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“We often take good things for granted.” Me, like most people, good things are not truly appreciated until taken away. My name is Drake Brooks and I was drake brooks hansomeburdened with Psoriasis at the prime of my life. My skin went from golden peach to what seemed like road rashes in a short amount of time and I was mad at the world because of it. I have made getting my skin back my ultimate goal.

A Little Back Story

College was the meeting grounds for men and women to meet; whether on campus or at a party. So I made sure I looked slim by exercising and only drinking diet sodas and light beer.

I maintained an appealing masculine figure and showed it off whenever I could.

My skin always received compliments especially after returning from the beach. It was light gold in most cases but because I didn’t work hard for it, I wasn’t as proud of it. I took my skin for granted. Every weekend was a party. And every weekend we did what most college gents would do, go out and mingle. We were handsome bachelors looking for good times.

I demanded attention from the opposite sex because in college that’s all I cared about. Whether they liked me or not they always had to look whenever I entered a room. My confidence soared because of this, and because my confidence was high, my drake-brooks-old-schoolsex appeal was high.

Bad Habits Will Take Their Toll Sooner or Later

Some days I would wake up hung over and extremely thirsty due to drinking and smoking all night. When there was no drinking water, I would drink from the tap in the kitchen. Sometimes there would be no ice and I would crave something cold. I would go to the soda machine downstairs and get a drink. The soda machine was always out of water so instead I would settle for a soda.

But I wanted to keep my six-pack abs so I wouldn’t get just any soda, I would get a diet soda. Soon the addiction rolled in. Whenever thirsty, I would crave the nice cold crisp taste of a non-fat soda, and take 50 cents to the soda machine down stairs.

Tipping the Scales

I was a part-time server and a full time student. My roommate lost his job and moved out of our apartment. Stressful times followed after that. I worked extra shifts at my job while studying for finals. To compensate my budget, I would buy cheap, less nutritional foods.drake brooks grad

One day a friend asked me to join him on a wild mushroom hunt. I did. I even recommended a mushroom field not too far away from where we lived. Having some experience with spotting mushrooms, I found the only one that day. It was medium size, hardly worth my time, so I gave the mushroom to my friend.

After getting home and out of the shower, I noticed what seemed to be bite marks on both my legs and my right arm. The telltale tiny holes and the accompanied raised red bumps in the skin. I figured it was a spider or an insect of some sort. I ignored it until the next day. The anomaly remained the same even after three days had passed. Then it began to look more and more like a rash every day thereafter.

My Frantic Researchhow do you get psoriasis bitmoji

I didn’t have money to go to the doctor or want to, even though I knew I probably should have. Here are some keywords I used while scouring documents and images on the internet. I read books and what I could get my hands onto.


– Rash

– Spider Bites

– Bite Marks

– Skin Rash

– Strange Rash

– Blemish

– Bumps

– Red Bumps

– Red Rash

– Sudden Rashdo i have psoriasis


The images I kept stumbling upon were of psoriasis and emphysema. The pictures or the descriptions weren’t really comparable to my skin at first but the more I kept comparing the images to my skin the more it seemed to be one in the same. All the images started to make me itch, especially the rashes. I decided to give the research a rest for that day, and I settled on three possibilities.


1. Some strange spiders or insects had bitten me in the mushroom field and infected my skin with some type of rash. Not psoriasis.

2. I’ve had psoriasis for a while and didn’t ever know it. I acquired it by some other means in the past, probably by accumulating stress and bad habits. My stress level was finally showing up on my skin. I was never bitten.

3. The bites initiated my dormant psoriasis to flare up. So when I was bitten. The irritation from the bite caused my skin to react accordingly.


When my skin began to flake, my true hypothesis was that it was indeed psoriasis. The more I studied the disorder the more I believed it. The only thing I fuck psoriasiscouldn’t fathom was the term hereditary. There was no history of any type of psoriasis or skin disorder in either side of my family.


What They Say About Psoriasis

– Hereditary

– Unknown

– Auto Immune Disease

– Incurable

– Not Much Known

– Itchiness

– Redness

– Flaking

– Dryness

– Lesions

– Inflammations


Appointment One

He examined and confirmed that it was indeed psoriasis, that there was no cure and that it would remain forever, but that there is a treatment and it can be controlled. I didn’t believe that.

