How to Cure Psoriasis – With Cucumbers

How to Cure Psoriasis With Cucumbers

Whether cucumbers are fruits or vegetables I really don’t care, as long as it gives me beautiful skin. It can be any made up gender it wants to be.

Cucumbers can cure psoriasis because of three main attributes. One, the vitamins that are plentiful within cucumbers. Two, cucumbers are highly alkaline and do well to adjust the body’s acidity levels. Three, the minerals in cucumbers can reduce skin inflammation by large margins.

Quick Recap

To better understand the psoriasis problem I recommend you also read the popular material on this website.

I could break down the fundamentals right here on this page. I could tell you once again all about the inflammatory skin disorder psoriasis. Or you could just click the links here or here, and we all win. But for clarity sake. I will repeat these important points.

  • Raymond Francis, M. Sc. – who wrote, Never Be Sick Again. Never be sick again book cover cure psoriasis“There is only one disease,” and that one disease is called “Malfunctioning Cells. Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.”
  • John Pagano, D. C. – who wrote, Healing Psoriasis. Psoriasis is considered the “leaky gut syndrome, the workload for the kidneys and liver becomes so great that the body has to eliminate waste through the skin.”

All cells, white blood cells, red blood cells, and even skin cells require extremely high nutritional intake to operate properly. If the body’s systems are not functioning at their highest potentials, then there is definitely room for disruptive error.

When the human body errors, multiple immune systems within the body operate much harder, compensating for the lack of nutrients.

The mechanics of these immune systems also work vigorously reacting to off the chart toxins. Noticeable, symptoms on the skin occur in proof of this.

All in all, the problem and the solution with psoriasis can be summed up in two powerful terms.

  1. Toxicity: Too much toxin intake.
  2. Deficiency: Not enough nutritional intake.

If you want to know how to cure psoriasis it is simple. Give the body what it needs or it will malfunction. Stop giving the body what it doesn’t need or it will malfunction. This goes for many diseases and disorders.

Medical jargon for “symptom” is indication of disease present. Symptoms are indicators of important skirmishes going on in the body. These battles consist of white blood cells and body mechanics vs. bacteria, viruses, toxins, and many other contaminants foreign to the human body. The display of symptoms indicates malfunctioning activity in and outside of the body.

What is Inflammation?

Acute inflammation or short term inflammation is considered good because it is activated when the body is damaged or imperil, such as an injury, fever, or infection.

Acute inflammation serves to terminate and eradicate bacteria, toxins, and other foreign objects when it is needed, and deactivates when it is no longer required. Hence, its name, “acute”inflammation, it arrives, it performs its task and is gone as quick as it came. Like a samurai.

Chronic inflammation or long term inflammation is considered a bad sign because it’s a symptom of something amiss. Red and bothersome, it likes to hang around like a soar thumb with no purpose or indication of ever leaving.

It attacks the body’s own tissue and doesn’t turn off or go away. Chronic inflammation continues to be activated because something within the body is keeping it activated. All types of mechanisms, mechanical or biological, if left operational for long periods of time, it may cause devastating problems eventually.

The Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins in Cucumbers

A Vitamin. Cucumbers contain small amounts of vitamin A. Tiny amounts that are still very beneficial. The immune system uses vitamin A for many functions. One utilization is it helps keep the body from overacting with excessive inflammation. It does this by fighting against free radicals.

C vitamin protects the body from damage as an antioxidant. It does this by donating electrons that neutralize free radicals. This in turn reduces plasma levels of inflammatory mediators thus reducing body inflammation all together.

We know that chronic inflammation is terrible for the body. And as stated in my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, we know that toxicity, such as excessive free radicals, as well as nutrient deficiency instigates inflammation.

Huge overloads of free radicals can cause major oxidative damage and devastating inflammation issues. Luckily, vitamin C counters free radicals and can even fix oxidative damage.

K vitamin, exclusively known for it’s key role in helping with blood clot formation. It’s special ability helps to prevent bleeding in excess. But it also reduces inflammatory markers. The latter benefits us more in this case.

Two kinds of K vitamin in particular.

K1: Green or leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage and spinach.

K2: Liver meat or eggs.

