How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

Long sleeve shirts in the summer time, pricey skin treatments to no end, and itching all over the place are things of the past. It’s time to forget about hiding under how-to-remedy-psoriasis-naturally-ebook-bitmojihot clothes made for winter time and relish the attractive, glowing, beautiful skin that you were meant to have.

Organized in a checklist fashion, the remedies presented in this eBook, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, are easy to understand and follow.

By reading this eBook, you will know what to do, and what not to do in order to learn how to remedy psoriasis naturally for good. It’s time to win your life back once and for all and stop feeding the pharmaceutical giants.

Dermatologists may dread this book but at least now you can take your shirt off. Say goodbye to flakes, and say hello to dates.

My eBook is called How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally“, it was published on Smashwords.com on June 26, 2017.

I’m very proud of writing it. Click here if you wish to purchase the full eBook.

The reason I wrote How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

Let’s be serious because I’m not gonna lie. I wrote “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally because I wanted to make some extra cash.

I didn’t write it to help random people I didn’t know. If not friends or family, then it means nothing to me. Other people’s problems was simply not my problem. And at the time I felt I had more important things to worry about then other people’s skin issues.

The only way I was going to share my psoriasis cure with random people online was if their was some type of incentive, cash return incentive. Some fruit from my labor tree. So for, to the right people, the right information can be worth something.

I decided to write a quality eBook that will show people with money how to get their priceless skin back, just as I did.

In this time frame I learned about the platform Smashwords and how it sells eBooks like Kindle and Amazon.

Smashwords also specializes in helping writers publish their very own eBooks. These eBooks can be read on many different platforms including Kobo, Kindle, Apple, ect.

I thought that was cool. Smashwords.com catered to authors that had no idea about how to write an eBook, an eBook that could be read on multiple platforms.

These eBooks could be written, published, and sold on many different eBook platforms with Smashwords taking a small cut.

A lot of people including myself really appreciated Smashwords helping out thousands of independent authors, even if they were not capitalizing during the teaching and helping process.

After I finished writing and publishing my book I let it simmer online. I had a few sales and nothing more. My eBook idea wasn’t really working as the medium cash flow mechanism I thought it would turn out to be.

A few months later I learned about the website Wealthy Affiliate. They helped thousands of average people build their own websites. Unlike Smashwords, Wealthy Affiliate starts to capitalize sooner rather then later, but something stuck in my head, both Smashwords and Wealthy Affiliate started helping people in the beginning.

In the end, I finished making a cool website about how to remedy psoriasis naturally. Even though the original plan was to monetize my book via website and make money that way. The concept was still present and it existed no matter how I saw it; I was helping my website visitors on how to remedy psoriasis naturally. I was helping people. I was actually helping people.

Some comments thanked me and praised me for making a website that actually showed them how to remedy psoriasis naturally. Some of these inspiring comments beckoned me to write more content and other comments just ended with them just saying a simple “thank you.

So I continued to make content for my website.

I was actually helping people now and it wasn’t 100 percent about the money anymore. It just wasn’t all about the money.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still in favor about making money, I’m just not a stinking softy about it…It just felt good being appreciated for helping.

Before I knew it, I was making a bit more cash.

Then I finally felt like I had something in common with Smashwords and Wealthy Affiliate, and that commonality is helping people out, money will follow.

What is my eBook about?

Self explanatory. The answer is in the Title, “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

Bottom line is I used to have psoriasis all over my body but I learned how to rid my psoriasis away completely. Now I have some of the best looking skin in town.

My eBook is composed of several sections, but the three sections that are the most important are the ones that will show you exactly how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

In my book there are three main sections.

Section 1: How to Cure Psoriasis

In section one of my eBook, I break down the bare bone basics on what psoriasis is and why its on your skin. I teach you first what the problem is so that you can better understand how to fix it.

Section 2: The Do List

In this section I give a large list of over 20 remedy’s that you can perform on your own time on how to remedy psoriasis naturally. These remedy’s will help your skin heal itself overtime, guaranteed.

Section 3: The Don‘t List

An antonym to the “Do List”, the “Don’t List” is composed of things not to do when learning how to remedy psoriasis naturally. The entire Don’t List is composed of many things that are causing your skin to break out in psoriasis inflammation.

Among other sections in my eBook “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally;” the three sections that are a must read are stated directly above.

If you are desperately looking for a method that will show you exactly how to remedy psoriasis naturally and to finally rid the condition away from your body for good then this is the eBook for you.

The eBook is packed with other information too but like I said, these sections I just mentioned are worth more than gold. You can’t really put a price on your precious skin, not even for gold; that is if you really don’t mind looking like Deadpool.

A Quick Lesson On Skin Disorders From My eBook

All cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, and especially skin cells require high nutritional intake to operate properly. If the body’s systems are not functioning at their highest potentials, then there is definitely room for major error.

When the human body errors, multiple immune systems within the body operate much harder, compensating for the lack of nutrients.

The mechanics of these immune systems also work vigorously reacting to excessive toxins. Noticeable symptoms on the skin occur in proof of this.

The medical term for “symptom” is indication of disease present in the body. Symptoms are indicators of massive battles going on in the body or on the skin.

These skirmishes consist of body mechanics and white blood cells vs. viruses, bacteria, toxins, and many other contaminants foreign to the body.

The display of any type of symptom indicates malfunctioning activity and secondary systems in the human body.

Most prescribed medications attack the symptom and not the problem. For example, the common flu medicine reduces the symptom of phlegm build up and a runny nose by reducing the flow of mucus, but it doesn’t stop the reason on why the nose is runny in the first place. Medications are mostly always reactive and never proactive.

The nose is runny because it’s trying to rid the body of excess toxins, viruses, and bacteria. Taking medications does not cure disease it just alleviates the symptoms.

With the skin disease psoriasis, simply rubbing on powerful ointments to reduce symptoms like itching, inflammation, and redness, will not stop the problem but only reduce the symptom.

Psoriasis is a very hard skin disorder to overcome and get rid of. It has very annoying symptoms that come with it. Losing this disease is hard and will take time to lose but it can be done. You just have to follow the way me and so many others did it.

Psoriasis is unique because there are many things that you are doing that is triggering skin reactions certain things you must avoid if you want clear skin back. Plus it’s also a deficiency disease meaning you’re lacking something crucial.

My eBook, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally not only shows you how to drastically reduce toxicity and significantly increase nutritional intake, but it tells you what you absolutely can NOT do and what you seriously have to do.

I can show you how to remedy psoriasis naturally by giving your body, (which is your primary vehicle), a fighting chance. Yes your body is and can be compared to other vehicles as well.

A spaceship cannot go anywhere without fuel; a complex engine will eventually break down without the decent amounts of lubricating oil. Homo-sapiens cannot thrive properly without sufficient amounts of certain nutritional components.

In contrast a spaceship wouldn’t go anywhere with crappy fuel, a complex engine wouldn’t work if it were submerged in used cooking oils. The human body wouldn’t thrive with certain toxic components.

What is Inflammation and Why do We Get it?

Acute inflammation also known as short term inflammation is considered good inflammation because it is activated when the human body is damaged or imperil, such as an infection or an injury.

Acute inflammation serves to terminate toxins, bacteria, and other foreign nuisances when it is needed. And it deactivates when it is not required any longer. It will turn on to perform its task and then it will turn off when it has completed its task, that is acute inflammation, the quick task master.

Chronic Inflammation also known as long term inflammation is considered the opposite of acute inflammation. It can be considered acute inflammations evil half brother.

Chronic Inflammation is a very bad sign because it’s a symptom of something amiss, something very wrong. It is red and annoying, it likes to hang around forever like someones smelly carpet; and doesn’t seem to be doing anything except hanging around, causing horrible problems.

It rages war on the body’s own tissue and doesn’t turn off or stop, its just there causing mischief. Chronic inflammation will continue to be activated because something else in the human body continues to disrupt a lot of things. Something is keeping chronic inflammation activated. Chronic inflammation may cause serious problems if it is not handled in a timely manner.

“The DO List” in my eBook How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

A major section in my eBook is called “The Do List.

I built an incredible list of all the things you can do to remedy psoriasis naturally. Some of these things are products and some are not. Some simple products on the “Do List, can be bought in local grocery stores or purchased online.

Other things on the “Do List” don’t need to be purchased.

Here are some examples I pulled from “The Do List.” Purchase the full eBook here.

#1. Sunlight

Over doing sun light of course is very bad for the skin, minor first degree sun burns and skin cancer are some prime examples of this. But if the sun is used sparingly and correctly, sunlight can do wonderful things.

Rays from the sun enables the body to create vitamin D. This does not only aid with calcium absorption into the bones but plays major roles in the overall well-being of the skin.

D Vitamin allows skin rejuvenation and acts as a repair kit. Decent amounts can bring longevity and attractiveness as well as skin immune health.

Many hospitals throughout the world know that ultraviolet light is effective for many people who have psoriasis as a skin problem.

They know this so they make UV Phototherapy centers. These centers actually compete with the sun itself.

They are present in dermatology departments and use alternative levels of sunlight like UVB (ultraviolet B) a short wave light, and PUVA (psoralen with ultraviolet A) a long wave light.

These facilities say to ask your dermatologist doctor on what “treatment is right for you” but there is much. These phototherapy departments can cost thousands of dollars and take up a lot of your personal time.

A few minutes a day in the direct sun light is a natural and free way to create vitamin D in the body.

Note* Vitamin D should never be attempted from drinking cow milk. The reported D vitamin dwindles compared to the mass amounts that can be obtained from a few minutes of direct sunlight.

Note* Cow milk is very bad and will be explained later in “The Don‘t List” section of my eBook.

#3. Liquid Lecithin

I stumbled across this wonderful item in the book Let’s Get Well, written by nutritionist Adelle Davis, first published in 1972. Inside the paperback book was a Lecithin cures psoriasissection on the skin condition psoriasis. It described “254 patients” ceasing new break outs after week one when given “4 to 8 tablespoons” of lecithin. Even “severe cases” of psoriasis displayed recovery after just five calendar months.

Due to massive amounts of cholesterol existing in the blood and in the skin cells of those that have psoriasis, lecithin can work to their advantage by dissolving cholesterol and reducing it.

Since psoriatics have shown to have an excessive amount of fatty skin cells, lecithin is a godsend because it also emulsifies bad fats, enabling the fat to be dispersed in H2O.

I took advantage of liquid lecithin because it dissolves bad fat in the body, the same bad fat that was present in my psoriasis days.

Lecithin is a lipid that is also present in the body. It is produced by the liver and it is one of the main components that holds together cell walls.

It is present in animals, spinach, eggs and even in peanuts. Lecithin exists in many other foods too. It is a natural occurring phospholipid in the body’s cell membranes.

*Note: Because peanuts are associated with allergies especially roasted peanuts. Those that are
understanding how to remedy psoriasis naturally should avoid all types of peanuts.

*Note: Eggs are allowed to be eaten so long as the portioning does not exceed over 4 eggs per week. This study was founded by Doctor Pagano a leading expert when it comes to healing psoriasis naturally.

#16. Vitamin C

The controversially C Vitamin is supposedly one of the best vitamins on the planet. The large amounts that have been administered have never been shown to be lethal. High doses of C vitamin can not only prevent disease, but it can also alleviate disease. So its not only proactive but its also reactive.

Many individuals don’t know this awesome fact, or if they do know it, they don’t take advantage.