He prescribed a topical cream. I followed the directions and applied morning and night. It did nothing, not even control the spreading of the psoriasis rash. In the meantime I continued my research and ordered a formula online called Zen Fusion. I learned much of alternative medicines and natural remedies through this time period.


Appointment Two

The second appointment was about a week later. He observed and decided to up the potency of the prescribed medication. As before I followed the directions to no avail; the psoriasis remained and started to multiply and take up more body percentage. Because the prescribed formula didn’t seem to be working, I discontinued it by the time the Zen Fusion product came in the mail.

The direction of application for the Zen Fusion formula was the same as the application to the other topical formula. Apply twice a day, morning and night. The Zen Fusion showed generous results! The psoriasis seemed to reduce its body percentage and appear less visible. By this time, I already started ordering other products and preparing for alternative techniques which I discuss soon.


Appointment Three

By the time the next appointment came around I was feeling pretty good about myself. There was hope that I might defeat this ailment and prove my doctor wrong. While sitting on the exam table in the middle of an exam room, I explained to him that I stopped using his prescribed medication because it did nothing. And that I started using Zen Fusion.

The results of the product were decent. The inflammation had reduced. He read the label on the back of the empty box I brought for him. He scoffed and said “this won’t work.” And then he threw the box in the trash without my permission. He said he wanted to put me on something else, something “stronger.” He left the room right after that.

I was curious about the product he went to get. Either way, he wasn’t changing my mind; I was sticking with Zen Fusion for now, because it was the only thing I had that seemed to be working.

I waited on the exam table with my shirt off. Of late, I wouldn’t be so under-dressed with my condition and all. It would be embarrassing if someone were to see my skin and react.

Long sleeves favor the weather now but what about when it gets hot? I can’t hide under sleeves forever. Despite what the doctor said, I had to rid myself of this. I stared at my arms and my chest, the psoriasis was all over and it was gross.

I thought to myself again for the hundredth time. I had to get better. I couldn’t let anybody see me like this. What would my friends think of me if they were to see me like this? Would they think it’s contagious and avoid me? Would I have to explain every time I meet someone that it’s not contagious? Or even worse! What sad because of psoriasiswould women think? I considered myself a playboy of sorts and the thought of being shunned by the opposite sex haunted me dearly.

Like a stranger answering questions from your thoughts: the door opened and in walked five student interns wearing white coats. I met the first one’s eyes, she was pretty. At first she smiled, but as her eyes lowered to my shirtless toned body, her eyebrows went up.

When she looked closer at my condition, her head cocked back half an inch. Her eyes flashed wide for a millisecond, she quickly looked away. Grave disappointment settled on her entire facial expression. She never made eye contact with me again. It was as if she was embarrassed for me and my psoriasis condition.

Three more female interns walked in behind her, all pretty. Each one had the similar reactions as the first. They circled around me and my exam table, a male intern then walked in behind them and then the doctor followed the rear and closed the door. The doctor began his presentation. He pointed at my elbows with a gloved hand and many other areas with inflammation.

“Well, this is the last time I’m coming here.” I thought to myself.


A Last Act of Redemption

The doctor was quick. He said what he had to say for the interns and they all left the room. I put my shirt on and I was about to put on my jacket when the doctor came in. He had the medicine he wanted to try on me. I ignored him. I was mad about that horrible trick he played on me. I understand he knew that if he’d told me about the interns then of course I would have refused. It’s understood the way young doctors learn. If they asked all the patients for observing consent,then most patients probably wouldn’t consent, thus limiting the student learning experience. But still, that was a dirty trick, embarrassing me in front of those ladies.

As if in an act to redeem himself, he asked me a peculiar question. He lowered his voice and asked why my right arm had more inflammation and my left arm hardly any inflammation. Before I could ponder the first question, he asked me a second question, if I drive with my arm out the window. I said “yes, I do, why?” What he whispered next intrigued me.

“The sunlight works against it. Your left arm gets more sunlight your right arm gets less, that’s why your right arm has more psoriasis and your left arm has less. You hang your left arm out the window when you drive giving it a majority of sunlight and clearer skin, while your right arm gets little to no sunlight leaving it more symptomatic.”

