Grapes For Psoriasis – Grape Seed Extract For Psoriasis

When the water from the Great Flood receded and Noah stepped off his famous arc, one of the first things he did was plant a vineyard. Yes, according to the bible, grapes are one of the most important fruits for mankind.

In the past, clean water wasn’t as available as it is now. So instead of drinking dirty water, the majority would drink diluted wine. Even children and babies were given alcohol to drink.

And though this article is about grapes for psoriasis and not wine. It is important to understand why wine should not be consumed during the psoriasis healing process. But we will get to that soon.

The concept of this article is “grapes” for psoriasis. And there is three main reasons why grapes can counter it.

One: grapes are anti-inflammatory.

Two: grapes remove toxins.

Three: grapes have dozens of nutrients.

Quick Briefing on Psoriasis and Inflammation

Psoriasis is a skin complication that presents itself with inflamed, red skin. It can show up as a rash anywhere on the body and tends to flake off, similar to dandruff. The condition is considered an auto immune disorder to where the white blood cells are over active and attack the body’s own tissue. To learn more about skin inflammation called psoriasis click here.

Acute vs chronic.

Short term inflammation or Acute inflammation is thought of as healthy inflammation because it is activated when our body’s our imperil or damaged, such as injury or infection.

Acute inflammation serves to annihilate bacteria, toxins, and other foreign contaminants when it is required. And it deactivates shortly after. It will activate to do it’s work and then it will stop when it has completed it’s work.

Chronic Inflammation AKA long term inflammation is the extreme opposite of short term inflammation. A menacing form of inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is warning light because it’s a sign of something wrong, something amiss. It is vile and pink and straight up annoying, it can cause many issues in our body.

It starts attacking the body’s own systems and doesn’t seem to want to stop. Chronic inflammation will continue to be activated because something in the body is causing it. Chronic inflammation will start nasty problems if it is not taken care of sooner or later.

Grapes Fight Inflammation

Grapes for psoriasis is not an understatement. It works because it’s excellent for stopping skin inflammation due to it alkalizing the body.

If one is always indulging in acidic foods, the acidity will cause organ and skin inflammation sooner over later.

Grapes reverse acidity by promoting good PH balance, a form of edible buffering. This counters extreme acidity.

Restoring by the way of tweaking and finely tuning. Grapes help return proper PH and thus it helps to control skin inflammation.

There are hundreds of reasons on why the gut is inflamed and leaky. To understand the main reasons why click here.

On a second note, grapes contain high amounts of resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant also found in certain berries. It is mostly potent in the seeds and in the skin of these fruits. Resveratrol can lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol if consumed regularly.

Grapes Have Nutrients

Grapes carry a sizable amount of nutrients that cater to the body. A shortage of needed nutrients can cause serious inflammatory conditions including psoriasis and other skin ailments.

Here are some of the benefits that are in grapes.

A Vitamin: Adelle Davis, a popular 1960’s Nutritionist, lectures that inflammatory diseases like psoriasis and eczema are caused in part due to vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A can stop multiple inflammatory diseases. This includes inflammation of joints, organs, and skin.

B vitamins inside grapes can regulate inflammation.

B1 vitamin: or thiamine, is found in beans and liver too. Nerve inflammation and other types of bodily inflammation may surface if deficient.

B2 Vitamin: According to the US National Library of Medicine, vitamin B2 AKA Riboflavin “deficiency induces a pathological pro-inflammatory response.”

B3 Vitamin: Or Niacin produces skin and digestive health which is needed when psoriasis is present. Niacin deficiency can cause red inflamed skin that may flake like scalp dandruff.

B6 vitamin: is sometimes found in anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications are issued by big pharma to control inflammatory diseases.

B7 Vitamin: Most call it biotin. It is found in a lot of different foods. It promotes healthy looking skin and a healthy functioning digestive system, which is perfect when combating psoriasis or skin inflammation.

B9 vitamin: Also known as Folic Acid or Folate. This helps the body make healthy cells and not inflamed or flaky ones. Especially important for prenatal and postnatal spine development and brain development.

