Foods That Fight Inflammation Naturally – All About Asparagus


When I was young, asparagus was my favorite vegetable. Something about the crispy texture and its unique taste just made me want more. I always wondered why it made my urine smell. And I could care less that asparagus was one of the foods that fight inflammation naturally.Foods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-All-About-Asparagus

Later in this article we will look at why asparagus is a food that fights inflammation naturally.

And as a bonus we will look at why asparagus makes our urine smell.

Asparagus Origins

Writings show that asparagus has been around for thousands of years. Cultivated and wild variations of asparagus have been served on the plates of the Egyptians, Africans, Romans, and Greeks.

The Greeks knew asparagus was an aphrodisiac and ate it to perform better. They also used it for diarrhea and urethra complications.

You may wonder that since asparagus is a diuretic (which increases urine), how can it possibly help with diarrhea (watery bowel movements)? This is because asparagus is a laxative which helps with constipation and diarrhea. Asparagus also contains asparagines which promotes urination. The two can coexist with each other harmonically.

Asparagus is also considered a Mediterranean food too!

Why Hype about Mediterranean Food?

A good reason to get excited about the Mediterranean menu is because it contains foods that reduce inflammation naturally. All the country’s that boarder the Mediterranean Sea are well known for their healthy entree’s. Here is a few country’s that surround the Mediterranean.

– Greece

– Armenia

– Italy

– Malta

– TurkeyFoods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-mediterranean-Asparagus

– Spain

– Cyprus

– Syria

– Israel

– Egypt

– France

The Mediterranean diet is extremely nutritious. It is one of the healthiest diet plans to undergo. But why?

The reason Mediterranean food gets a lot of attention is because Mediterranean meals consists of foods packed with, vitamins, nutrients, natural nitrates, and unsaturated fats. All are extremely beneficial, especially when combined.

Asparagus is a common Mediterranean food as well, just like many other healthy foods like leafy green vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, and olive oil.


Asparagus fights inflammation naturally because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as multi-vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and phytonutrients.

It must be understood that Inflammation is an important immune function carried out in the
body. Inflammation is crucial to heal injury’s, wounds and fight infections. It stops foreign invaders and cleans damages in the body. It turns on when
needed then turns off when finished. This is called acute Inflammation.

Sometimes inflammation gets out of hand and fights itself.
This usually happens when too much inflammatory foods are being digested,
as well as not exercising enough, stress, and not getting decent hours of sleep. This is called chronic inflammation.

The Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins in Asparagus

A Vitamin. Get your A vitamin
from asparagus because it contains generous amounts.
Adelle Davis, a 1960’s Nutritionist, explains that the inflammatory
disease psoriasis and eczema are caused by A vitamin deficiency and a
“faulty utilization of fat.” In her writings, she stresses that lecithin and the vitamins
A, B, C, and E are very important. Deficiency’s in any vitamin can cause inflammation.
Dozens of sources state that A vitamin can reverse
inflammatory diseases. This includes inflammation of the skin, organs,
and joints.

B vitamins inside asparagus regulate inflammations. B6 is an ingredient that is also placed into anti-inflammatory drug capsules. These drugs are issued by doctors to control inflammatory diseases.

So by munching asparagus regularly, vitamin B6 is naturally utilized and therefore anti-inflammation benefits are gained.

C vitamin is the best vitamin in the world. Subjectively speaking of course but for good reason. Vitamin C can do multiple miracles. Stopping inflammation in its tracks is one of them. This is because vitamin C act’s as an electron gift giver.

The vitamin C found in asparagus can not only block illness, but it can also turn illness around. This works because vitamin C gives plenty of electrons to free Asparagus-is-one-the-Foods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturallyradicals.

But why surrender electrons to the enemy? Because, by giving electrons to free radicals, they receive all they can carry. This encumbers the free radicals and discourages them from stealing electrons from other sources.

So as a wonderful perk, vitamin C reverses disease. It does this by fixing oxidative damage. Damage where free radicals are to blame. Free radicals can cause devastating inflammation issues, but Vitamin C not only prevents but it reverses inflammation.

E vitamin inside asparagus controls inflammation because of it’s antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and decrease inflammation simultaneously.

Vitamin E also works well with vitamin C. The two complement each other, thus reducing inflammation by increasing each others attributes. Vitamin C and E are both present in asparagus, making it an ultimate vegetable.

K Vitamin. Vitamin K is also a great helper when it comes to fighting inflammation. Vitamin K allows the coagulation of blood which prevents over bleeding. Researches write that vitamins k which is found in asparagus, spinach, romaine lettuce and other vegetables have anti-inflammatory qualities.

While observing data from over 1000 individuals, a research project showed that in association with Vitamin K, a decrease in inflammation took place.

Why Does Asparagus Make Our Urine Smell?Asparagus-is-one-the-Foods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-bitmoji

By now you know that asparagus is one of the many foods that fight inflammation naturally. But why does it make our urine smell?

It makes our urine smell because it contains sulfur. The sulfur found in asparagus has amino acids. The amino acids are broken down via digestion. This cycle is what gives our urine that distinct smell, similar to compounds found in skunks.

You know how dogs love to mark their territory? Feed your dog a small amount of asparagus and plenty of water. Take him or her for a walk in a few hours and watch them have a blast leaving their scent on their favorite pody spots.

Asparagus Fights Disease

Asparagus doesn’t just work against inflammation, it works against other problems too. Here are some diseases that asparagus fights naturally.

– Psoriasis

– Eczema

– Cancer

– Dementia

– Heart Disease

– Stroke

– Alzheimer’s Disease

– Depression

– Pregnancy Issues

How Often Should You Eat Asparagus

The average serving of asparagus is five asparagus sticks or spears. However, because asparagus is a nutritious vegetable, many people eat more then one serving. Eating more than one serving of asparagus may give the eater more of a fighting chance against inflammation.

The nutritionist Laura Flores said that “There are no life threatening side effects of eating too much asparagus.”

If you have an asparagus allergy you may break out in hives or have trouble breathing. Swelling around the lips is also a tell of an allergic reaction.

Learn How to Cure Inflammation

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