We know C vitamin is great, and it helps prevent us from getting ill, and helps make the body healthy, but most people don’t ingest C vitamin supplements because there is a belief that exists that they are already healthy to begin with.

Indeed, vegetables and fruits carry C vitamin, but one would have to pig out on an abundant amount of fruits and vegetables several times a day just to get the ideal amount of C vitamin the body craves.

And really, who ingests an abundant amount of vegetables and fruits every day?

Note* Juicing is a process of liquidizing vegetables and fruits. This is one very good technique to get high amounts of Vitamin C a day. However, high quality and large quantities of vitamin C supplements from reliable brands and trustworthy manufactures will always ensure ideal amounts of vitamin C intake.

Biochemist Raymond Francis wrote the book Never Be Sick Again, he tells the story on how he was laying in his deathbed waiting to pass away. All his physicians agreed that he had little time to live.

While in his hospital bed he decided to do some major research and study about health, because simply put, Raymond didn’t want to die. He came across literature about the benefits of the C vitamin. He secretly acquired and ingested large amounts of high quality C vitamin. Then a miracle happened.

The following weekday his “vital signs began to stabilize.” And, “In forty eight hours” he “was able to sit up in bed.” But Mr. Francis hasn’t sat strait up in many months, which is a very interesting revelation. All he did differently was eat large amounts of C vitamin.

As expected his thirty-six doctors could not understand it either.

He departed the hospital and carried himself back from the brink of near death. He is now a Biochemist, devoting his healthy life to “teaching others how to be healthy.”

Biochemist Raymond Francis books do well to baffle the mainstream medical experts and threatens the medical system entirely.

Critics comment that his work is “too extreme,” or his systems are “too hard to do,” and maintain. Soundly said, any type of transition to a different life style can be very extreme and very hard for almost every one.

“There is only one disease…Malfunctioning Cells. Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.”

– Raymond Francis M. Sc.-

#27. Vitamin B Complex

B Vitamin comes in many different forms, put them all in one place and you get Vitamin B Complex.

Vitamin B Complex is what most sick and healthy people alike are extremely deficient of. Even if they take high doses of multivitamins a day, chances are they B vitaman complex cures psoriasiswill never get enough Vitamin B Complex.

According to Nutritionist, Adelle Davis, who wrote, Let’s Get Well, explains that eczema and psoriasis are both caused by a “faulty utilization of fat,” and deficiencies of vitamin B and lecithin.

She says to replenish lecithin, vitamins C, E, A, especially B vitamins which can alleviate the skin diseases.

She also mentions that both humans and animals alike suffer from “various types of skin rash…when deficiencies of essential fatty acids or almost any one of the B vitamins.” The Nutritionist stresses that it can become much worse given more time.

Both the human and animal body will become “encrusted with heavy, itching scabs.”

Adelle continues to write that these “B vitamin deficiencies…result in scaliness of the skin and showers of dandruff; and itching red rashes.” She suggests taking Lecithin and Vitamin B because the body is deficient due to the modern diet.

She continues to claim that from the available research and from her own diligent studies on psoriasis , enough Vitamin B in the human diet will eventually make psoriasis go away.

There are over 20 more things you need to do for your skin. Go to “The Do List” here on this website or get the full eBook here.

“The DON’T List” in How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

I comprised another list of things NOT to do in my very well written eBook called “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

If “The Do List” is mainly composed of deficiencies, (stuff we lack) thenThe Don‘t List” is mainly composed of toxicities, (stuff we MUST avoid).

Everything in this part of my eBook should be avoided. Avoided like most mosquitoes avoid most insect repellents.
All things in the “The Don’t List” will not improve psoriasis and inflammation of the skin. It is considered counterproductive, and can make your epidermis look and feel way worse than it currently is.

It is imperative that everything shown on “The Don‘t List” is never consumed while learning how to remedy psoriasis naturally. If these foods are consumed, even in tiny portions, then the ridding attempt during this period will consume even lengthier amounts of time then need be. Some may never lose their psoriasis. The disease may just linger indefinitely.

Here are three examples from the “The Don’t List, which you can purchase here.

#1. Processed Sugar

Pretty much every product in the grocery market contains large amounts of sugar. It is literally in almost every type of man made packaged food. Just turn the food product around and see for yourself. It’s everywhere and in everything. Sugar is even put in products that most of us would think for sure doesn’t have any type of sugar added at all.

Biochemists declare that heating sugar cane to high temperatures and converting it to powdery or crystalline forms, changes the foods molecular structure making it toxic and not nutritious. Therefore, the integrity of the foods nutritional value has now been compromised due to the heating conversion.

That means both sucrose (regular table sugar), and man made sugar like Equal, Splenda, and Sweet & Low, are all highly toxic too. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame, fructose corn syrup, all of which are found in regular and in diet or sugarless beverages.

Sodas and sugar free products, are all carriers of man made sugars. They are all designed to be very sweet no matter what your preference. They are all unnatural chemical abominations to substitute sucrose (also known as table sugar) and to satisfy weight watchers sweet cravings.

A 1998 scientific journal called Life Sciences “concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the form of formaldehyde,” which is another form of embalming fluid. It is the same stuff they preserve dead people in at the morgue before funerals and burials, and it can also be found in diet drinks and can foods.

These toxic chemicals that are being consumed over long and short periods of time can cause major problems with many symptoms.

This is the main reason why so many people have so many diseases. Mainstream diets involve sugar products that are being consumed on a day by day basis.

As known and stated by medical practitioners and nutritionists, processed sugar is of course linked to weight gain and increased levels of body fat. Studies show that body fat heightens pro inflammatory hormones or inflammation.

Remember. Inflammation of the skin is known as psoriasis.

Back when I used to have that cursed disorder psoriasis, every time I would consume something even remotely sweet with sugar products my psoriasis lesions would itch more than normal. Sometimes, when eating sweets or drinking diet or regular coke, I would get an eerie crawling sensation on my scalp or on the other psoriasis patches on my back and legs. It felt as if something was creeping under my skin.

Later you will learn about skin purges and how it attempts to remove toxins.

Note* Natural sugar from vegetables and fruits should partake in our daily meals but processed sugar cane and substitute sugars that are added to most packaged foods should be avoided.

Note* Consuming too much fruit in the beginning of learning how to remedy psoriasis naturally should also be kept at a minimum. Later, as the skin appears to repair itself and heal naturally, more fruit can be consumed.

#3. Nightshades

Nightshades, also know as Solanaceae belongs to the botanical family of plants; this includes the famous Atropa Belladonna plant. A high volume of nightshades are not edible but the nightshades found in the produce section at your local grocery store are.

All nightshades have this in common; they all carry a natural poison for bugs. Scientifically, they are chemical compounds called alkaloids.

Solanine, which is part of Alkaloid chemical group, is present mostly in the nightshade stems and leaves but also exists in the vegetables they harvest.

Nightshade plants carry this repellent to discourage insects from consuming them.

Alkaloids found in vegetables do not always affect the average human unless they are currently suffering from an auto immune disorder.

Nightshades and Their Alkaloid Counterparts

– Eggplant (solanine)

– Tomatoes (tomatine)

– Potato (solanine)

– Peppers (capsicum) (not black pepper)

– Tobacco (nicotine)

Some nightshades are considered very healthy; for example red bell peppers have high concentrations of C vitamin, similar to grapefruit and oranges.

Tomatoes have high amounts of Biotin and Lycopene concentrations.

But unfortunately due to the alkaloids present, the negatives to nightshades outweigh the positives.

Alkaline poisons cause inflammation in the human body, and it shows this especially in the human body that is undergoing an auto immune disease like psoriasis.

Lycopene, C vitamin, and Biotin, can all be consumed through other means. Therefore, nightshades should not be ingested while learning how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

Note* Some individuals with normal skin speculate that their skin becomes more attractive after they stop smoking tobacco.
I quit smoking and I indeed noticed a huge difference in my skin.

Note* Most seasonings have a form of nightshades due to chilly peppers. Paprika, chilly powder, ect.

#6. White Flour

In all aisles at the grocery store, in every direction, around all corners, and in nearly every food package; there resides the toxic food which is white flour. This stuff is everywhere. Just look at the label of every product. They even put white flour in packaged frozen meatballs. This is why I try my hardest to avoid the middle aisles at grocery stores; I can’t go down one food aisle without seeing it.

In the food industry world, white flour is simply put, the cheapest ingredient that food manufactures can add to their food products. It takes fractions of pennies to produce. And in a lot of cases, it’s not just added to the product, it is the product.

White flour is used as filler, a space taker upper. It fills the bag or box it is packaged in and it fills your stomach too. They just add some flavoring, salt, and of course some sugar to equal the majority of the middle aisles.

They say we need white flour for energy and for the carbohydrates it provides. True we do benefit from carbohydrates. But carbohydrates are found in vegetables too and without all the toxins that can make us sick, inflamed, or obese.

White flour, like table sugar, is processed at high temperatures changing its molecular structure making it extremely toxic.

Flour is bad for the intestines and stomach because it’s hard to digest, says to Erleen Tilton, a Holistic Nutrition Specialist.
“White flour has been called the glue of the gut…and it clogs the system and slows down digestion.”

Tilton states that in the past, it was well-known that people would make glue out of water and flower and that “white flour and sugar are deadly poisons that have an inflammatory effect on the body.”

Own My eBook Offline, “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

It is jammed pack with rich information on things to do, “The Do List” and things not to do, “The Don‘t List, on how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

If you don’t want to purchase my book just yet its cool with me. All the information collected in my eBook is also spread out throughout my website, browse around my website and read about How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

However, if you want to have your own personal downloaded copy in a simple and easy to navigate interface, you are in luck. A portable and accessible eBook reader app like Kindle, Apple, ePub and Pdf, are some examples. Read on or off line however you choose. No internet connection no problem.

My eBook is only $9.99 right now but I may change the price to a higher amount if I start becoming greedy due to an increase in traffic and popularity.

If you do decide to help me out and purchase my very first eBook How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, it would be very much appreciated. Profits will help me maintain and continue to add important content and recipes to this website. Thank you.

Read All The Other Posts On This Website

If you haven’t read “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” on this website, go back to the main menu and read that content now. The other content will help you cure psoriasis, and understand WHY the The Do List and Don’t List are so important. Understanding the WHY will help figure HOW to cure psoriasis that much easier.

You have just read the conclusion of this website that will help cure psoriasis naturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof. However…it is imperative that all the other items and tasks are carried out indefinitely.

Again it is also very very very important that you read the other posts on this website. I can’t stress that enough.

The other Posts include:

-“How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

-“How to cure Psoriasis

Cure Psoriasis – The Do list

About Drake

Homemade Recipes For Psoriasis

Purchase my eBook:

How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

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  1. Thanks for the background on finding Wealthy Affiliate, its amazing how things turn out. I am glad you have decided to create this great content for everyone to read and share!

    I have a good friend with Psoriasis and I am sure he could find this very useful. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable a long sleeve shirt can be in the summer time. At least now he has an alternative, if not a good read right!

    Thanks once again for sharing the great content you make and how Wealthy Affiliate helped you connect on a more personal level instead of focusing on just the money!

    • You’re welcome dude. And it is indeed amazing how things turn out. I wanted to make cash by selling my eBook so bad that I stumbled on a website that could help me make cash. Wealthy Affiliate
      Bring your friend and set him free.

  2. It’s nice how your mindset changed. You talked about how originally you couldn’t care less about other people’s problems, and you just wanted to cash in. But I think it’s really great how you turned around and started caring more about helping people rather than just strictly making money. I enjoyed your article, and following the change in your mind.