Cucumber Alkalinity

Cucumbers are very alkalitic, which is good news for anyone wanting to know how to cure psoriasis.

If you read my section on Dr. Paganos 80/20 rule. You will understand that a diet that is at least 80% alkaline, and humbly 20% acidic, will get your skin back.

Most people with psoriasis have a pH balance of too much acid. This means they eat an abundance of acid forming foods. Over indulging in meat and various junk foods causes extreme acidity in the blood stream. The aftermath of eating too much acidic foods can cause heart problems, organ problems, and skin problems such as skin inflammation AKA psoriasis.

So as a golden rule for eating extremely healthy meals for the purpose of learning then knowing how to cure psoriasis. It is ideal to eat a 80/20 balanced diet. Eating a fresh cucumber or two during a meal is an excellent side dish or even main dish. This is how to cure psoriasis folks.

Minerals vs. Vitamins

One of the main differences between minerals and vitamins is vitamins are organic. And minerals are inorganic.

Because vitamins are organic they originate from animals and plants. Minerals are inorganic solids and originate from atmosphere, soil or earth but are obtained through the plant and animal kingdoms. Both are naturally occurring.

Vitamins can also be broken down further from their existing chemical compound. Air, acid, heat and the reaction to other compounds make the chemical break down possible. Some edible minerals can’t be broken down any further because they exist as an element (simplest form of substance) and not a compound (combination of two or more elements in a well ordered, natural occurring chemical structure).

Essential minerals are basically a handful of raw elements on the periodic table or their compounds connected with each other. Also known as dietary minerals or dietary elements. Some elements bond with each other such as Carbon with Hydrogen or oxygen ect. We catbolize these elements after consumption.

Just like some vitamins, some dietary minerals are ideal in just trace amounts of digestion. And similar to some vitamins, some minerals are more beneficial if consumed in a more generous amount.

Another similarity several dietary minerals share with vitamins is the ability to be stored in the human body.

Minerals in Cucumbers vs. Inflammation

Keeping the body hydrated at 95 percent water.  Cucumbers still pack a lot of vitamins and a lot of minerals.

  • Manganese – Reduces inflammation as an antioxidant.
  • Magnesium- Abundance is good. Deficiency = inflammation.
  • Potassium – Flushes excessive sodium reducing inflammation.
  • Iron – Trace amounts are good. Deficiency = inflammation.
  • Sodium – Trace amounts needed for fluid balance.
  • Calcium – Fights obesity. Fatty cell common with psoriasis.

Final Wrap

The cucumber is a terrific anti-oxidant and is perfect for healing the skin, just in case you were wondering how to cure psoriasis. Eat plenty of them.

Just remember not to eat any counteractive ingredients which I discuss on my “Don’t List.” It is also imperative that you follow the “Do List.” Because let’s face it, just eating the healthy cucumber here and there is not gonna cut it folks. Give the body what else it needs because it needs a lot.

Don’t forget folks, I used to have psoriasis and eating cucumbers a few times How to Cure Psoriasis With Cucumbers for luncha week as a side dish for lunch or dinner along with the do’s and do not’s of other things was my routine until I eventually cured my psoriasis naturally.

Eating a couple here and there, I would have to sometimes peel them first because some suppliers put wax on the skin to keep them looking fresh and appealing. Even though the skin contains high amounts of fiber and vitamins. The wax could cause problems in the long run.

You can remove the wax by soaking them in apple cider vinegar for a few minutes and then rinse off the cider under cold running water or just leave the cider on.  If it has wax then this is my preferred technique.

Or just peal most of the skin off. Eat some or leave some.

So peeled or not peeled, you can eat them whole or sliced. No need to add any seasoning because they taste delicious as is.Homade cucumber recipe for psoriasis

Eating plenty of cucumbers reduces acidity and inflammation because of the nutrients it carries as mentioned in my lists and book.

Now you know to buy plenty of this delicious food from the produce section and try to eat them through out your week. They are usually sold at descent prices. I live in south Texas and cucumbers are sold here at HEB or Walmart for three for one dollar. What a steal! That’s way cheaper than prescription medicine.

Did you enjoy reading about this easy and natural psoriasis remedy that is the cucumber. Do you know how to cure psoriasis with cucumber now? Feel free to tell me in the comment section.