Holy shit he was right! Hope existed in the sunlight. My resolve strengthened. Why didn’t he just tell me this earlier? And why was he being so secretive. His voice shot up as he prescribed the new, more potent topical solution. He started talking normal again but this time he seemed more superficial as if he was an automated voice machine telling me what to do.

I left his office that day feeling more eager then I have ever felt before. Thank you Doctor, I needed that.what is psoriasis For many years I studied how to get my golden skin back. For years after many attempts of trial and error, blood and sweat, anger and tears, I finally did it. I did it! I @#$%ing did it! I got my mother#$%ing skin back! This… is how I did it.

Quick Rundown

The system is very delicate. If the system wants to supply jobs in the multi-trillion dollar medical industries,

there must be a demand for doctors, nurses, specialists, medical equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, etcetera.

So for there to be a demand of a medical system, and in order for that system to continue its economics, there needs to be patients in need of continuous treatments, and not one time cures. The cash flow stops once the patient is cured and well off; why should he come back for that particular illness ever again.

Cash flow flows with indefinite treatments, because the patients keep paying for the expensive treatments over and over again throughout the course of their lives.

If all the doctors said “Here’s the cure to all diseases,” then the hospitals would be nearly empty due to cured patients leaving the hospitals with no need to come back. Almost a third of society’s jobs would dissipate literally over night. The system would break.

No disease = No patients = No money flow


To a Hand Full of People

If everyone knew how to cure themselves of disease, then the system would falter. But if only a hand full of people knew how to cure themselves, and the majority did not, then the system would still sustain itself. You were clever enough to take an alternative look. Only a handful of people like yourself are clever and think outside the box, the system can still survive like that. “Not everyone needs to know” is what the dudes on top think.

It is now up to you to come up from this mess and change your skin back to normal for good. It will not be easy; it may be hard as hell. You may have to flip your lifestyle around, and upside down to win, (or should I say right side up), but if you truly desire your beautiful skin back…you have to make the right choices.


I Saw Others Suffering Too

I come across people suffering from psoriasis all the time, be it at work, the store, or even at friendly gatherings. Most of these people that suffer from psoriasis are very nice people who live average lives just trying to survive and take care of their families. Little does anyone know, they are suffering greatly, inside and out.

They want nothing more than to live their lives in peace. And because of their condition, they can’t. They are forced by the system to just live out their lives in misery and just accept it. I’m tired of being a bystander and just letting people suffer. I’m here to put my foot down once and for all and bloody do something.

The problem is, most people don’t want a random strangers advice. How does that saying go? “Don’t give unwanted advice. The wise don’t need it, and the fools don’t heed it.” A person suffering from psoriasis at a store does not want to be accosted by a “Know It All”, claiming to know how to have better looking skin than him. He probably has a doctor for that and it’s none of mine or anyone else’s business. He’s probably been infected most of his life and has accepted the fact that he may very well die with the disorder Psoriasis. But if only he knew he doesn’t have too.

The Goaltrue psoriasis strory bitmoji

The goal of this website is this. It is possible to get your skin back. It is possible to rid the psoriasis condition from your body. It is possible to cure psoriasis. And though clear skin may take some time, it can be done. And though clear skin may be hard to accomplish, it not only can be done, it can be done naturally.
All the best,



How to cure Psoriasis

Cure Psoriasis – The Do list

How to Treat Psoriasis – The Don’t List

Cure Psoriasis With Passion

Homemade Recipes For Psoriasis


Own My eBook Offline, “How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

It is jammed pack with rich information on things to do, “The Do List” and things not to do, “The Don‘t List, on how to remedy psoriasis naturally.

If you don’t want to purchase my book just yet its cool with me. All the information collected in my eBook is also spread out throughout my website, browseHow-to-rememdy-psoriasis-naturally-cover

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However, if you want to have your own personal downloaded copy in a simple and easy to navigate interface, you are in luck. A portable and accessible eBook reader app like Kindle, Apple, ePub and Pdf, are some examples. Read on or off line however you choose. No internet connection no problem.

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If you do decide to help me out and purchase my very first eBook How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally, it would be very much appreciated. Profits will help me maintain and continue to add important content and recipes to this website.


Thank you for reading this part of my website. Feel free to leave me a comment or question below. I will respond.