    • Wants it’s said and done I look back and see how it’s kinda cold not giving a damn. But time is really of the essence, we get all the cash but can never get all the time, we lose time more and more every second, why waste it on others right? “well whats in it for me,” type of mind set.

      The funny thing is, is that I find myself helping anyways and it still turns out all right in the end, and to a better degree than what it was.

  3. Psoriasis is a horrible thing to have and you are so great writing a “how to remedy psoriasis naturally” program to heal this horrible ailment

    I have a friend who suffers so badly from it so I will recommend she come here and grab a copy of your book as it looks well worth the read

    Thank you again

    • Oh well thank you so much that would be sweet of you kind Vicki person you. Tell your friend to come get her skin back.

      She has to really want it though. Because she will have to suffer for months without her favorite foods, without her favorite drinks. She would have to eat stuff she probably wouldn’t want to eat and do stuff she never wanted to do. And she would have to do it for months and months to maybe almost a year, however long it takes because everyone is different.

      If she wants to dedicate the time to invest in the rest of her life she can do it here.

      The problem with a lot of psoriatics though is that most just learn to live in misery for the rest of their lives… They just accept as it gets worse and worse.

      Tell her to get my eBook, it really is worth the read. I put a lot of work into it. How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally.

  4. Dear Drake Brooks,

    Thanks a lot for the post on How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally and guiding towards natural remedies that expels the skin disorder psoriasis.

    Thanks for sharing your own experience and how to remedy psoriasis naturally. There is no doubt it’s going to help many people. The “Quick Lesson On Skin Disorders”  was very helpful and I got new insights.

    When you mentioned “Most prescribed medications attack the symptom and not the problem” I am able to see your in-depth knowledge on this subject.

    Thanks a lot on the great insights on Vitamin D, Cow milk, lecithin, peanuts etc.,

    May I ask… Is there any particular time to acquire vitamin D from the sunlight? Please advice…

    Thanks a lot for your honesty in your post! Your post is like a seminar on health tips! Hats off to you!

    Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,


    • Oh trust me man I dug deep into the medical field. I desperately wanted my skin back and got it back thank God. I had a life I wanted back you know?! Looking for a cure in the medical field is like looking for a stolen wallet at soccer stadium. I dug deep and followed little white rabbits down there rabbit holes.

      Stuff I uncovered things they want kept on the down low.

      “There is no money in one time cures just long time treatments.”

      “A cured patient is a lost customer.”

      Get a few intervals of about 5 -15 minutes before 10am and after 3pm is considered decent sunlight exposure.

  5. Thanks for the excellent advice on psoriasis, you’ve given some good tips here.

    I’m pretty much and “ex” sufferer and mainly had the problem when I lived in the UK (I come from Scotland) and when I was younger – between about 18-22 years old. I used a cream called E45 which moisturized the skin and eased the symptoms, although not treating the root cause.

    Since I moved to South Africa and the sun, I have almost no problem with the condition now. So, I can certainly attest to that tip.

    Love the natural approach, I firmly believe that we all turn to any old pill as a “cure all” these days, so a natural remedy (thank you sun) is definitely the way to go.

    • Yes “thank you sun” is definitely the right attitude. Showing gratitude and being appreciative and not stressing the small things is also in my book and on this website. It will set your mind and your skin free and clear.

      I am very happy for you. I don’t know you but am extremely happy for you that you don’t have problems with the condition any longer since your adventures move to the African sunlight.

  6. It’s great that you are trying to help people get rid of psoriasis using natural means. Because most of the time we are advised to take medicines. I also prefer using natural means but unfortunately sometimes natural means don’t help. At least it’s not for everyone. It looks like you know what you are talking about and I will recommend your book to my friends. 

    • Thanks dude. I appreciate that. The thing with natural remedy’s is they often take time. With in nature the law of life, healing can be indefinite.  We just have to try our best and make the right choices with the knowledge and wisdom of whats right and whats wrong.

      We can’t be deficient with what our bodies REALLY need to heal itself with. And on the reverse, we can’t dwell in toxic habits such as poor food choices or we’ll never heal properly either. Both are very counter active to the natural healing process.

  7. Super information!  My sister suffered from psoriasis for years, and to know there are things you can do naturally to combat it is really great.  PLUS the info on how you created and sold your e-book!  I had no idea that was even possible.  I run a baking website and now I’m thinking perhaps I could put together my own e-book of recipes for a very specific niche – like High-Altitude (I live in Colorado).  Why not?  From your description it sounds like there are all sorts of tools to help, and the training at Wealthy Affiliate fills in any gaps that may exist.  I appreciate your well-written and thorough article.  

    • My sister lives in Colorado, she likes eating legal pot brownies made with both sativa and indica.

      I wrote my ebook back when I first learned how to remedy psoriasis naturally. It took me a very long time to write it because I did a lot of studying before and post psoriasis. But once I was done and the book was finally published with an actual ISBN number. I was so proud of myself and it.

      Here is a link to Smashwords where my ebook “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally,” is currently being sold. Hook me up with your sister… lol jk, not like that. But please tell her about my eBook and my website.

  8. you know i don’t know much about psoriasis and my family members don’t have a condition but based on what i’m reading it’s very contagious to infect on when your injured or other causes to the body system. In the near future can you update me so i can read your remedies of curing my system. Thanks a lot for posting remedies about skin disorder.

  9. Hi Drake, thanks for your website. Do you know if psoriasis is related to eczema? My son has suffered from chronic ezcema for 7 years and it doesn’t seem to matter how much I treat it topically it never improves and  it drives him crazy. With summer coming up for us here (in Australia) it usually gets worse too : (  The symptoms you describe for psoriasis sound very similar to those of ezcema and I’m wondering if do’s and don’t’s would apply to eczema as well? Interestingly his identical twin brother shows no signs of it.

    My dad suffers from psoriasis so I’ve sent him the link to this site. Thanks for sharing your story to help others.

    • Hey Melissa, both skin disorders are slightly different but pretty much the same thing. Remember what I said.

      “There is only ONE disease… “‘Malfunctioning cells.'” Cells only malfunction for two reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.”

      – Raymond Francis M. Sc.-

      Your dad and kid may be lacking on key foods and at the same time are having bad skin reactions to certain ingredients in everyday foods.

      Read my eBook, “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally,” and save your kid and your dad for good. Set them free from this miserable burden! They will love you for it. Especially your kid, clear skin is everything to the youth for real. Give him my eBook for a present. It’s priceless knowledge to get his clear skin back.

  10. Okay, you got me smiling with “say goodbye to flakes and hello to dates.” This sounds fun at first glance, but it’s the sad reality for many people who are embarrassed by psoriasis and other skin conditions. I’m so glad that you found the cure and are now willing to help other people do the same. I also really love your openness and honesty about your motivations. Most people will just lie and fake like they aren’t in it for financial profit, so I appreciate you keeping it real with everyone! I would be interested in learning more about your personal results on how to remedy psoriasis naturally, so maybe I will check out the ebook.

    • It’s like that famous Tony Montana quote. “I just have my word and my balls and I don’t break them for no one.” I try to be real all the time and state it how it is.

      Sometimes I’m humorous in my writings as you just observed and complimented on. That humor has the truth element about it.

      That “say goodbye to flakes and say hello to dates” is on the synopsis part of the eBook. I thought I was so witty when I came up with that line. lol, thank you for the acknowledgment on that. I love when people appreciate and comment on my humor.

      I also like “Dermatologists may dread this book but at least now you can take your shirt off.” It’s kinda like saying screw you Doc! I don’t care about your lost customers. At least now I can take my damn shirt off when I go to the beach or when I’m with a date.

  11. how can i avoid such a disease? I like the do list and hate to see the don’t list. Both which to accumulate our body fluids and what contains our infected diastase, so it can be remedied with proper treatment to enjoy the day out of the sun and not worried about our flawed side. At least he’s helping us out to take care of our self. 

    • The answer to your question is simple. If you want to avoid any skin disease. Practice “The Do List” and “The Don’t List.” on a regular daily basis.  Toxicity.

      Eating certain bad things makes you inflamed. And on the flip-side, not eating certain good things can also make you inflamed. Deficiency.

  12. Hello Drake, before this post I never knew how to remedy psoriasis naturally. However, after reading through your post, my eyes and mind where open to a whole new world. With that being said I am going to check out the e-book that you recommend. Thank you so much.

    • Hey glad to enlighten man. Wait until you start reading it, it will expand your consciousness for sure, you will see.

      Thanks for the purchase =) You are awesome

  13. I think this is a huge problem that’s due to medicines that don’t work and only exacerbate the problem. My childhood friend had trouble with psoriasis and nothing ever worked. Until this day he is still suffering from it and I want to help him but had no idea how. Your natural techniques seem like a no brainer, and yes, sugar is in almost everything and I know for a fact my friend consumes a lot of it. I’ll be letting him know to cut it out asap or at least cut down as well as all the other techniques you mention. Sharing this with him now, thanks for all your help!

    PS: Do you think psoriasis is becoming more of a problem or are less people getting it?

    • I’m pretty sure your friend will appreciate you hooking him up with the solution to his problem. But one thing is for certain. He has to want it for himself. If he’s already accepted it then it would be hard to motivate him. In the end, it would be his ultimate choice to change his own mind.

      Processed sugar of all forms is a huge problem in many skin disorders as well as other ailments.

      Oh I know the problem, this psoriasis epidemic feeds the greedy pharmaceuticals their economy. There is no  real profit in a one time cure. So yes the problem is getting bigger for sure. More and more people are becoming more health conscious ; at the same time , more and more people could care less about being health conscious thus epidemics are born.

  14. Hi Drake! I’ve seen a number of people who suffer from Psoriasis.  I’ve also seen a number of people who use the supplements you’ve disclosed, but say they don’t see a difference.  My son doesn’t have psoriasis but he does have eczema.  Ive found we have to take lots of these supplements when he has an outbreak. Do you have specific amounts that help you or what signs do you look for to know you’ve taken the necessary amount? Many people will take one pill and say “it doesn’t work”. What’s your experience?

    • Hey Tiffany you cute.

      Psoriasis and eczema always seem to be in the same category always, don’t they? The medical industry does that too. They put them back to back because the treatment creams can be used for both ailments. This is because they share almost the same symptoms.

      Follow my book exactly with your son , and without veering off or cheating and I’m certain your son will be the wise man who concurred his disease. Both you and him will be healthier with an insane health conscious upgrade.

      Vitamin C can’t kill you unless you eat hundreds of bottles but even then you would probably still survive and in great shape too.

      The C vitamin can probably be compared to Marijuana as far as statistics. No one really dies from it they just benefit from it.

  15. Hi, I am an sometimes sufferer of psoriasis and I definitely noticed it disappear during the summer month and return in winter. Spending a lot of time under the Australian sun and surfing really helps. What I also noticed was the fact that drinking beer didn’t help. I always thought it had something to do with the yeast in it? Interestingly I know live in Canada and the climate is very different. I noticed a very small bit on my elbow coming back and it is getting cold here now. But since I have changed my diet to vegetarian and I drink like a beer a month now I am not worried it will come back. Plus I started to meditate and often I have learned that my skin just reflects my insight. So when I am balanced and calm on the inside, I am mostly healthy on the outside. I recently learned about the nightshades and now I peel my tomatoes, haha. Brilliant effort to put your knowledge out there. Thanks for helping and not just trying to make a buck.