If you haven’t readThe Do Listand The Don’t List on this website, go back to the main menu and read that content now. The other content will help you cure psoriasis, and understand WHY the “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” are so important. Understanding the WHY will help figure out HOW to cure psoriasis that much easier.

Also read the homemade recipes for psoriasis section of this website. If done in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will help you cure psoriasis foods-that-reduce-inflammation-bitmojinaturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof.

“How to cure Psoriasis”

“Cure Psoriasis – The Do list”

“How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List”

“Cure Psoriasis With Passion.”

“About Drake”


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Drake Brooks


  1. Wow, this is a very insightful, informative and educative post. I have never really seen cucumber in this light before , I have just believe they offer some form of vitamins and that’s it not that I would think it can be used to cure psoriasis by eating enough of it. Well , now I know better and I also know now it can always help to heal the skin. Will definitely include this in my diet.

    • All healthy foods have the power to heal. Healthy food is medicine. Cucumbers are part of a healthy diet and will remove inflammation along with other anti-inflammatory foods. Make sure to read my “Do List,” what to do and my “Don’t List,” what not to do, if you want to know how to cure psoriasis naturally. 

  2. Great information about psoriasis and eating right.  Another body malfunction cured by eating right and taking care of yourself.  I myself do not have psoriasis, but I know people who do, and you are correct.  Their diets aren’t that great.  I will certainly pass this website along to them, and perhaps they can follow your instructions and get some relief.  Thank you for your post!

    • Yes smart see you know. Thank you for the thank you and for sharing too. It feels good to work hard, share the knowledge, and be appreciated by show of textual gratitude. A good jester.  Thanx again

  3. Hello drake, Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.this article gave me an insight for maintaining a healthy skin. Your article made it known to me how cucumber can be the cure to psoriasis, though I’m not affected but I will engage in eating much of cucumber with my family. The price is pocket friendly and this article is very educative. Thanks for the review, full of knowledge. Regards 

  4. Thanks for this eye opening article on how to cure Psoriasis with cucumber. This article is really informative and helpful one. I like cucumber alot and I consume alot when I have the opportunity. I never knew it is so beneficial to the body in curing psoriasis. I have never had this skin inflammation before but this article has taught me something valuable. I will recommend this article with people having psoriasis. Great job!

    • It’s good you eat cucumbers a lot when you have the opportunity. Very beneficial. Stay healthy. Exercise and eat right. Thank you for the feedback. 

  5. I had a lot of questions answered about cucumbers after reading this. I was totally unaware of the benefits they have on the body. I just thought they tasted good with a little Balsamic dressing. This was a very informative post for me to read this morning.

    I do know that cucumbers can be mixed in a juicer with a variety of other vegetables. In your opinion is the best vegetables to mix in a juicer with cucumber? 

    • I have a juicer, The Bullet as a matter of fact. I use it weekly. I should do a review on that. Good Idea Ken! That’s my dads name.

      You can mix cucumbers with anything anti-inflammatory.

      Try this…

      – Half a cucumber

      – One whole green apple with seeds (due to it’s vitamin b17 qualities)

      – Half a carrot

      – And a leaf or two of kale not that much because it’s not water soluble when raw

      – Ice Ice baby

      Now blend the hell out of it with some Iceeee…

      We’ll call it “Damn Good Wake Up Juice…”

      You like?

  6. I have benefited greatly from reading your article.I read your article and understood how useful the cucumbers are for us.I also learned more about the vitamins and minerals inside cucumbers.Later on,I realized how important the cucumbers were for us all.I learned more about how cucumbers are keeping us healthy.Thank you very much for sharing this article.

    • I’m glad you learned a lot today. The vitamins and minerals they have are very important. I like to think of my articles as “wake up calls” or “red pilling.” Stay healthy man!

  7. Cucumbers are one of my favorite foods and, like you, I like to eat them straight from the grocery bag, so to speak.

    The fact of how the immune system is trying to get rid of toxins, through the skin, is not new to me, however, I never thought of psoriasis as a condition where the body tries to get rid of toxins. I am a retired nurse and over 40 years ago, in my training, there was not much talk about psoriasis as a condition. 

