anemia

– Diabetes

– Inflammatory Bowls Disease

– Ear Infections


In my time of searching on how to treat psoriasis, I noticed the difference in skin inflammation as well as my allergic reactions to irritants when I
removed milk products from my diet. Dr. Frank Oski wrote a book titled Don’t Drink Your Milk, and he stresses that “we should all stop drinking milk.” I agree.


#14: Over Drinking Coffee Triggers Inflammation of the Skincoffee does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Coffee is a controversial subject when consumed with psoriasis.
Although some experts say one cup is ok and some experts say only decaf
coffee is fine; for me personally, back when I used to have psoriasis,
if I drank just a bit of coffee I would definitely break out on my scalp
the next day. Era Organics, as well as other sources stress that the
caffeine in coffee “clogs the pores” of our skin, also making it hard to
release toxins via sweat gland.

Roasted coffee is another product that has been heated to excessively
high temperatures, deeming it toxic. The dark colors of the coffee bean
after the roasting process show that it has been exposed to extreme
amounts heat. Debatable, a bit of coffee is good. But in my experience
with psoriasis, I do not recommend drinking it until your skin is clear.black coffee does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Coffee Negatives

  • – Causes Psoriasis Flair Ups
  • – Caffeine Dependent
  • – Cancer
  • – More Susceptible to Hip Fractures
  • – Osteoporosis
  • – Death
  • – Hypertension
  • – Increases Risk of Heart Attacksdecaffeinated coffee does not treat psoriasis bitmoji
  • – Linked to Gout
  • – Indigestion
  • – Increased Miscarriage Risk
  • – Anxiety
  • – Depression
  • – Contributes to Acid Reflux
  • – Diarrhea
  • – Peptic Ulcers
  • – Gastritis
  • – Ulcerative Colitis
  • – Crohn’s Disease
  • – Deters Nutrient Absorption
  • – Breathing Difficulties


#15: Over Eating Citruscitrus does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Yes citrus fruits are good for you but many people with psoriasis have claimed that eating too much citrus can cause skin inflammation and flair ups. It is best to reduce the amount of citrus consumed until your skin has cleared up 100%.

Small portions of a citrus fruit a week is ideal.

Dr. John Pagano allows a little bit of lemon in some of his “Heal Psoriasis” recipes. Furthermore, Biochemist Raymond Francis says not to mix citrus with other foods in a meal sitting.

You can test this theory if you like by eating and eliminating citrus fruits. If your skin inflames, cut out citrus until your skin has completely healed.

Remember to much natural sugar from fruits can cause psoriasis flair ups as well. Dr. John Pagano recommends only eating small amounts of fruit only after several weeks of eliminating all counteractive foods.


#16: Over Eating Table Saltsalt does not treat psoraisis

What was once worth the weight of gold can now be handed out for free at any restaurant or fast food joint.

Sodium chloride aka table salt can be traced back to BCE. It helped shape economics and trade in many early societies. Even used as a currency as production was highly regulated in some areas. The word salary derived from the word salt as an example of it’s importance.

Sodium chloride (NaCI) was a gift to mankind’s taste buds. A God send from heaven to make even the most mundane and tiresome of foods tickle our taste receptors and crave for more. The flavorful preservative keeps food from spoiling indefinitely. Therefore salt was perfect for lengthy sea travel and mid-evil graineries full of meats and perishables.

Salt is also highly addictive, especially since the body’s opioid receptors are mysteriously sensitive to NaCI and even associate it with pleasure. Doctor Smith, from the Florey and Deakin University can agree.

This addiction is exactly what food industries know and take advantage of to boost sells. Extra sodium is purposely added not just for better taste, but to crave for more, habituation, us the consumer to return and soon. This yearning is also increased enormously when sugar is mixed with various cooking methods.

Cravings will guarantee the purchase of products or something similar as routine; just like recurring subscription or bill payments.

Even though the FDA was considered not to require Sodium Chloride on food labels. It still shows the amount added to the product on most food packages.

Excessive sodium consumption brings numerous health concerns because it withholds fluids that your kidneys would normally flush. These withheld liquids increases the body’s blood pressure similar to that of a kinked garden hose, forgotten, and the valve unknowingly left on high.  This abnormal raise in pressure causes the body to compensate by thickening walls of it’s veins and arteries. These thickened arteries unlock dozens of other health problems.

For example, a constricted circulatory system causes less blood cells traveling throughout the body and moving to the brain which can cause stroke. Constricted circulatory system also lowers the amount of blood cells that travel back to the heart which can cause Angina Pectoris or worse, a heart attack.

Over eating sodium causes psoriasis flair ups because excessive sodium intake draws unwanted fluids that the kidneys would regularly and otherwise expel. These withheld fluids also retain toxins that should exit the body through urinary system but instead find themselves leaving the body via Integumentary System aka the skin.

Drastically reducing sodium is a major step to learning how to treat psoriasis.

So by adding and cooking with less salt, eating less food establishment dishes, and avoiding all package goods containing high amounts of sodium. Your skin may soon become worth looking at.