    • Remember also that psoriasis is also a deficiency disorder. So lacking stuff like the B vitamin found in eggs, chicken, fish as well as broccoli, avocados, and spinach could cause break outs too. I take high quality b complex just in case.

      I am happy that you don’t suffer from psoriasis anymore since you have moved to wild journey to Canada and that you cut down on drinking, are meditating, and eating a lot of vegetables. Keep getting sunlight whenever you can. Don’t be a stranger to the salt water in the ocean you wild Australian surfer dude. These are all things I also talk about throughout my website and in my eBook too.

      “B vitamin deficiencies…result in scaliness of the skin and showers of dandruff; and itching red

      -Adelle Davis-

  16. What and interesting read, Drake. My paternal grandma complained of Psoriasis. That was years ago and I was sympathetic but I had no idea what psoriasis was. Now I know, and fortunately, I don’t suffer from it. If you don’t mind me saying; I like your style of writing and your choice of graphics go well with your “story”.

    • If it’s one thing to be grateful for it’s never having to worry about psoriasis ever. That’s for sure. Take that to the bank.

  17. Interesting read for me as I have psoriatic arthritis. Sorely tempted to buy your eBook.

    Reading through your “Dos and Don’ts” I realise that my switch to a Whole Food Plant Based – No Oil lifestyle just over two years ago should eventually sort out my psoriasis.  It has certainly eliminated the inflammation and my skin has improved to a certain extent but not completely.

    Should I give it more time and keep doing what I am doing or do you think your book will help with my psoriatic arthritis?

    If your book is half as good as you say it is be prepared for massive sales when word gets out as psoriasis is an unsightly and uncomfortable problem.

    • To answer your question Lawrence I think you should do both.
      Keep doing what your doing because it seems to be working and buy my book because you owe it to skin to at least read it.

      I have a question for you? “No oil,” does that include olive oil? A spoon full of fresh, uncooked olive oil is extremely beneficial here is why…

      In the 1960’s, Greece, Italy, and most other Mediterranean people lacked fat related diseases. (*note psoriatics have large amounts of cholesterol and bad fat in their blood and skin). Despite having a high fat diet. It was later learned that olive oil was their primary fat source, which contained high amounts of several types of monounsaturated fatty acids one of which is oleic acid. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid that fights inflammation.”

      Inflammation is whats going on at the root of psoriasis. Skin releasing toxins via flakes and getting inflamed, organs become inflamed, blood vessels are inflamed, arthritis, joints are all swelling up.

      Inflammation is a symptom of a reaction to your molecules being aggravated. Aggravated for two things,

      1. Too much of something bad. Toxicity.

      2. Lacking of something good. Deficiency.

      I talk about this stuff in my book and more. I base my studies on the works of Dr. John Pagano an expert in healing psoriasis. Raymond Francis Biochemist and Adelle Davis Nutritionist mostly.

      What sucks about psoriasis is that many things you eat can make it worse and many thing you DON’T eat can make it worse. It’s hard to tell if your making progress because it takes forever to go away. Just don’t stress a lot because to much stress can be toxic too.

      Here Lawrance

      How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  18. Hello Drake,

    First I want to congratulate you for the creation of your digital book related to “How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally”. I have no doubt that everything you explain in your article you know what you are talking about. And nothing better than narrated by you who has suffered and managed to cure, definitely. And the truth is the price is very economical. Surely it will be your digital book will be all a success. Congratulations, friend.


    • Thank you for the compliment Claudio. I am very proud of my eBook. I always wanted to write a book and there it is.

      I hope my book sells to a good amount of people in my lifetime. Who knows if it becomes a major success, the pharmaceutical giants may come after me. You will no they have come if my website were to ever down and I disappear.

  19. Drake,

    I have no idea how long it took you to figure all of this out but all I have to say is congratulations!  The problem I have found in today’s world is people want to run to a doctor for cures including the common cold.

    I think all the processed foods that people consume today is causing more illness and disease than actually exists I have friends who suffer from this skin problem and I am going to be referring them to your site. I suffer from many allergies to products and must be careful to not change soaps to any new products on the market.

    You have done so much research about the psoriasis and your e-book should be flying off the web, people think cures come in pill form; which they do not, this is just a way for pharmaceutical companies to make huge profits.  Natural cures to any form of illness or skin break out is the best and most cost effective way to help people.  Any you have found a way to accomplish this with your website.

    Thank you so very much for this and I will be looking for more articles from you in the future.


    • Thank you Susan you’re a sweetheart. I’m glad you are aware of peoples instant reaction is to go see a doctor when they get sick. I’m glad you know that pills bottles don’t say the word “Cure” on it.

      It is crazy that process foods give birth to new diseases. Chinese food is getting worse and worse too. Medical systems wont tell you because a healthy patient is a lost customer. I just hope that men in black suits don’t start snooping around. I told Claudio too who commented before you that if i go missing then be suspicious of these pharmaceutical corporations because I’ll be cutting into their profits.

      Take high quality Vitamin C it will help with those allergies. I use Dove Unscented sometimes.

      Thank you for referring your friends too I will keep writing here

  20. I have been on smashwords a few times, and I can’t say enough good things about the site. In terms of your eBook, the 3 concepts are perfect. Not only do you hit the main target of describing how to cure psoriasis and what the do’s are, but you also target the don’ts as well. We often target all the things we should to, but forget about all the things we shouldn’t. Although I love the deadpool reference, the thought of not being able to control psoriasis is scary. I am heading over to smashwords right now to check out your book!

  21. This website is action packed with so much good stuff!  I don’t suffer from psoriasis but eczema which is similar and different.  I already knew about many of the “Do” and “Don’t” (I miss sugar) but I did not know about Lecithin.  It just shows you learn something everyday! 

    I love your backstory!  I mean who doesn’t want to make money?  I think it is great that you are open and honest about how you came to know so much and create your book.  Thank you for this website and sharing your knowledge!


    • Lol “action packed” nice comment. Yes I have been getting a few compliments about my back story. The journey has been an enlightenment so far. I’m grateful for the experience but more grateful for overcoming it. If people were to ask would you do it all over again I probably would say “HELL NO!” lol I never want psoriasis to come back ever again.

      And yes eczema is like a lighter version of psoriasis, scope my eBook and get rid of it! Here

      How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  22. Hi Drake, shoo, I learnt sooo much in this brilliant post – not just on what to do about psoriasis but your information on publishing an ebook via Smashwords and marketing your ebook using what you learned Wealthy Affiliate was invaluable as well.  Just one question: if you had to do it all over again, would you still use Smashwords? Because I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m super keen to get my first book published.  Would you say that’s still the best way to go?

    • If you read my last reply to the last comment on here you will laugh that I said I would not do it all over again, but I was talking about having psoriasis.

      As far as Smashwords is concerned I would say yes because they teach you how to do it. Then they put you on several other platforms too. I think you have to make a quota on sells for them to get you on Amazon. Amazon has a exclusive agreement called something “select” but dont sign up for that because if you do you cant sell eBooks anywhere else until the contract ends.

      But yes go to Smashwords for sure I recommend it.

  23. Drake, thank you for such an informative website!  I have to admit, at first I was a bit distracted, but when you started talking about all those vitamins and supplements, I started learning things.  I have often wondered if too much vitamin C can be harmful, but after reading your article, I an gonna eat an orange!  My wife does have psoriasis, so I will show her your ebook and see about downloading it.  Thank you again for so much knowledge in such a short time!


    • Hey Clay, You shouldn’t worry about vitamin C. It is very strange how everybody worries about it even though there has never been a case to where it was lethal. It’s almost as if everyone avoids it because they are scared they will die or something. It is quite the opposite though, wonderful things happen when you take vitamin C regularly.

      An orange will do you good for sure. But those with psoriasis should avoid too much fruit in the beginning of learning how to remedy psoriasis naturally because even though the sugar orange sugar is natural it can still irritate the skin causing more inflammation.

      High quality vitamin C supplements are ideal for getting the needed vitamin C intake the body requires.

      And yes hook your wife up with my eBook, she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Give this to her.

  24. Hi Drake – this post is gold. I have a friend who has psoriasis and I will recommend she check out your website. It’s a real eye-opener that psoriasis is a symptom not the cause. She spends a lot of money on creams and medications when sun exposure, Vitamins B & C and Lecithin can be game changers. I knew smoking was a risk-factor (she smokes) but didn’t realise it’s because tobacco is a night shade plant. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Alisa

    • Hello Alisa. That is my friends name too. She is always telling others, “not Alisha, not Aisha, my name is Alisssa!” I used to spend money on crappy creams too, such a waste of time and money.

      In Italy a lot of people have major skin and psoriasis issues because they like to eat tomato based foods and smoke tobacco a bit more then other country’s.

      Thanks for telling your friend.

  25. your book is so great and I am learning so much from this great read

    My friends psoriasis will get much better from this in the future I’m certain. What you are sharing here on your website is great too

    Great information, honest and natural healing processes, and my friend thanks you too

  26. That was a long and thorough discussion of your ebook and its contents.

    I don’t have psoriasis, but i know people who have and they have it for the longest  time. I will give them a heads up about your book. It looks that you have researched really well about psoriasis and have acted on your past illness based on what you found out, experienced, and read.

    Thanks for posting!



    • Thank you for the comment. It wasn’t easy. The experience, the writing of my eBook, my website. It was all hard work.

  27. Hi again

    Was just talking to my friend and she also told me of a great product she uses with wonderful results and this also totally natural and has amazing results with psoriasis and eczema so thought it worth letting you know

    It is called Renew and it is sold online via Melaleuca so this may be something you could add to your natural remedies here on your site 

    Evidently it is rated really highly and does not have any other chemical products that’s for sure.

    • Ok cool thanks. I will definitely look into it. I will also do a review of different lotions in the future because they are convenient. 

       But mind you, and remember this, simple just putting on a lotion to mask the symptom will not remedy psoriasis naturally. Putting on certain creams and lotions topically can only do so much. Eventually your skin might produce a tolerance and thus the psoriasis plaques will present themselves again.

      It is very important that you follow my “DO and Don’t Lists.” if you want to keep the remedy psoriasis naturally forever.  

  28. In the beginning of your article, I thought all you were going to talk about was your book and how great it is. But then, I started seeing a lot of useful information about this issue. My wife has bouts of psoriasis and just today is having the issue on her right hand. She does have medicine for it that includes steroids. We would like to see her not use that stuff if at all possible. With your information on healing it naturally, I think she can finally do just that. I am going to read all your articles and have her do the same. I like the idea of the eBook and I actually have created one as well for a totally different issue. Great idea. Do you think she should take a Vitamin D supplement if she can’t get enough sun?

    • Thanks for the comment Curtis. I’m glad I didn’t talk about my book too much in the beginning to actually scare you off. I am happy for your eBook as well, there is a overwhelming sense of accomplishment once you finish writing one. I’m not a doctor so I wont advise you or your wife to discontinue her steroid treatment meds. But I can say that high quality Vitamin D supplement can be very beneficial for her situation.

  29. Hey thanks for the feedback. I wrote How to Remedy Psoriasis organized checklist fashion, not just because it was easier to read but because that was the best way to present the information.

    I had to write the “The Don’t List” too because that’s one of the main ways how to remedy psoriasis naturally. And you are right people always ask what to do and do it but at the same time they preform counter active habits.

    Thanks for going to Smashwords and scoping out my book. =)

    p.s. I read deadpool comics on an app called Marvel Unlimited. They all the marvel comics there is a huge digital archive. The issues can be read in a cinema style pan and scan fashion.

