Kim Kardashian West Used Breast Milk for Her Psoriasis – Not a Bad Idea

Kim Kardashian West Used Breast Milk for Her PsoriasisKim Kardashian uses breast milk for her psoriasis

So Kim Kardashian has been suffering from Psoriasis for seven years now. That is a long time to be suffering. If Kim Kardashian used breast milk for her psoriasis at one point you know she must be willing to try anything.

For those that don’t know, psoriasis not only makes you suffer by itching all the time but it also looks like road rash. Having been a sufferer from psoriasis in the past. I know how it feels to be miserable.  It can be a pain in the ass, or an itch in the ass for that matter.

She has possibly used every treatment to the best of her knowledge. From the medical system to alternative remedies; resorting to Kourtney’s breast milk doesn’t sound that bad an attempt when suffering form something for seven years without no known cure.

Breast milk can also be termed Colostrum. Colostrum or mothers breast milk is essentially for infants to feed on from birth to about six months. Some mothers ween their child around 4 months due to the ability to start eating solid foods. Some mothers feed their infants longer then 6 months.

What most people don’t know is fresh mothers milk can be utilized indefinitely. Although it is considered taboo in American culture. Some Cultures practice breast feeding, or drinking mothers milk far into adult hood.

The benefits derived from this bizarre practice are quite abundant. From increased health to longevity.

Infants use mothers milk as a vital nutrient, which is vital for them to ingest for immune health and cellular growth. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and antibodies. The strange thing is, science shows that humans can still be nurtured from breast milk even long after infancy and all the way into adulthood.

Colostrum is sold as a supplement with the promising benefit of increased immunity and anti-inflammation. So when Kim Kardashian used breast milk for her psoriasis, even though it didn’t work, it wasn’t without merit. It was actually a sound idea.

For seven years, Kim Kardashian has been trying to attack the aftermath of the problem. And not the root of the problem. She puts remedies on her skin and she probably detoxes her body as she eats healthy food. But she is still not attacking the root of the problem.Kim Kardashian pute breat milk on her psoriasis to cure it

Psoriasis is similar to wild monkeys being left in your huge mansion over night and making massive messes. Breaking glass, destroying walls, ripping carpets, is what they do as they hang from chandeliers. You can clean the mess, you can even take out the monkeys, but that wont solve the problem.

The Problem is, some prankster keeps putting monkeys in your mansion every-night. To stop the problem, prevent the prankster from putting monkeys in your mansion. By stopping the prankster, it will stop the mess. Cleaning the mess or removing the monkeys wont do anything.

So with Kim’s psoriasis, she keeps putting something, (or not putting something) into her body that is making her skin inflamed and stay inflamed. It could be anything from sweets to nightshades, diet drinks to dairy products. A lack of any vitamin or a particular mineral can have a negative effect.

What sucks about psoriasis, is that you have to ban all the foods you probably love for months to almost a whole year, (and without ever cheating,) so that your body can heal at it’s molecular level. Inflammation takes a lot of time to heal and it sure as hell can’t heal with anything present that might deter the healing process.

Furthermore, deficiency has to be addressed and prevented. Every type of nutrient the body needs, has to be present and utilized or the months of hard work in avoiding counterproductive foods will be in vein.

Your body is like an airplane, it needs proper fluids, proper fuel and proper oil, or it will go down. You can’t just give an airplane unleaded gasoline to function because it can’t utilize it. Therefore, we can’t just give our bodies anything it may not want or can’t use properly because it will act up and malfunction.

-Drake Brooks EMT-



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  1. Since a kid, I have been suffering from psoriasis. Embarrassing, awkward moments when you wear a shorts or swimwear and everyone stares.
    Sixty years later with a healthy meatless diet and no alcohol has seen a reduction of the scaly scabs around my elbows and knees. I was lucky I did not have it on my face or back. I will try your recipe sometime

    • Sure try my vegetable recipes, you way like them. If you have any recipes of your own, go ahead and leave a comment with some suggestions. I will name them after you if I find them eligible. Read my “DO LIST” and my “DON’T LIST” too. It will end your 60 year suffering.

  2. Psoriasis is so painful and uncomfortable, and really keeps you from enjoying the summer. You advocate for a radical diet here to get rid of it. Do you have any thoughts on collostrum supplements? I’ve considered using them for my leaky gut issues, it would be awesome if they also cleared up my psoriasis.

    • Everybody is different when it comes to colostrum. Some scholars speculate that its best to stick to human milk and not take animal milk, however pretty much all colostrum supplements come from cows or other hormone altered animals. Colostrum is a controversial subject because half the experts claim it fights inflammation and half the experts claim it may cause it.

      Because this website is dedicated to helping people cure inflammation I believe it’s best not to recommend any colostrum supplements until further notice from the scientists I trust.

      Even the biochemist I follow and trust seems to have had a falling out with the subject of colostrum. He is one of the smartest scientists I know and if he doesn’t support colostrum, then something may be amiss.

      But don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of other things you can do to cure your psoriasis here.

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