Here are a few more examples on why we should avoid too much sodium

– When small mice were allowed to eat high amounts of Sodium Chloride, their cells would soon attack each other, a very similar symptom of psoriasis and other inflammatory problems,

– Paul Yamauchi, said that a lot of things  “that trigger psoriasis were stimulated by the high-salt diet.”

In times of the food doldrums. Salt seemed to be my only taste bud. But if I had to choose between my skin or buddies, I choose my skin.



 #17: Understanding How to Treat Psoriasis Includes Never Binge Eatingbinge eating unhealthy food does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Binge eating is the engulfing of a ton of bad food all at once for the purpose of knowing that this will be the last delicious feast in a very long time. It is also used to get a fix on craved foods. The binge may last for just one meal, a week, or longer. The meals will consist of known bad foods and over indulging. This practice is NOT how you treat Psoriasis.

Binge eating or cheat days take place in the middle of diets or regimens and are usually carried out by body builders or people who are trying to lose weight. This practice is fine for them to do sparingly. But if you’re in the practice of knowing how to treat psoriasis properly, then you should never do it at all.

For whatever reason, a thought says it would be okay to have a cheat day or meal, trust me right now, it would not be okay. Just one day of cheating, just one meal of cheating, can set you back a whole month of hard-earned work.binge eating does not treat psoriasis bitmoji

Don’t let friends or family peer pressure you into doing something you definitely know you are not supposed to do. It’s easy getting out of these situations, just smile nice and say: “No thank you, I’m staying true to my New Year’s Resolution,” and then keep smiling. They will respect that.

Some day in the future you will be able to eat your favorite junk food once again. And you will probably learn to eat them in moderation.

This next part may be very hard for a lot of you. But like I said
before, this process is only temporary. You found this website for a
reason. Let’s know how to treat psoriasis first, get our skin back second,  and then we can get
to the finer things in life.

#18: It Is Important That You Read The Other Posts On This Website TooLet go cure psoriasis bitmoji

Go back to the main menu and read the other content concerning “The Do List” and all the other information on WHY “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” are so important. Understanding WHY, will help you figure out HOW to treat psoriasis that much easier.

You have now read the list of items and tasks on what NOT to do when trying to treat psoriasis naturally. This information and all the other information on this website will help you maintain beautiful skin thereof. However…it is imperative that these items and tasks are carried out indefinitely.

Again it is also important that you read the other posts on this website if you want to treat your psoriasis. I can’t stress that enough.

The posts can be found on the home page and the main menu or just click the links below.

The other sections include


Own My eBook Offline,  “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

It is jammed pack with rich information on things to do, “The Do List” and things not to do, “The Don‘t List, on how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

If you don’t want to purchase my book just yet its cool with me. All the information collected in my eBook is also spread out throughout my website, browseHow-to-rememdy-psoriasis-naturally-cover

around my website and read about How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

However, if you want to have your own personal downloaded copy in a simple and easy to navigate interface, you are in luck. A portable and accessible eBook reader app like Kindle, Apple, ePub and Pdf, are some examples. Read on or off line however you choose. No internet connection no problem.

My eBook is only $9.99 right now but I may change the price to a higher amount if I start becoming greedy due to an increase in traffic and popularity.

If you do decide to help me out and purchase my very first eBook How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, it would be very much appreciated. Profits will help me maintain and continue to add important content and recipes to this website.

Thank you for reading this part of my website. Feel free to leave me a comment or question below. I will respond.

Drake Brooks


  1. Great Article
    Even though I don’t suffer from psoriasis I have experienced the cause of inflammation from the foods you share in this article and I am living proof what you say is very true

    Keep writing great articles

    • Thank you. Maybe your testimony about suffering from inflammation will reach out to others here too. Sometimes all it takes for people to see the light is for others to see it first.

  2. Absolutely the best article on inflammation I have read in a very long time, all the foods you share do add to inflammation and psoriasis and other inflammatory health problems.

    I was experiencing inflammation related health problems for a very long time, since eliminating many of the trigger foods you share in this article my health is much improved it is worth not consuming these foods for better health.

    • Jeffrey, thanks for the compliment on my “Don’t List.” I put a lot of my own experience and time into this list. Sure a lot of research was conducted too but for the most part, it was about trial and error, and eliminating one thing after another. Try to stay away from these foods for as long as possible. Let your body heal. Then some day, when your body is back to normal, you can eat them again. Moderately of course. =)

  3. I must say I am truly impressed by this post. It is about soo much more than just psoriasis. This post is really all about nutrition and the common health hazards of bad nutrition.
    I also had no idea that a skin disease would be affected soo much by what you eat.
    You say that you are cured from psoriasis but I thought this was an incurable disease to which you could only treat the symptoms but never get rid of completely. Can you cure psoriasis so that it will never come back again?

    • Thanx Jojo, I worked hard on this list and “The Do List” too. And yes, is goes far beyond psoriasis. What we eat is the foundation of our health.