  30. Thank you drake. What an incredible article. I’m glad someone finally decided to bring out an article on how to remedy psoriasis naturally as you state, like most medical issues we need to learn how to fix the issue, not treat the symptom. Your article is so packed full of information I think I’ll need to purchase your ebook so that I can have something to refer back to constantly. As a side note I’m also interested in writing an ebook for a gardening site I have on the internet. I know absolutely nothing about constructing an ebook. Do you think smashwords would be able to help me with this? Is it very expensive? Thanks Jim 

    • Yes that is the proper way of thinking. Address the problem, not the symptom. If only all medical systems operated like this.

      Smashwords does not charge to publish or post your eBook, they only take a 10 percent commission if your book sells. They also teach you everything you need to know for free.

      Here is my book posted on smashwords

      How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  31. Congrats on publishing your book and getting the website up and running. I think having a site really boosts authority, since people can read your posts and see that you actually know what you’re talking about. And psoriasis is a very irritating issue, so it’s a good thing to be helping people get rid of it! Good luck in the future!

    • Thank you for your insight. Yes I agree. Having a website to promote my eBook really does help.

      Thanks for the comment.

  32. Hi there Drake,
    My daughter suffered badly from Psoriasis or some form of it and has used alot of creams in the past. She has had her best results with it in the past year and I do believe it is due to her diet change – she is now vegetarian and almost a vegan in fact.
    Thanks for all the tips you have shared here today and also for putting it into an ebook and using a fantastic platform to share all you know!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • More and more people are going vegan and vegetarian, maybe I will start to practice it myself. But right now I just do the 80/20 rule.

      I hope the best for you and your daughter. May her diet change be the best diet ever for her.

      thanks for stopping by

      -Drake Brooks-

  33. Hi there Drake,

    My daughter suffered badly from Psoriasis or some form of it and has used alot of creams in the past.  She has had her best results with it in the past year and I do believe it is due to her diet change – she is now vegetarian and almost a vegan in fact.Thanks for all the tips you have shared here today and also for putting it into an ebook and using a fantastic platform to share all you know!Cheers, Sharon

    • I am happy for your daughter and her healthy eating habits. You are a good mom. Stay cool.

  34. Wow, what a great article.  I love how you highlight thatMost prescribed medications attack the symptom and not the problem. Also you offer so many valuable tips on why Psoriasis can be happening (world full of toxins!) and how to heal it naturally.  Chronic inflammation is a massive health concern and it often wreaks havoc inside the body too.  Do you know if EVERY instance of chronic inflammation internally is also evident on the skin too?  If so how can one find out? Also do you cover eczema in your book and how to heal that too?  It’s common among infants.(running a spell-checker may be a good idea “dayly” and “white flower/flour” a few others).Thank you!

    • LOL how embarrassing. I missed spelled flour with flower lmao. Thank you John for the correction. I can’t believe that sub-title was there the whole time. hAHAAHA. To answer your question, if “chronic inflammation is internally is it also evident on the skin too? I would say if inflammation was present on the skin, then there is a high probability that inflammation is also present beneath the skin. And yes eczema is touch up upon in my writings. Same rules apply.

  35. Hi Drake, your post was well written and though I don’t suffer from psoriasis I found the post an interesting read. Once you go thru the cufe is it something you have to maintain with the remedy or are you cured for life? I really think it is interesting to see that a lot of the Do List is common sense. You need to keep up the nutritional values in your body, and everything that you suggest is a t low levels in the body are normal vitamins, stuff found in natural foods and not in processed foods. This brings me to wonder, was psoriasis around prior to the box food explosion? In other words, when families could buy prepackaged foods that helped speed up meal-time, is that when psoriasis became an issue?

    I am glad you decided to help people and have a positive website, instead of a money grabbing site. It must make you feel good to be helping people, especially since you know how to control and cure psoriasis.


    • Hey Mary Jane

      I see that you are curious about the disorder psoriasis. Well like any disease and inflammatory disorder, if you don’t take care of yourself it will come back. So contingent to staying healthy. Avoid “The Dont’s” and maintain “The Do’s” as much as possible.

      You can read more of “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” on this website or my book. How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  36. Very thorough article! I’m thinking that the tips in this book will also help with my daughter’s eczema. Even some of the General tips that you share about the need for certain vitamins and supplements seem as though they may be helpful for multiple ailments.

    Have you considered researching and developing more ebooks on other disorders? The j formation that you are providing here seems as though it can be helpful to so many others. That brings me to another point….

    I am SO glad you camero the realization that helping others would be beneficial. It not only feels good to help others it also is one of the main reasons that successful people become so successful. When we focus on how we can help others we can get so many ideas and the more ideas we come up with the more possibilities to make money 😉

    • Thanks for these words. I am very appreciative. All my content will indeed help your daughter. Just follow the “Do’s and Don’ts.”

      I want to write more eBooks but this will be the last book I write on diseases. Psoriasis is the only disease I suffered from and healed from thus the only disease I can truly write about and help others with.

      And good point on successful people. I will continue to help others if it helps me make money. =)

  37. This is such a great resource for anyone plagued with psoriasis! My husband has psoriasis and I have read some of this before but I have not seen so much all in one place. 

    I will be checking out some of your suggestions for him. I have inflammation that causes many problems as well so I know many of the same diet principles apply for psoriasis as well as other inflammatory conditions. I am going to check out the lecithin right away. I already take B, D (we live in Alaska where there is no end to sunlight in the summer and it is hard to get any in the winter) etc. 

    My husband has found that zinc works wonders for his psoriasis. Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory. It makes him feel grumpy though and aggravates his PTSD so I will look into the food sources for zinc and other anti-inflammatory properties. 



    • If you think this sample list is huge wait to you see the entire Lists. You can find them here on this website or on my eBook.

      Yes lecithin is golden. I like liquid lecithin.

      And vitamin B6 in-particular according to Adelle Davis’s, Lets Get Well.

      I also talk about zinc on my “To Do List.” Sometimes I’ll just take half or a quarter during a meal before sleep. Chicken and beans have zinc too.

  38. This is a very interesting post. I know many love ones who suffer from psoriasis and I know how hard it can be on their lives. I will definitely share this post with my family members and hopefully they can find some help. It’s a great idea how you created an ebook to help others. Good luck and much success on your online journey!

    • Thank you for sharing, I’m sure your family members would like that very much. If they push for diligence then they can succeed.

      Yea the eBook idea was originally just about money, I wanted some funds for my hard work. Either way, people are still getting helped here at my website.

  39. I think Psoriasis is a condition that a lot of people are suffering from on a daily basis. I really appreciate that your motive has changed to helping people get their life back through your book “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally” it seems to filled with a powerful remedy’s for people who are dealing Psoriasis. Now they can start seeing results. Thank you very much. 

    • We all have motives and my motivation was money for sure. But then when I got a feel of helping people then it just wasn’t about the moo-lah anymore.

      And yes, people are going to start seeing excellent results.

  40. This is really great information on psoriasis.  I personally don’t have it, but my friend’s aunt does, and I have seen the agony that she goes through every summer and sometimes in the winter.  I will definitely be sending her the link to your ebook and website because I know that she could absolutely benefit from it.  She has tried every type of cream, lotion, changing her diet (kind of lol), and nothing works.  She even has to wear cloves in the summer when it’s really humid out because she cannot bare the itching.  I personally, have learned a lot from this post that I didn’t know about the disease.  From reading your “do not do” list, I can confirm that she is doing almost 100% of what’s on there, which is not helping her case at all lol.  But, after all of these years suffering and seeking help from doctors, you would THINK that one of them would have told her to avoid some of these things.  I’m glad i found this site and I hope that this information will help alleviate some of her pain.  Thanks for sharing! Cheers

    • Thank you for that story. She can buy all the creams she wants and some creams may actually show some results by masking the symptom but if she does not change her eating habit fully or she does not consume the proper nutritives then she may stay at a stale mate.

  41. Wow, this is a lot of information about psoriasis. My hubby suffers from a similar condition and I’m excited to try some of these remedies. I would also like to mention how good honey and milk baths work for this and similar skin conditions. It softens the skin while removing dry dead skin cells.

    Thanks for the information! I will definitely checkout the book.


    • Thanks for scoping my eBook. I will look into your honey and milk bath. It seems like a very expensive bath. A epsom salt bath and a bath in the ocean is a couple of the many things I talk about in my eBook. It can blast dead skin cells right off.

  42. Hi Drake, 

    I don’t know anyone with this skin condition but it does sound really serious. It is so good to know it can be corrected naturally. I have very dry skin, can it be corrected naturally as well? Can’t wait to get my hands on your ebook, I love natural remedies and would like to read about psoriasis and it’s natural correcting methods. Vitamin C sounds awesome while processed sugar sounds extremely dangerous. I’ll be on the lookout checking food labels now! 

    • Hey Juliet,

      Thanx for checking out my book.

      I like how you write. Clean and to the point.

      As far as your dry skin is concerned, it most definitely can be corrected. Good skin has lots to do with what we put in the body / what we don’t put in the body, as well as what we put on it. I talk all about it in my ebook.

      Happy reading,

      -Drake Brooks-

  43. You have provided me with a ton of info, almost too much because my brain almost went into information overload. Anyway I am  not here to cut down your website.You have provided me with a lot of information I never knew. As a nurse I have alway’s believed in the pharmacology way of treating Psoriasis. I thank you for presenting me with an alternative way of treating such a misunderstood disease.

    • Lol don’t mean to overload your brain there dude. I can understand where you are coming from. I work in the medical field too as a medic. And we can both agree that the “pharmacology way of treating Psoriasis” and any other disease is always the primary approach as well as the follow through. This article was designed to refresh minds from what they already knew, especially people like you and me. Medicalites.

  44. Its my first time to hear about Psoriasis disease and is having it irritates a lot. But the information that you provided is helpful, it will help this disease to heal completely which is great! Thanks for sharing with us, this is going to relieve most people with this problem

  45. Than you so much for this interesting post. I always think that it is best to use natural remedies where possible and there is so much detailed information in this post that I am sure will be really useful to my mum who is a sufferer. Your ebook must be well worth reading if it has even more information than this post!!

    • The natural way should always be the primary tactic but unfortunately a cured patient is a lost customer. Too many lost customers can hurt the medical economy.

      And yes my eBook is definitely worth the read. It has a plethora of more useful information.

      I wish the best for your mum.

  46. I had to read this Drake, because my husband was diagnosed with psoriasis after weeks of itching and discomfort. Your explanations are very helpful because we had never heard of the condition before. Thanks for this information of what causes it and how to cope with it and heal it. You are truly an entrepreneur and the publication will be good for keeps. The best part about the information is that it can be relieved naturally. 

    • I’m happy to help. I was just as confused when I first was diagnosed with that horrid disease.

      And yes the beauty about my publication is that you get to keep it both on and offline after you purchase it and the the best part is that it is indeed natural.

      I wish the best for you and your husband.

  47. Thanks for this great article on how to remedy psoriasis naturally.  I can appreciate how you first started writing an ebook for the love of cash – cold hard easy to earn $$$. Sorry you didn’t end up getting bucket loads of the stuff really fast and easily.  I can see how you moved across to affiliate marketing after discovering Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Thanks for making a list of great do’s and don’t. I really like eggplant and peanuts.  I will miss them. I can see how process sugar plays havoc with our entire system and white flour has almost no nutrients left in it. Thanks for sharing. I was just wondering if you think organic cotton is a great product to wear or not?