    I remember that the Doctor just said that it is “only” a cell malfunction and unfortunately nothing really can’t be done. I personally found this, back then, a bit of a fairy tale, however, this was the common understanding at the time.

    I am in holistic health care for the last 30 years and I learned a lot in how our body’s immune system likes to help itself and I know, since then, that psoriasis is a condition where the body is just doing its job, getting rid of toxins like you said in your article.

    However, I didn’t know that cucumber can contribute so much to reverse this condition, I am so glad I have stumbled over your article, this read was certainly an eye-opener to me.

    Thank you for sharing all this information.


    • HAHAHA don’t forget to rinse them between the grocery bag and your tongue. ;P. Yes just like doctor Pagano says, the workload of the kidneys becomes so great that the body flushes via skin.

      As a holistic nurse you may also know that psoriasis is a deficiency disease as well. If you read my “Do List” I mentioned a study by Adelle Davis and how her 254 patients” ceased new break outs after the first week, after being given “4 to 8 tablespoons” of lecithin. Even severe cases of psoriasis displayed recovery after just five months.”

      She also says “B vitamin deficiencies…result in scaliness of the skin and showers of dandruff; and itching red rashes.” Which is skin inflammation or psoriasis.

      It truly is a toxicity and a deficiency disorder that can be corrected by smart eating habits and an active life style.

      I’m glad you like what you read.

      P.s. That doctor in your story reminds me of the doctor from my story… when it all began.

      Big Pharma don’t have time for cures…”A cured patient is a lost customer.”

      All that doctor could do for me was prescribe topical cream which I discontinued.. and then he told me there is “only treatment but no cure..”.

      We’ll doc, cure or no cure, I have my golden skin back without your topical tar medicine thank you kindly.

      We learned that trying to control and suppress the symptom does not always address the problem now does it.

      Read my book, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, if you want to know what he whispered to me incognito.

      Thanx for the awesome comment

  8. Hey Drake,

    I especially benefit from reading your informative and educational article about the benefits of cucumbers in the cure of psoriasis. Just a few days ago I was attacked by a virus herpes zoster. It was a very painful time for me. I felt that the inflammation of the skin is deadly. Although the type of Psoriasis is slightly different. Through your comprehensive article, I learned a lot about Psoriasis. And it is also clear about the effective role of the cucumbers in its relief. I did not know that there was such a quality of the vegetable. It has a huge supply in the local market and cheaper as well.
    Thank you sincerely for the excellent article.

    Warm wishes,

    • Oh damn man! What happened?  You got “attacked” by a “virus herpes zoster?” How the hell or what the hell, please elaborate on the “attack” part. We’ll take a break on how to cure psoriasis with cucumbers for a while. Your comment is wtf. Message back stay safe!

  9. That was really a terrible time for me. In severe inflammation I was sick for almost a month. Below the chest over the skin on the one side of the stomach was crunchy like chicken pox. This virus attacks nerve heavily. At first stage I thought it caused by bacteria. Anyway now I’m well. Thank your for your humble interest.

  10. In the 1930s Edgar Cayce said psoriasis was because the walls of the small intestine were THIN. Now the internet, call it leaky gut. I agree with this site about eating the right foods BUT, worldwide everyone is being forced to eat and drink GLYPHOSATE. Designed to kill weeds, Monsanto’s scientists insist that because humans and animals don’t have a skikimate pathway it is safe to use on crops that we eat. However, what they fail to mention is that our gut bacteria does have a skikimate pathway. Without this 2-3 pounds of good bacteria -we die.

    • Yes good bacteria is very very important for our gut and thus healing psoriasis. Without it we are pretty much good as dead. I talk about good bacteria, thinning intestines and the leaky gut syndrome here on this page called The Do List.

      Here is a link for some quality consumable good bacteria capsules. AKA probiotics.

      I have read a lot of Edward Cayce’s work, he is considered one of the God Fathers of alternative medicine.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Hi drake
    Thank you for this well articulated info am psoriasis patient already started alkaline diet one thing is missing in your do list about scalp psoriasis any shampo or soap that helpful i am using headnshoulder.

    Thank you

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