      The medical system deems psoriasis incurable because they haven’t developed a medication that will cure it. And they sure as hell won’t tell you that it’s simply the bad foods we’ve been eating.

      “A cured patient is a lost costumer.”

      Therefore, they make medications for the next best thing, a temporarily symptom relief. And you have to pay for these refills for the rest of your life. This feeds the pharmaceutical engine making drug companies rich and at the same time growing the medical economy, produces jobs and cash-flow. Everybody wins except the victim.

      The problem with this is, the symptoms come back. They always come back. That’s why you have to attack the problem and not the symptom.

      To answer your question. You can cure any disease but that disease can still come back if you put yourself in it’s way again. In the case of psoriasis. Yes you can clear your skin and cure psoriasis, but months or years down the line, if you continue the same bad habits you did to contract the disease the first time, then yes you are doomed to repeat history and get psoriasis once again.

      Once you get your skin back, don’t go back to you old ways, eat healthy as much as possible, and only eat bad foods in moderation or special occasion.

  4. Hello Wonderful content, great job on explaining everything. I love the graphics. I am so glad I don’t like sweet foods though there are some food that you mentioned where you do not know has sugar in them and that much in moderation is fine to me. More than food, the problem also lies in deficiency in vitamin D in a cold country where I live and that is linked to so many health problems. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you very much for your input. Yes deficiency in vitamin D can be a major problem. Some people don’t know that you can get vitamin D from the sun. And yes unfortunately people that don’t have access to very much sunlight are more susceptible to health problems. It’s a good thing they sell D vitamin Supplements though. And it’s to bad cow milk has hardly any vitamin D, even less than what we were taught in school. It actually causes more problems then it solves. Almond milk is a better alternative. It is a good source of vitamin D. However, when I had psoriasis I could only drink small amounts of almond milk. Dr. Pagano only allows a maximum of 12 almonds a day.

  5. Oh man is this a depressing list. But, I see how each food or ingredient triggers inflammation, and inflammation is at the root of psoriasis. In some ways, it’s nice to have to choose between the things that taste good and are arguably addictive, and literally feeling comfortable in your own skin. I respect the lengths you’ve gone to cure your psoriasis and everything you gave up. What would be the hardest for me on this list? Probably hot peppers/nightshades, BBQ, and pork….so spicy BBQ pork.

    • lol it is depressing I know…but avoiding all this heavenly food only has to be done for a few months or until your skin clears up completely. You just have to remind yourself over and over, what is more important, your skin….or pork? You can have your spicy BBQ pork again in the future.

  6. Hi Drake, thank you so much for taking the time to share all this. i have chronic psoriasis and i want to get rid of it. I have been working with a homeopath for years trying to solve this riddle but we have not yet found exactly what i need. I wanted to ask if all the supplements you mention in th DO LIST should/ can be taken at the same time. Thanks again

    • Hey Eva. The vitamins and supplements listed in my do list is what I used to solve my skin “riddle.” 🙂 I’m still breathing so it didn’t kill me. I also read the proper dosage for my age and weight and any contraindications provided. Some are to be eaten with meals and others before or after.

      However since I’m not a doctor I can’t recommend an exact dosage or if something can for sure be eaten with something else. I always just read the warning labels, time and map how much of what I’m taking that week.

      Check it out, I put this part in my disclaimer section lol. I’ll copy and paste below.

      “This website contains information that is intended to help the readers be better informed consumers of health care. It is presented as general information on health. Always consult your doctor for your individual needs.

      Before beginning any new exercise program it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician.

      This website is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information on this website was correct at present time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.”

      AND EVA, read the other sections of this site too. Especially “How to cure Psoriasis

  7. Hey Drake,
    Thanks a lot for this blog post on how to treat psoriasis! Its really well written, clear and and kind. I’ve had psoriasis for around ten years or so and have been following most of the general mainstream guidelines for a long time without clearing up. I have read hundreds of blogs in fits of despair and most of the info isn’t new to me but I feel really inspired to have another, more determined crack at it. This time, with visualisation…
    Thanks again, I’m sure you’ve helped many people : )

    • Hey I had a good friend named Rosie back in school, I haven’t seen her in years though. She had bouncy curly hair and was really jolly all the time.😋 Anyways, I know you haven’t reached the acceptance stage just yet… else you wouldn’t be here wondering about the never ending rabbit hole for anything or everything that can or can not make it better or worse. You can get lost in the weeds looking how to treat psoriasis, trust me I know. That’s why I organized just two lists, the Do List and Don’t List. Dwell in one list like a spa and avoid the other list like an angry bee hive.🐝 If you have ENOUGH will power you can pull anything off, you just have to decide if you really really really really want it. It’s a hard regimen yes. But consider this obstacle a life accomplishment… IF you can pull it off, your soul gets bragging rights.

      P.s. I’m glad you liked my entire Blog, including this article called, How To Treat Psoriasis! Read the entirety of all my other posts too, they will help guide you through the treacherous journey across the lands of hunger and sweets.🍬

      -Drake Brooks-

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