    • Yes well that goes with many authors. Tens of thousands write books every year way more so than movies are produced. And just like movies, you never know whats hot or not. It may fly off the shelf or collect dust, whether it was marketed properly or not. Wealthy Affiliate has been doing a good job in training me how to be an online entrepreneur, eBook or no eBook there are ways to make that green online for sure.

      And I’m sure you can live without eggplant and peanuts for a bit. Once you get your skin back you can go back to eating the stuff you love moderately.

      Many items have been things have been known to irritate the skin internally and externally. Sterling silver for example.
      Like most new products they come with a chemical residue. If you can wash away these leftover chemicals away from the product then the shirt should be fine. But some people may have an allergy to cotton itself.

  48. Great background information about Wealthy Affiliate, and how you published your book. I like how you talked about your change of mind from going to not caring to wanting to help people. It’s also nice that you gave people a quick overview of your book so they know what to expect. 

    • Thank you. I am so very proud of my book. How it’s written and organized, it’s almost flawless. Yes the overview was indeed mandatory.

  49. Hi, it’s really great you decided to share some of your do’s and don’ts of what to do or not to do when you have psoriasis. Some of the things you mentioned that could help psoriasis are things I never knew! I have never heard of liquid lecithin before. Can you only get it through eating foods or can you buy it as a liquid, you know on its own? It’s nice that you also include information from your book in some of your other blog posts. It gives us a chance to kind of see what you have to offer in your book before committing to making the purchase. I will definitely let my friend know about your site and your book. She suffers awfully from psoriasis on her scalp.

    • When I found out about lecithin i celebrated. I just happen to be in one of my remedy books. I bought Lets Get Well from a thrift store years ago. I’m glad I did because it helped me down the line and now it’s helping others too.

      I take several spoon fulls of liquid lecithin a day before I go to sleep. It would be considered useless to consume it is small quantites because that simple wouldn’t do anything for the psoriatic. Even one dozen capsules wouldn’t fill one table spoon. I take three table spoons. Do the math on how many capsules a day.

      Lecithin is present in broccoli , Brussels sprouts , liver, eggs, seafood , and a lot of other foods too. I wrote a review about Sun Flour Liquid Lecithin. Here is the link to Amazon too.

  50. This is very informative.  I always prefer natural cures as it seems to make sense that something is wrong and can be corrected.  I like that you let people know what to expect from the book so that they know what they are purchasing.  

    A well written article with a lot of health information that everyone can learn from.  Sugar is definitely the cause of lots of health problems.  Makes sense that healthier eating with produce healthier results.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Very helpful.  

    • If I could do everything and anything just pure natural, and only benefit from it all, then I totally would.

      I gave a lot of eye opening information didn’t I huh. There is much more in my eBook that is for sure.

      Thank you for the comment Melanie. You are a smarty pants.

  51. Psoriasis is one of the worst skin problems that affect a person both physically and mentally. My brother’s skin showing some early symptoms so we are very much worried about him and concerning a local dermatologist. I would definitely check out your ebook. One question I have, is the natural curing process can be followed with the medicines that prescribed by the doctor or is there any limitations?

    • Your thumb nail picture reminds me of the movie IT lol.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said “Psoriasis is one of the worst skin problems that affect a person both physically and mentally.” Plain and simple psoriasis sucks. You really have to step up if want your skin back. Different dermatologist will prescribe dozens of medications for psoriasis at any given time. These topical creams may or may not lesson the appearance of the symptom.

      Your brother may go through many trial and error sessions until the symptom lessons, this process will take months and even years but will not stop the true problem. Many of these medications will contain tar and steroids. Sometimes they will weaken your immune systems because they blame the problem on your immune system.

      I can’t tell people to stop taking their medications, that’s up for them to decide.

      I hope you and your brother well. It is worth the read man. Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  52. Hey Drake.Thanks for responding to my comment and I want to answer your question of why I choose not to use any oil including Olive Oil.I am aware that Olive Oil is supposedly good for you but I follow Drs. Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn who state that no oil is good for you. They both advocate no oil as per “Forks Over Knives” (FOK) teachings. FOK is available for viewing on Netflix and Youtube if you are interested.

    Olive and coconut oils are not as bad for you as other oils but are they good for you? Not according to these guys. 

    The reasoning behind it is that the oil is extracted from the olive and the fibre is discarded, what you’re left with is a calorie dense substance (the oil). And the oil we eat builds up plaque along our arteries resulting in an array of illnesses (mostly cardiac in nature) and contributes to inflammation.

    My high blood pressure dropped as soon as I gave up all oils – and up to that point I had only been using olive oil in its purest form.  I saw and experienced actual improvements in my health immediately.

    You are absolutely correct when you say that psoriasis is inflammation related and this is where fibre plays a big roll. Fibre is not digested but it does pick up and absorb toxins from the body and carries them to the liver for removal with all other waste. It makes sense to me that to make a cup of olive (or any) oil you have to press a much greater quantity of olives.

    The argument they use is consume the oil in it’s natural state – IE eat the fruit.  You’ll get full before you get to a point where you have consumed a calorie dense oil which is 100% fat.

    Its great to be able to chat about these things and I will take a look at your book and the teachings of Dr. Pagano, Raymond Francis and Adelle Davis.  I am always open to learning more and only too happy to find better solutions if the are out there – although it would take an awful lot to convince me medication in the form of chemicals is the way to go.

    Righto then – I think the homework you have given me will keep me busy for a wee while.

    Take care and keep up the good work

    • Lawrence you came back. Thank you for your experience with the “no oil” regimen. You have me intrigued because I have never heard this concept before but I have seen Forks Over Knives. After all, supposed healthy meats and supposed healthy produce alike have their respected oils, aka their respected monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. But to only eat them as is, nae, to only eat the olive as is (because omega 3 fish oil will not be considered yet) and not just tap the olive oil resource within the olive, is considered problematic? I know what you speak because I can attest to something similar. Which I will mention in a bit.

      You speak of not consuming the olive in it’s entirety because if not, it is problematic due to the discarding of the fiber and the other nutrients it comes with. I can see where you are coming from and why you stand there.

      In the documentary, A World Without Cancer. The apple seed is considered a cancer killer due to it’s Vitamin B17 properties. 

      “But the apple seed has cyanide.” Yes the apple seed does have cyanide but eaten with the apple as a whole it destroys the cancer and not the body. To suffer any poisonous effects is almost non existent; given that both the seed and the apple are consumed complimentary. This can be seen as very similar to the “eating the whole olive with the oil” concept.

      We can agree to this concept. The benefits of natural consumption can out weigh other means. But how far can we go without disrupting what is no longer natural.

      Also In Edward Griffins, A World Without Cancer, “monkeys and other primates at the zoos were given a fresh peach or apricot, it will pull away it’s sweet fleshy part crack open the hard pit and devour the small seed that remains.

      Instinct compels them to do this even though they have never seen that kind of fruit before. These seeds have the highest concentration of nitrilosides in nature.” (Nitrilosides is a deficient in cancer patients).

      The fact that primates instinctively target the seed and ignore the rest can give some credit that resources don’t always have to be eaten as a whole.

      This includes extracted olive oil. The numerous benefits from the oils of fish, avocados, olives especially are well known and have scores of scientific and medical examples.  From antioxidants to anti-inflammation to anti-hypertension. It has been known to defend against cancer, regulate blood sugar levels, counter diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke and even Alzheimer’s Disease. It is still proven fact that olive oil still lowers the risk of heart disease, despite Dr. Campbell’s and Dr. Esselstyn life saving works. I have watched Forks Over Knives by the way and the wonderful food documentary articulates about the benefits of a high plant diet with “very little animal,” and mainly to the point non at all.

      In Dr. Pagano’s writings, Healing Psoriasis he discuss the benefits of eating 80% alkaline (most fruits / most vegetables) forming foods and 20% acid forming foods (fowl / chicken / lamb / some fruits / some vegetables).

      After watching What the Health on Netflix and doing even more research after that, it is possible to survive on a plant based life style. Some people have lived like that for most of their lives. To have more energy and more strength, to be healthier and to live longer are all qualities of removing meat completely. Though my book is called How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, it doesn’t require the extreme diet change that is vegan or vegetarianism. Though it can be applied.

      We know most oil from the store is fake and unhealthy. For example vegetable oil is not really from vegetables and is highly toxic. But unrefined extra virgin olive is not fake. It actually comes from olives.

      It holds nutrients like oleic acid, vitamin E, Vitamin K. and it contains both monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat both present in many vegetables and a prerequisite to thrive.

      Refined Olive Oil is highly acidic yes but extra virgin olive oil is lighter on the PH scale.

      Biochemist Raymond Francis who wrote Never Be Sick Again explains in one of his videos on why consuming olive oil “is a very healthy food, we know that it helps to prevent cancer, it has been used for thousands of years, the problem is you can’t get any. More olive oil is sold today then produced. The demand has simply out striped the supply. So what they do is they dilute it with other oils.

      They did a study that 96 percent of all the extra version olive oils that they tested had been adulterated by other oils. This loses all the health given properties. So you need high quality olive oil.”

      Also when healthy foods are mixed with unhealthy foods the results of the would be healthy foods would then be cancelled. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn have done many studies across the world. But it still is not a controlled 1960’s setting of the exact Mediterranean diet of abundant pure olive oil minus other modern diet equations. A combination of factors can never be replicated especially in this day in age. The almost non existent heart disease and other diseases recorded with olive oil as a primary food source in 1960 Mediterranean can not be debunked so easily.

      Controversial as well, and quite the underdog in the beginning Raymond Francis says it’s absolutely crucial to avoid certain foods as well as consume the rich qualities of others, true and undiluted extra virgin olive oil is a nutrient and not a toxicity. But fake and tainted olive oil is, 96% of the oil on the market he states is.

      In the last of your days from eating high quality olive oil, certain that is was indeed high quality extra virgin olive oil (the researched expensive kind), to finally deleting it from your menu completely and thus giving you a better skin experience then all the power to you man.

      For some people including yourself, this may indeed be the last key secret to remedy psoriasis naturally for them. As if it were maybe a toxicity problem. The reason why I stand on the other side of the fence is because psoriasis like many other illnesses is indeed a toxicity problem, but it is a deficiency problem too. This is where the line can be drawn because where the “no oil” hypothesis works for the few, the opposite definitely works for the many.

      There is a novel called Eat by Blood Type. I haven’t read it but my barber says what works for some could be hazardous for others due to their blood type and what ethnicity they are. This could be considered for both our view points.

      We both can agree that we can still consume oil as intended eating the whole avocado, the whole coconut, the whole olive, ect. But what you’re saying is we shouldn’t consume olive oil in it’s extracted form because we have to consume the fiber it comes with, complimenting each other as a whole. I agree to the benefits gained if done so, but I also believe that high quality raw uncooked extra virgin olive oil is still very advantageous when it is also consumed separate from the whole olive. 
      You have a good day Lawrence.

      -Drake Brooks-

  53. I like how you explain how you came around, and ended up caring about things other than just money. You’re pretty straight forward, which is great to allow people to trust what you’re writing. Were you able to write the eBook fairly quickly, and why did you choose to write about psoriasis, specifically?

    • Hey Danny, are you going to download the book or just keep reading the article about the book lol. I chose to write this eBook on psoriasis in particular because I knew if anybody was like me when I had psoriasis, they would be digging around the internet frantically trying to solve their skin problem. Of course being smart I would attempt to capitalize off precious information worth more then gold.

