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Is celery good for inflammation?Is Celery Good For Inflammation

People with inflammatory problems ask me all the time. Is celery good for inflammation? The answer is definitely yes. Celery has many healing properties but the fact that it can reduce inflammation is a huge bonus. Celery is good for inflammation for several reasons. Here are some reasons below.

Alkalinity: Celery’s pH balance is alkaline. Alkaline foods are highly beneficial for anyone with inflammation. Eating too much foods that are acidic can cause inflammation.

People around the world, Americans especially eat too much acidic meals thus causing inflammatory problems. Inflammation can appear anywhere throughout the body, especially the skin. By substituting acidic foods with alkaline foods, healing should start to manifest. And inflammation should start to go away.

Psoralens: Found in many vegetables, psoralens are a UV absorbent. Meaning that it can assists the body is absorbing sunlight. Yes to much sunlight is bad, but not enough sunlight is worse. Our bodies need sunlight for many reasons including vitamin D. We get a lot of vitamin D from the sunlight, more so than from cow milk. Vitamin D helps with calcium adsorption, which we all know calcium is needed for our bones and all our organs. Our skin being the largest organ would avail the most.

Staying too long in the sun can be hazardous. Therefore we can only tolerate small amounts of the sunlight at a time. Psoralens allows the body to utilize UV absorbency efficiently. So the little time we do invest under the sun, the absorbancy rate is optimal and not lost in vain. Psoralens increase skin absorbency.

Scientists place psoralens in different medicines. These medicines are sometimes used to treat skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. But by eating plenty of psoralen contained foods, you begin to address the inflammation problem directly and without the pharmaceutical middle man.

High Fiber: The fiber present in celery is ideal for the body. This high fiber factor means that it can reduce high cholesterol. High amounts of cholesterol are found in patients with inflammation. By reducing cholesterol you reduce inflammation.

Medications are not always needed to remove cholesterol. Sometimes eating a plentiful amount of green vegetables is enough to lower cholesterol levels back to normal and therefore reducing inflammation all together

Reduction of Anxiety: Stress and anxiety are big causes of many skin ailments including psoriasis. Psoriasis is another form inflammation. By eating plenty of celery, you can actually reverse the feelings of anxiety therefore countering inflammation.

A long time ago, I used to have the inflammatory condition psoriasis. With time, research, and experience. I have removed all the inflammations from my body. My psoriasis in no more. I have cured my psoriasis problem and therefore I solved my inflammation dilemma.

By eating a lot of alkaline foods and snacking on plenty of celery, my skin issues have gone away. But not just snack. I eat celery for breakfast and lunch every now and then. Sometimes I eat celery for my side dish during dinner time too.

The Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins in Celery

A Vitamin. Celery contains a decent amount of vitamin A. This small amount is still very beneficial. The immune system utilizes vitamin A and helps keep it from overacting and causing inflammation. It does this by protecting against free radicals.

C vitamin is a wonderful vitamin because it gives electrons.

The vitamin C found in celery is not as abundant as in some fruits but it’s presence can still slow illness. Vitamin C gives plenty of electrons to where they are needed and that includes giving some to free radicals.

But why give electrons to the enemy? Because by giving electrons to free radicals, their hands become full.  Thus it encumbers and discourages them from stealing electrons from other places in the body.

Vitamin C also counters illness by fixing oxidative damage. Damage where free radicals are the culprit. Free radicals can cause devastating inflammation issues. Vitamin C not only prevents it… it can reverse inflammation too.

B Vitamin inside celery is good for inflammation.

B9 vitamin AKA Folate is water-soluble and is found is most leafy green vegetables. It helps with the metabolic processes, adrenal functions, and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

It also helps with body development, growth, as well as promoting  healthy nerve and proper cognitive functions.

Besides fighting cancer and memory decline. Vitamin B9 Folate reverses inflammation that includes skin inflammation aka psoriasis.

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Drake Brooks


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this because while I did know that eating celery is generally good for you, I never knew it could be great for you at other things! I didn’t know that it was great in reducing inflammation. I will definitely remember to start eating more foods that have alkaline in it. So basically, acidic foods are bad, while alkaline foods are good. Also, anything that can help reduce anxiety is a plus! Have long have you been eating celery as part of your diet?

    • Hi, acidic food is not bad, but eating to much of it all the time is not good either. PH balance is very important. Eating high amounts of Alkaline food and low amounts of acid food can reduce inflammation overtime. The 80/20 alkaline / acid rule should be practiced when preparing meals.

      Hope this helps thanks for the comment

      -Drake Brooks-

  2. I just get amazed over and over when I hear the healing properties of vegetables.  They are powerhouses of medicine, far better than these sickening Big Pharma drugs!  They are amazing, fruits and veggies!  I always thought of celery as being one of those bland, little nutrition veggies, but now I’m seeing all these benefits, and anti-inflammatory properties are amazing.  I have suffered from inflammation, but since eating right, my problems have seriously dissipated.  Your site is wonderful, thank you so much!

    • Hey thanks for the compliment. The power of fruits and vegetables are simply amazing indeed.  The fact that they can heal and that they are good for inflammation is something big pharma does not promote. There is no money  for them in healthy people. I’m glad you found my site helpful. Feel free to read and comment on my other posts too. 

  3. Hi Drake, celery, I do not like the taste of it or the smell of it but I love the health benefits it has. I never knew it prevents inflammation or that it is good in fighting anxiety. It is alkaline as well. I used to take celery very sparingly in my fruit and vegetable coslaw. Now I will start adding it to my Smoothies. Keep up the good work Drake. 

    • Hey Juliet. Yea I can see why people dislike the taste. But to be honest, the taste of celery is something I’ve gotten accustom to. The benefits from it far out weigh the slightly bitter taste. Putting it into health smoothies is a very good way to get your daily dose for sure.

  4. Hello. Celery is really one of the miracle wonder foods. It’s cool to know that it’s one of the many foods that can cure psoriasis naturally. Thanks for this helpful information. I’m acidic and every time I ate celery it helps in lowering my acid. Also, I really like celery because of its health benefits that you have mentioned in your article. Because of this, I planted celery in my backyard and growing fast. 🙂 I think it is also good for children. Thanks again for this info. All the best!

    • Celery is one of those under rated vegetables. People really only eat it when they go to a chicken wing joint like a Wing Stop, or a Wing Barn as they serve as a side dish instead of french fries. When I was kid, my mom served it with peanut butter and the occasional sprinkle of raisins on top.

      However, celery is good for inflammation as long as you don’t eat it with counter productive foods. Read my “Don’t List” to find out what foods should be avoided when healing psoriasis.

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