Medications That Cause Liver Disease – The Prescription Problem


Medications That Cause Liver Diseasepsoriasis medicartion causes liver disease

If you are diagnosed with psoriasis or any other inflammatory condition, chances are, you are taking prescribed medications that cause liver disease. Sometimes these medications can be worse than the disease itself because of this factor.

According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Psoriasis patients are at risk for liver disease, when taking certain drugs.

Psoriasis patients that were prescribed drugs like methotrexate were at a high risk of getting liver disease. What is methotrexate? Methotrexate is a Immunosuppressive drug that can be used for chemotherapy. Immunosuppressive means it can suppress the immune system. And chemotherapy means treatment of a disease by attacking that disease via chemical substances.

Chemotherapy is widely used for cancer treatment.

Immunosuppressive drugs deal with inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Methotrexate is both a Immunosuppressive and chemotherapeutic. This means it has the power to be administered for many ailments including rheumatoid arthritis, all forms of cancer. It can suppress the immune system as it supposedly treats psoriasis.Methotrexate causes liver disease

According to medical researchers, if systemic inflammation is present,  liver disease could be close behind, because certain prescribed medications are taken in conjunction with the disease, thus making the body more susceptible. Patients with psoriasis that take immunosuppressive drugs, have the highest probability of getting liver disease. This means bigger problems arise when introduced to methotrexate.
By trying to control inflammation through prescribed medications such as methotrexate, higher risk factors will now be involved. Methotrexate may attempt to decrease inflammation through immunosuppressive means but it will also increase the risk of liver disease by the way of liver toxicity.
Bottom line. Psoriasis patients who take methotrexate are unwillingly trading their inflamed skin for an inflamed liver. They lose both in the end.

What is the real cure to disease?

Ladies and gentlemen, there are many ways to go about sickness and disease. We sometimes forget that our bodies are more complex then we can understand. However, we do understand that our immune system operates very efficiently when it can.

Our immune system will not operate efficiently if it is not given the proper tools in which to operate. By proper tools, I do not mean prescribed drugs, that what psoriasis medicartion causes liver diseasesometimes even suppress the immune system. Are bodies need nutritional value, not drugs. They need vitamins and minerals from natural foods not treatments from unnatural medications.

We may argue with each other saying that inflammation is caused by an overactive immune system so therefore we have to keep that overactive immune system  in check by using immunosuppressive medications. We don’t have to counter the symptom of inflammation, we just have to stop the problem on why it’s becoming inflamed in the first place.

Our bodies are undergoing inflammation because of an overactive immune system but why is are bodies overactive? Because we make them overactive by consuming too many toxins. We are giving the body things it does not want. And what it wants, we do not give it. That is the reason for chronic inflammation and that is what we truly need to address.

We give our bodies unnatural things so therefore we become sick, inflamed, and acquire different cancers. These diseases are not natural, and would not come to be if we would stick to just natural foods.

A famous biochemist once said, that all diseases could be considered one disease. “Malfunctioning cells.”  And cells only malfunction for two reasons. “Toxicity and deficiency.” As simple as that may sound. It is that simple. Are bodies are getting a toxic overload by something we probably over ingest daily or weekly.

Furthermore, most of us are deficient of certain nutrients. Our bodies drastically depend on certain nutrients to survive and thrive yet we give it little to none. Without this nutrient or nutrient(s), the integrity of our primary system will cease to operate properly and therefore our secondary functions, such as our inflammation mechanisms, will start to activate.

Inflammation mechanisms will be activated for as long as possible or until eventually that operation will fail due to excessive operating. So by trying to suppress the body’s secondary system by the way of immunosuppressive medications, should not be encouraged much less practiced.

Our bodies can be compared to a jet airplane, it needs proper jet fuel and oil to fly. We can’t just give a Jet Airplane unleaded gasoline and baby oil, it wont work. Same as our bodies, we can’t just feed our bodies bogus foods like flower, sugar, and drugs, with no nutritional values because they will eventually malfunction. And no amount of prescribed drugs is going to change that fact.

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