  54. I have daughters who suffer from eczema so I can appreciate the suffering of people who have psoriasis. Their skin is flaky, dry and they both wear long sleeve clothing even in the summer.

     Not many people want to share about their skins problems due to the embarrassment of having a skin condition,so I would have to say hats off to you for sharing. 

    It’s great that have written a book by getting the past mentality of not wanting to share. I am sure there will some things in there which my daughters have use for.

    • Why thank you for that cutie. Out of the many comments I have addressed, that one hit pretty deep. You are definitely right. I did have to consider writing and talking about this publicly. Because it was embarrassing. Skin disorders are always best taken care of privately and swept under the rug for no one ever to have known it was ever there.

      Would you like your friends , loved ones, or strangers  to imagine you having Deadpool skin just previously. It’s one of those thoughts that one can wish they have never imagined.

      Before I wrote my eBook and website, I did think long and hard about talking about my private life. Finally after long consideration I decided “eh…what the hell.” It was for a good cause. It was a cure. If i can make some cash doing it then why not. I sucked it up and started writing.

      Psoriasis and eczema are pretty much the same. If you decide to download my writings you and your daughters will learn much and learn How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

      I hope you and your daughters well.

      -Drake Brooks-

  55. Hi Drake

    This is an epic article, I really appreciate the advise to seek natural remedies instead of just popping of to the doctors for some pills and cream. Learnt some fascinating stuff like how a lot of prescribed medicine is not meant to cure the illness but reduce the symptoms. Just want to ask , I have read that many people with Psoriasis might develop some mental health issues like social anxiety disorder or low self esteem, does your book deal with this part of the disease?

    • Very good question Rogerf20, my book does more then tell you how to cope with social anxiety. I get the reader motivated to keep their chin up high and fight! This will probably be there only and last chance to get their skin back. If they blow this opportunity then they would probably just try to learn to live with it for the rest of their lives, then they would probably acquire mental health issues and low self esteem too. IF they become quitters then that’s not my problem.

      I don’t want my readers to give up. Will power and discipline equals accomplishment and pride. Everybody has it, and once they start to use it, there is no greater feeling.

      For anyone considering to buy my eBook, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, to learn how to merely cope with it, then this book is NOT for you.

      If you want to lose the pesky and itchy skin disorder for good and never look back ever ever ever again then this eBook IS for you.

      This book is not a cry on the shoulder eBook. This book is a shove you in the back book.

      If you really want to read this book to save your skin then get ready to commit the time and the money needed to do so. This is not a puny treatment book on which creams reduce the symptom better, nae, this is a home remedy book, a alternative cure book, designed for those that want the best skin in town.

      Don’t waste your time if you are not serious. Be serious and get your life back once and for all.

  56. Hi, there

    I have always been a fan of ebooks and always wanted to write a book, I wrote one, and I am almost done with it, but it is on Icelandic for kids, I thought about giving it out but is Smashwords better chose for me? Or do I need to write a book in English there?I love your article it is all for me I have psoriases, and I like to write an ebook lol, I will buy your ebook for sure and see how I can get rid of my psoriasis, 

    Thank you for great article.

    Best regardsSalomon.

    • Hey King Salomon. I recommend Smashwords because it will help you publish your eBook by telling you exactly what you have to do. After you write your book all you have to is follow the steps and there you go. You will have a published book.

      I’m pretty sure you don’t have to worry about what language your book is in. Because there are many eBooks written in many languages.

      Here is the link to Smashwords so you can scope out the site and purchase my eBook when you are there. 

  57. Great informative article! I always suffer from eczema and sometimes Psoriasis which annoys me tremendously since My work requires me to look clean which no skin decease should be exposed, and thank you for not telling us to go take the medicine! I am the one anti-medicine since there are are so many side effects and you never know what It will do to you in the long run. Natural all the way!

    I will definitely give this book a try, thank you for a great recommendation!

    Take care


    • Thank you for your consideration. If you read my eBook you will know exactly why I don’t like pharmaceutical medications and I don’t trust most doctors.  

      I wrote this book based off my experience on how to remedy psoriasis naturally not how to waste your time and money with physicians in the medical system. 

      Here is the link, thank you for the comment. How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. 

  58. My grandmother has been dealing with psoriasis for many years and haven’t found a medication that worked for her long term. I’m always more inclined to try new products if they’re all natural, even better if organic.

    I didn’t know there was an all natural remedy to psoriasis, but I’m convinced that big pharma tends to cover up most of these things so people have to buy their expensive medications instead. Your ebook sounds like something I could get my grandmother. Does natural remedies to psoriasis actually cure it forever?

    • I bet people call you Clark Kent just to kid around. Question is, do you find it annoying or do you just smile and could care less. =)

      If you do get your grandmother my eBook, you may have to show her how to use it because most grandparents are still getting use to most devices. 

      Kent you are exactly right, “big pharma tends to cover up most of these things so people have to buy their expensive medications instead.”  This is why I wrote my eBook. I will show others how to remedy psoriasis naturally and not just treat the symptom with crappy creams that never do anything.

      Here is the main difference between me and them. I am offering a one time eBook that will solve the problem that is psoriasis for good. Big Pharma is selling their “treatments” to their patients for the rest of there lives. 

      – There is no real money in cures.-

      – A cured patient is a lost customer.-

  59. Hi Drake,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on curing psoriasis with cucumbers. I love anything natural. I have never suffered from this, however, my father-in-law has. I remember he was having issues with soap. Now that I’ve stumbled upon your website it’s something I can pass onto him. I did buy goats milk soap for him, do you know if that would help? I’m still blown away by cucumbers, I had no idea that they contained all those vitamins. My mum always eats cucumbers, and I’ve always laughed at her about it, not anymore, she peeled them too.  I didn’t know that the skin contains wax. I found this article a great resource for my whole family, I’m passing it on. Thank you!

    • Hey Shelly, thank you for reading my cucumber article and then coming over here to comment. That was very nice of you. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure your step-dad will appreciate you helping him like that.

      I don’t know about goats milk so I can’t say much about it. I know that dairy milk from cows can be very toxic. I wrote about here on my website and also in my eBook. 

      Your mom is smart for peeling her cucumbers. I do the same thing. Mind you though, not all cucumbers have wax on their skin. You can always tell when you touch it. If it doesn’t have any, sometimes it’s best just to rinse it as is and just eat it. Cucumber skin has many nutrients too.

  60. As someone who suffers from chronic Psoriasis I am very intrigued as to the remedies presented in your book. A lot of so called cures have just not worked for me. Including sun – I live in the tropics!. And yes, so tired of various creams and ointments – there has to be something that can at least give me a darn break!. 

    • Been there done that. That horrible chapter of my life is long gone. I wrote all about it in my eBook. If nothing works for you I think you should at least give my writings of clear skin experience a chance. You have nothing to lose because you can’t put a price on your skin. Here is the link if you decide. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. 

  61. Hi Drake,

    What a wonderful and informative post about Psoriasis and telling us about your journey.  A friend of mine is battling with Psoriasis all her life and I will definitely direct her to your website.

    What I did find very interesting is your take on White Flour.  I am battling with some stomach problems for the last year and  find it is worse after eating bread and pastries.  Do you think I should try and eliminate White Flour from my diet?  Do you think it will help?

    I did not realize White Flour is so bad for you!

    Thanks for an excellent post:) 

    • Hello Rika, Your friend will love you so much once you show her my website. It is dedicated to showing people how to remedy psoriasis naturally and she will love it.

      White flour is the filler food of the world. It has no nutritional value.

       They should put warning labels on food products that have it because that’s how bad it is. If you are experiencing tummy problems, most people would say “go see a doctor.” 

      I won’t tell you that because I don’t trust most doctors. They would probably just give you some medicine for the symptom, for the pain lol.  I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose you on what your stomach problem is.

      I will tell you that if flour was making my stomach hurt I would discontinue it in a heart beat. 

      I already did discontinue it because it was messing with my skin. Not anymore.

  62. The more I think about this, the more I think I need this book. Not for me, but for my husband. He is dealing with this issue and has been for years now. There is very little that has worked or even made a dent in it yet. So maybe your book will help. I really hope it works. 

    • Well if you think about it long and hard you will come to realize that, if you purchase my eBook, it wouldn’t be considered an impulse buy. So that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. ;P

      I know where your husband is coming from, I was there once. He is in misery. Put him out of his misery. Here is the link. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  63. Hi Drake, 

    Thanks for this wonderful information tackling Psoriasis! If I may ask, Is there a link between Psoriasis and Depression? Through experience I notice my dad, he really change how he enjoy his life, and how he change his life from being outdoor guy to always wanted to be an indoor guy. Whenever we invited him to a family outing, he keeps on telling us that he feared the other people might notice his illness, and that he would rather stay at home to stay away from being embarrassed. 


    • The old me can relate to your dad for sure. I didn’t want to do shit. I just wanted to hide form the world until I figured out how to solve my skin problem. In that time frame I was indeed depressed. I couldn’t let my friends see me the way I was because I feared they would think I was contagious. Psoriasis in not contagious but who know what they might think. 

      Girls would be hitting me up but I refused to answer the phone because I knew if they saw my skin they would be utterly repulsed. I went from having golden skin to looking like Deadpool so you can imagine how depressed I was. I was an outdoor guy too before psoriasis came along. Want’s I solved the problem I was back being outgoing again. 

      I wish the best for you and your dad. He will find peace in my book and here at my website. 

  64. Thank you for taking us through your journey beating psoriasis and then finding the way to make a living online.

    Also, your guide on how to write and publish an ebook is great. I always thought it was a lot more complicated. Self publishing is really great, and can make a great side income. Just as a matter of interest, did you have someone proofread and edit your book or did you do the whole thing by yourself? 

    Best of luck with your ebook!

    • Alenka, what an interesting name. Thank you for the compliment and of course you know that there is more information where that came from. ;P

      And yes the experience of publishing a book was quite exhilarating.

      I was sitting in a car lube lobby as they rotated my tires and changed my oil. Some lady was bragging to a man that she finished her degree in English. She was looking for a teaching job as she spoke. I asked her if she would edit my eBook that I just finished and I would pay her 60 bucks.

      I think I got a fair deal concerning the fact that we spent several hours at Starbucks on my laptop. When she was done. I uploaded it onto Smashwords after following there formatting instructions.

      It was featured on the first page for the first 12 or 24 hours if I can remember correctly. Then it fades lower into smashwords because numerous amount of people finish and upload there books every single day. Here is my eBook on smashwords. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

  65. Wow I learned a lot from this post. I’ve been looking for a way to naturally deal with my psoriasis.  My dermatologist gave me a script for Cosentyx, and even though it works, I feel like I am having some side effects.  After using it for a few days, I started getting dizzy spells.  I called my Dr and asked, he said maybe.

    I agree that sugar should be avoided . Sugar and inflammation go hand and hand. Sugar caused so many people so many problems, not just those who have psoriasis. 

    Also thanks for sharing the information about Smashwords, I’ve been looking for a way to publish ebooks, I’ll check it out.

    • Yea you have to be careful with medications that give you side effects. You don’t want to be driving when you get a dizzy spell or something like that.

      I know a lot of people that take certain creams for psoriasis. For some it helps with masking the symptom a little bit. For others it doesn’t do jack diddly-squat.

      Yes sugar is definitely a culprit. If it’s not one thing it’s another with that one.

      Yes my experience with Smashwords has been good thus far.

