Can Jogging Cure Psoriasis – Learn to Start Jogging in 4 Simple Steps

Learn to Start Jogging and cure psoriasis

You are probably wondering… can jogging cure psoriasis? In part yes. Combined with eating the right foods and avoiding counteractive foods. Jogging severalLearn to Start Jogging and cure psoriasis times a week can actually cure psoriasis.
When we do cardio exercise or run, we sweat out toxins in our skin and release endorphins that block stress receptors. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that block stress and substitute it with pleasure. Even just a bit of stress can cause inflammation.

Back then when I used to have psoriasis, I hardly exercised. My skin was a disaster zone. But after several months of making good choices and getting back into shape via jogging; my psoriasis went away. So can jogging cure psoriasis? It sure as hell can!
If you are interested in learning how to jog, I will teach you here in this article and you will learn to start jogging in 4 simple steps. It’s fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

By the way, if you haven’t read The Do List and The Don’t List  on how to cure psoriasis yet, here you go. =)

Psych Yourself Out To Go Jogging

Mankind has been jogging since the dawn of time. Back in the day, we used to jog more often then not.
Nowadays, we simply don’t jog at all. We drive everywhere. And it’s not good for our health or our skin.
It’s time to get back in the groove and use our legs, our lungs, and our heart to get our skin to sweat out all those nasty toxins.

Get excited, because you are about to join the few amounts of people that actually jog to get their cardio in.

Ever see that person running on the side of the road? Ever have respect for that person because they are trying to get or stay in shape? Well that person is going to be you. When people see you jogging on the side of the road, through the woods, or on the beach, they are going to think the word “respect.”

Jogging GearCan jogging treat psoriasis learn to jog in 4 simple steps

You don’t need fancy shoes or top of the line running pants. But if you want to go out and buy expensive running gear. Be my guest.
The way I see it is, if you go out and invest in good jogging gear, then it shows that you will be less likely to quit due to the amount of money you’ve already invested into yourself.

But if your mind is already set and you find yourself wanting to go run no matter what. If you don’t care about top quality running gear and what to save some cash. You can shop at the local thrift store or flea markets and get a cheap pair of running shoes and running pants for 2 bucks or less. Who cares about the shirt, just wear an old punk rock shirt and jog in that.

Scout Out The Scene And Set A GoalCan jogging heal psoriasis learn to jog in 4 simple steps

Do you have a place in mind? There are many places to go run. One of my favorite places to go jog was in my old neighborhood. I would drive there and park. There was this neighborhood block that was exactly one mile. I know because I drove around that block and marked the odometer at beginning and at end.

On some days my goal was to jog twice around the block. And some other days my goal was to jog once. Depending on how I felt. “One is better than none,” I always told myself. Hell, some days I would jog three or more times around.
Places To Go Jog:

– Neighborhood

– City Lake

– Woods

– Beach

– Downtown

– Map your own custom Rought

Time To Stretch

It would totally suck if you made all the preparations to go run, psych yourself out, buy running gear, scout out the scene, and start jogging just to pull a muscle on the first lap. Let’s not let that happen because that would totally suck.
How I stretch before I run:
– Hamstring Stretch

– Groin Stretch

– Quadriceps Stretch

– Calves Stretch

– Triceps Stretch

– Lateral Flexation Stretch

– Neck Extention Stretch

– Neck Lateral Stretch

Ease Into a Good Run

In the beginning it is best to just do two miles, you will probably walk more than jog and that’s fine. This is OK for starters but eventually you will want to keep going without stopping until you cross the finish line. I will teach you how to do this it’s easy. Just follow the steps below.
Without further ado let’s begin.


1. Start walking at normal walking speed for one minute and breathe deep.

Do this to warm your body and get the blood flowing. It will slightly increase your heart rate and prepare your body for the jog.


2. Begin a light jog. “Slow Jog

Jog slower than normal walking speed and breathe real deep. I call this “Slow Jog.” The trick is to go real slow and breathe real deep. Some people forget to breathe right, they lose their breaths and don’t get very far. They quit after that. Don’t let that come to be, always remember to breathe and breathe deep.

Jog slower than you can walk. This is the pace you will learn to jog and be comfortable. This is also the pace you will resort back to instead of walking when you start to become fatigued. See if you can finish the first mile in this pace. If you can’t finish the mile it’s cool, just walk the rest.

Eventually you will want to get comfortable in Slow Jog. It is possible to learn how to breathe comfortably in this state without stopping. Slow Jog pace is simple and easy just go as slow as possible and breathe deep. Remember the trick is to go real slow, slower than you can walk and always breathe real deep while doing it.

Eventually finishing the first lap will come to be, and since you’re first starting out, take a break, drink some water and keep breathing deep. Some people put their hands on their heads because it opens their lungs up. Try not to sit down or put your hands on your knees. Keep your head and chin up and keep breathing.

I say, “keep breathing” a lot because some people forget to breathe and actually hold their breaths. I’m not kidding. When I would train friends to run with me, sometimes I would literally catch them not breathing by holding their breaths. We do weird things when fatigued.



3. Continue Jogging at Slow Jog.

Breathe deep, and keep jogging nice and slow for a few minutes. Remember, Slow Jog is considered slower than normal walking. Try to keep your breath by breathing slow and deep. Try to get comfortable and tell yourself you can stay at this pace indefinitely.

This is the pace you will eventually resort back to instead of stopping or walking. Slow Jog will be used the majority of the time as sort of a cruse control option. It is very convenient if you want to catch your breath by not walking or stopping.

4. When you are ready, start to increase your speed until you get at a comfortable pace that’s faster than Slow Jog. I call this Normal Jog. Normal Jog is the pace you will start getting a good sweat going. Try to go at this pace for about one minute in the beginning or until you start to become fatigued.

After one minute of jogging at Normal Jog, you will probably start to become tired. Don’t stop. Just reduce your speed back down to Slow Jog and catch your breath while jogging in Slow Jog pace. Concentrate on breathing. Catch your breath in Slow Jog. Get comfortable in Slow Jog by jogging real slow and breathing real deep.

Catch your breathe in Slow Jog. Increase your pace again back to Normal Jog. Once you get tired, reduce your pace back down to Slow Jog, slower than walking. Repeat this sequence. Take it to the end. You can do it if you relax and always remember to breathe deep.


Final Thoughts

I am positive you will get the hang of jogging. It is possible to do it with ease and without stopping. Hell, you may even increase your speed to Full Running Sprints. You may even live in Full Running Sprints until you reduce your speed back down to Slow Jog or even Normal Jog for breaks. It is possible to start getting in real good work outs. This is how you heal your psoriasis in due time.

So can jogging cure psoriasis? “In the long run.” =) Pun intended.



If you haven’t read “The Do List” and “The Don’t List” on this website, go back to the main menu and read that content now. The other content will help youonions Can Reduce Inflammation bitmoji cure psoriasis, and understand WHY the The Do List and Don’t List are so important. Understanding the WHY will help figure out HOW to cure psoriasis that much easier.

This is the Learn “How to Jog in 4 Simple Steps” part of the website. If this or any other cardio exercise is done in conjunction with The Do List and the Don’t List, it will help you cure psoriasis naturally and will also help you maintain beautiful skin thereof.


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