Drake Brooks


  1. Hi, Drake. Wow, what an engaging story on your About Me page. I, too, suffer from mild psoriasis. A few years ago, I did a figure competition where I had to get on stage in front of very critical judges, and my elbows and forearms looked awful. Luckily, I went to a dermatologist and the ointment she prescribed helped me. Now, I don’t use anything, eat pretty healthy, and still have it on my elbows. From time to time, I see a spot or two on my knees, but it’s not as bothersome as your sounds. Anyways, I love the comical images on your page, and your personal story is a great way to engage your audience! The only real recommendation I have is to condense your material down a little. It is quite long, which might deter your visitors a little. Also, at the end you state what your website is about, but maybe add a comment about how you want to “help people” get rid of their psoriasis naturally. Not to get technical, but I did note one typo. Handsome is missing the “e.” Great page, though! Wishing you success!

    • Hey Danielle,,,so my material is “quite long” is it? Well look who’s talking with your long ass comment lol ;P.

      I’m playing with you. I love the fact that you took the time to write me a nice thick comment. It goes to show that you are an expressive individual who speaks her mind. And that you will get out your opinion out no matter what. A very good quality to have. Me like that. =).

      Perhaps I will tone it down a bit. I forgot that most “about me” pages are only a paragraph or two long. I will definitely consider it.          

      I’m glad you only suffer from mild psoriasis and not severe. If i were you, I would keep eating healthy and keep exercising. I would avoid counter productive and inflammatory foods and not become deficient on any type of vitamin or nutrient. Maybe a good detox and colon cleanse too. Months will pass until skin clears.

      Thanks for the good comment.


  2. Doctors are jerks. Especially the young ones. I would consider what happened in that office to be a trauma. As for treating psoriasis, I suspect your system is effective for autoimmune disorders of all stripes. It’s painstaking and miserable to eliminate all this stuff from your diet and lifestyle, but at the end of the day, it’s just us in our meat sack. And if the meat sack and painful and itchy and must be hidden, that can cause all kinds of bigger problems than not having cookies and steak. Our bodies are all we have: it’s very impressive that you cured your psoriasis with so much discipline and willpower.

    • You get me Penelope! I’m glad you understand all the BS I endured. Maybe this happened to me for a reason. The reason being that I would eventually wiggle free from that horrible mess and show others how I did it.

      That incident in the exam room was indeed traumatic. That doctor scarred me mentally. But if he hadn’t got the drop on me like that, I don’t know if history would be any different. That was after all the pivotal moment in which I finally decided enough was enough. And that I never wanted to experience something like that ever again. Lol it was like one of those dreams where you find yourself in school in your underwear. Except in this case, it was much worse, it was a nightmare, a nightmare that came true.

      You’re right about discipline and will power. Maybe someday I’ll write an article about that. For those that read this and want to remedy psoriasis naturally, read my DO LIST, DON’T LIST, and How to Cure Psoriasis post. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Broskis, how do you manage to build muscle and stay healthy. I just started like 2 weeks ago eating healthy i mean cutting dairy gluten and red meats and nightshades and i find it hard to get my calories in for muscle growth . For context, my skin is like 70% covered .

    • Broskis, I eat a lot of chicken, lamb, and fish for my meats. As lamb meat is allowed by Doctor John Pagano’s Healing Psoriasis regimen. I eat beef only on special occasions only because I cleared my skin a long time ago. One thing is for sure, some vegetables also contain high amounts of protein. Asparagus, spinach, broccoli, peas, and brussel sprouts are some good examples. Notice how gorillas, rhinos, and elephants are buff as hell and they only eat greens.

      On a slightly different note, my dad follows this body builder online and the body builder says to do one thing at a time, lose the weight first and then pack the muscle second, for it’s hard to lose weight and pack on muscle at the same time because you come home starving after the gym and crave the calories for muscle build. However I recommend meal prepping some interesting recipes from John Paganos Healing Psoriasis Cookbook as it is possible, I think, (even though hard as hell), to do two things at once.

      In his cookbook he has amazing recipes that even a body builder with psoriasis can follow. But mind you, you still have to find the even balance between eating healthy calories in proportion and not over eating them.

      Follow the cookbook links, I hope this helps broski!

      P.s. There is a saying eat to your satisfied not until your over stuffed or too full.

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