  66. Hello Drake Brooks. 

    I am really impressed with your book introduction and checklist provided. Luckily I’m not sick with Psoriasis but I have an old schoolmate and first love that suffered from this disease. I have to contact her to ask how she is today and I will forward the link of your post. 

    Great job and hope that your book helps many people to get rid of this disease.

    • If you haven’t seen her in a long time then yes it would be appropriate to ask her how she is rather then just saying “Hey! I haven’t seen you since high school check out this eBook.

  67. Hello,

    I really love reading such informative articles on nutrition and I will definitely get your book . I really love soda,especially cocacola, but now I see that I might actually be committing suicide if I don’t stop consuming it. I also love the way you’ve highlighted some of the contents of your book here in detail. Thanks for sharing this article about your book and be sure that you have a fan.


    • Hey Thanx Larry, that’s one of my uncles names. He’s one of those pesky doctors. I still love him though. If you don’t have any conditions then one coke once a blue moon at a special occasion should really be the limit. She sugar count in just one can of coke (my favorite), sprite or Dr. Pepper is mind blowing.

      And yes I added a few from my “Do List,” and a few from my “Don’t List,” here on this article. The rest can be found on my eBook, How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally or around this website.

      Thanx Uncle Larry

      -Drake Brooks-

  68. This took a different turn to what I was expecting! Thanks for sharing. It’s impressive enough that you managed to write your own eBook, never mind the fact that you’ve now built a great website too! Two things to be proud of there if you ask me. Could you maybe explain a little more about what the actual term Psoriasis means? I was a little confused. Thanks again!

    • Hey Danny. I have a friend named Danny. We used to skate together but then he got married. Haven’t seen him in years.

      This is from my “How to Cure Psoriasis” post, it’s posted on the main post here on my website and also my eBook.

      ” Psor/o means [itchy] and -aisis means the
      [state of] or [process of]. Psoriasis is the state of being itchy. It’s
      defined as an autoimmune disorder in which the epidermis produces an
      excessive amount of cells. Patches of skin become occupied by lesions of
      plaques and red or silvery scales. It usually occurs on the scalp,
      knees, elbows, and hands, but can appear anywhere else on the body.”

      The reason I didn’t originally define the disorder here on this article is because if you have suffered bad like me then you will understand that when people are searching for cures and remedys, they don’t want to read the constant defining of the disease over and over again because then they just get annoyed and itchier, they are long past the definition state. They just want to know what to do. Unfortunately there is much much much more to it.

      I wondered what you were expecting when you first came to this article. You didn’t explain either =)

      Have a good day

      – Drake  Brooks-

  69. Hi and thanks for the great article about a cost effective treatment that actually works. I don’t suffer from this ailment personally but I do have relative that does. I will be sure to send him to your site so he can read your quality information too. You do a first rate job on including some key points and hold the readers attention with cool visuals.Thanks, kenny

    • Yo Kenny that’s my dads name. I think what that name will bring you is a lot of friends, respect, and likability for sure.

      And yes just pass this article to the family they will love that, you see my point.

      I put a number of hours on this website thanks for the compliment.

  70. I’m glad your ebook can show us how to remedy psoriasis naturally. I’ll have to share this with my friend, and see if they’ve seen this ebook. I’m surprised though, because they get a lot of Vitamin C and sunlight, so I’m not sure why they still have it. Are there other things that might be affecting their skin as well, that might not be as common knowledge? Thanks!

    • Yes my ebook can do wonderful things for sure. If he really wants to fight his skin disorder then show him the path that me and others took. Here.

      He can get plenty of sun and vitamin C but if he keeps doing counter-productive habits then he may never get anywhere with his skin problem.

  71. Hey Drake,

    My cousin has psoriasis, has been at it for almost a year now and I feel bad for her.

    It’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone, it completely diminishes one’s confidence and because of that, it will affect greatly one’s way of live. I brought my cousin to various treatments, doctors gave her creams, gels, jabs, all of those medical stuff but none of them worked.

    I think it’s time we go back to nature and try something natural and that’s how I come across your book. Would make an excellent gift for her!

    • Yes it would make an excellent gift.

      I’ve always loved my confident demeanor. But one day, an uninvited psoriasis came over and crashed my party. It became a threat to my ego. We battled to the death, guess who won?

  72. When I first saw your post on how to remedy Psoriasis naturally, I really wasn’t interested in reading it because I don’t have the disease and I don’t know of anyone else in my family who does.  Once I started reading it, though, I became interested in your story about writing an ebook on the subject.  That got my interest.  I’ve been wondering about how to publish an ebook, and your reference to smashwords really helped me out.  I”m going to check them out myself and maybe finally get my own ebook done.

    Thanks, Drake.  Keep up the great posts.


    • Thanks Grant. I’m glad you are honest about not being interested in my article; except when I started talking about how I published my eBook of course; then that’s when I caught your interest. Yes you and your loved ones are fortunate not to have had it. So lucky. You should go read something else lucky.

      I’m glad you will eventually go write your own material too, which I’m sure I wouldn’t be interested in either.  =)

      Have a great day

      -Drake Brooks-

  73. I just got diagnosed with psoriasis, and I thought it was kind of odd, since I am 45 years old and haven’t had any skin problems. 

    When you recommend vitamins, do you think it may be better to get vitamins B and C via live food sources? The only reason I ask is because my wife goes to a nutritionist, and she always takes vitamins that are made from food, not chemicals. Just wondering what your opinion is.

    Also, mine is only on my scalp, do you think it will spread to other places? Like my liver?

    • Hello again James. It’s never to late too get anything. And it’s never too late to lose anything either.

      To answer your question my answer is yes definitely.

      We can eat plenty of nutritious food and get multiple amounts of vitamins here and there from those foods, but to get the ideal amount especially when we are already deficient, is considered very hard to do and keep up with.

      I encourage people to eat their greens but to also take advantage of high quality supplements too. People forget that disease is a deficiency disorder first and foremost and we can overcome it with the quality nutrients in a small pill. Supplementation resources are a very valuable commodity in every part of the world and even throughout time.

      Most vegetables are depleted of nutrients after we cook them and fruits lose their nutrients every moment after being plucked from the tree.

      According to Raymond Francis the appropriate amount of vitamin C a day for my size and weight is 3000mg. That’s just an average amount of produce that we are suppose to eat a day but we don’t.

      The beauty of vitamins is that we can eat high quality supplementation which is not always synthetic. It can come from real food too and it does. It’s usually the expensive kind but not always. That’s why it’s always best to do brand market research.

  74. Hi Drake! I will probably buy your book really soon because my dad has acute psoriasis and it has literally gotten in the way of everything. He’s so sick of medication but he’s stuck. I really hope your book is able to help him! Thank you so much for putting this together!


  75. Very great article, we have a friend who has this disease, and indeed, he is allowed to be in the sun for large amounts, in fact, his doctor/dermatologist told him better stay in the sun for quite of time, since it will really help him.

    The Vitamine C is the same story, too much is not good, but in his case, they told him to eat all kind of fruits which has it inside, because it helps him, and I have to say, he doesn’t suffer too much when he eats lots of fruits (which I really couldn’t do).

    The sugar is by far the worse for him, it can make him very, very sick, and actually, he is looking for ways to avoid sugars at all.

    Also thanks for this Wealthy Affiliate thing, I want to take a look for this platform, however, before I join it, this is really genuine, right?

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • I talk a lot about sunlight in my eBook and all over my website.

      High doses of Vitamin C is very good, there is no reports of it being otherwise.

      I’m glad your friend is doing better when he takes vitamin C and gets a decent amount of sunlight. As long as he does not practice anything counter productive (sugar) and is not deficient in any way then he should start to heal.

      I vouch for Wealthy Affiliate, they taught me how to make a website and market my eBook How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, better online.

      Thanks for the comment

      -Drake Brooks-

  76. Thank you for having a changed mindset about helping others because your post has just helped me. I do have psoriasis and I’m looking for ways to cure it. I  would take to your to-do list and to-dont list too. You are a really good writer, and I might just purchase your eBook seeing that it’s not too expensive now and I don’t want you to increase it before I decide to buy. Lol. Thanks for such great post, I enjoyed reading through

    • Lol, thanx man. I think because I have read a lot of novels in the past and still continue to read to this day is what really helps me with most of my writing skills. I recommend sticking to an interesting book series with an author that rocks your imagination. Then watch your skills and your vocabulary drastically increase.

      I also work EMS, so I’m always writing patient reports too.

      I have been called a Word Smith and other titles in the past. Now a days, we are all writers in some ways or another. We all have written long papers before. In elementary, all the way to college and then sometimes at work. Then when we get home from a long day and we text our lovers before bed.

      Thanx again for the compliment. Here is a link to my book just in case you change your mind about getting your skin back for a measly ten bucks. How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally


  77. This is a very insightful article and I am glad to get better understanding about the topic. Actually there was some of my relative who had been suffering from this disease for many years. Going different Clinic,meeting many Doctors but result? Nothing!. Eventually, she had began to treat trough herbal and traditional remedies until she could become completely cure.
    Regarding to “The Do List” B Complex which You thoroughly mentioned about it, I became more aware of the importance of this vitamin.
    I’ll definitely recommend Your post to any other person and look forward to read Your E-book soon.

    • Yes. The absence of B vitamin can actually cause a lot of problems, including skin issues such as psoriasis. It is very important that B vitamin complex is consumed regularly. There are dozens of ways of learning on how to remedy psoriasis naturally. I discuss it all in my book. Here is a link.

  78. Hello Mr. Drake Brooks! I have had psoriasis close to 8 years now and only this year has it exacerbated so much which I think is mainly due to stress as well due to my skin’s exposure to the cold weather after moving from a tropical country to a country with four seasons. I have questions on certain things and I hope you would be able to give me a response. I have gone through your To Do and Don’t Lists and they have helped me so much it’s amazing. Some stuff I have never heard of before was found here and I only chanced upon your blog upon accidental clicking.

    I would like to know:
    1. Whether if you use any alternatives to milk? I love milk so much and I crave it but i know dairy is a huge no for psoriasis clearing and I have been avoiding it. Do you perhaps use almond milk? If so, what are your thoughts on factory manufactured almond milk?
    2. Do you use supplements such as glutamine powder? I have heard people suggested regular consumption of glutamine powder and it worked for them. But I would to know your thoughts on this approach.
    3. Do you think including quinoa in the diet is good or does it have the same effects as rice and other carbs?
    4. Is honey considered sugar as well and should it be avoided?

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge.

    • Hey Mr.Lincoln, I drink and use almond milk for many recipes. However, I buy the one that says “unsweet” and “original.” Dairy products are never recommended for any ailment, so almond milk for a substitute is a huge leap in the right direction. Mind you, I must say that I’m not a doctor and can’t offer any medical advise.

      Glutamine powder has a well rounded reputation for healing intestinal walls but I myself have not done extensive research to say much about it here in my reply to you. I would definitely look into it though. The same goes for quinoa. However I think I recall Doctor John Pagano’s expert knowledge about the food in his books “Healing Psoriasis” and “Healing Psoriasis Cookbook.” Those are my affiliate links for those books on Amazon.

      Honey is the opposite of table sugarcane as far as health is concerned. Sugarcane is really unhealthy and honey is… well healthy. That being said, I eat honey in very tiny portions because healthy or not, natural sweets like honey and fruits still have an effect on psoriasis flair-ups if abused, over portioned, and over eaten.

      I hope my reply to you helped. I wish you well on your journey back to healthy looking skin. I’ll be here if you want talk more.

      Thanx for the cool comment

      -Drake Brooks-

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