B12 vitamin: Responsible for healthy cell reproduction. This includes healthy skin reproduction. B12 deficiency can cause various dermatological symptoms, including dry skin and inflammation.

C vitamin: The ultimate vitamin on Mother Earth.

Vitamin C can make miracles happen. Putting inflammation at a halt is indeed an under statement. But the beauty of vitamin C is it act’s as an electron giver.

The vitamin C found in grapes can not only help prevent disease, but it can totally reverse most diseases too. This is because vitamin C gives electrons to free radicals.

Why donate electrons to the enemy? Because, by donating electrons to the free radicals, they now carry all they can hold. This prevents them from stealing electrons from other sources.

E vitamin inside grapes helps to control inflammation because of it’s antioxidant properties. Antioxidants guard cells very heavily against free radicals and decrease inflammation at the same time.

Vitamin E and vitamin C can be considered soul mates because they get along when they are both present. The two complement each other like a matching suit and tie, thus reducing inflammation by increasing each others benefits. Vitamin C and E are both present in grapes making it a powerful fruit.

K Vitamin is important because it allows the coagulation of blood which prevents excessive bleeding from wounds. More relevant, vitamin K also has anti-inflammatory qualities.

There was data recorded from observing 1000 plus participants in a vitamin K experiment. The study showed that a decrease in inflammation took place.

Minerals vs. Vitamins

One of the main differences between vitamins and minerals is vitamins are organic. And minerals are inorganic.

Because vitamins are organic they originate from plants and animals. Minerals are inorganic solids and originate from soil or earth but are obtained through plants and animals. Both are natural occurring.

Vitamins can also be broken down further from their existing chemical compound.

Air, acid, heat, and the reaction to other chemicals and compounds make the chemical break down possible.

Edible minerals can’t be broken down any further because they exist as an element (simplest form of substance) and not a compound (which is a combination of two or more elements in a well numbered, natural occurring chemical structure).

Essential minerals are basically a group of raw elements on the periodic table. AKA dietary elements or dietary minerals.

Just like several vitamins, some dietary minerals are fine if eaten in just
trace amounts. And comparable to some vitamins; some minerals are more beneficial if consumed in a larger dose.

Another similarity a few dietary minerals share with vitamins is the ability to be stored.

Dietary Minerals Present in Grapes Counter Inflammation

– Boron builds strong bones, strong muscles and increases testosterone levels. It also improves thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Boron regulates the inflammatory process by serving as a signal suppressor that down-regulates the actions of certain enzymes playing key roles in the inflammatory process and thus involves itself in modifying the development of inflammation.

Calcium fights obesity, and all the fatty cells that are very common with psoriasis sufferers.

chromium reduces the markers of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Copper makes red blood cells and maintains nerve cells. It also helps with the immune system and with energy production.

Iron deficiency will spawn skin inflammation and other types of organ inflammation.

Magnesium deficiency will create skin inflammation and other types of organ inflammation.

Manganese Improves bones, is an antioxidant thus reducing inflammation, It is also a blood sugar regulator.

Phosphorus filters waste and toxins which is crucial for keeping a clean circulatory and digestive system thus preventing inflammation.

Potassium builds necessary muscles and flushes excessive amounts of sodium thus reducing inflammation.

Sodium in trace amounts are required for fluid balance and blood pressure regulation.

Zinc regulates immune functions, learning and memory, capacities. And mainly wound healing.

Grapes Remove Toxins

Grapes flush toxins because they have multiple anti-inflammatory properties including anti-inflammatory minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals.

Indeed, grapes can flush heavy metals and radiation too.

Think of grapes as an internal soap. A healthy fruit that cleans the digestive track very well.

Proanthocyanidins: One of the most powerful antioxidants in the world can be found in grape seeds.

Grapes Seed Extract

Everybody is talking about grape seed extract. Because is helps counter diabetes and can stop weight gain in its tracks. But first and foremost, it fights inflammation. OPC, found in grape seed extract, stands for Oiligomeric Proanthocyanins, which are bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids are very potent antioxidants. There are well over 20,000 types of bioflavonoids and OPC’s are the strongest type to be considered.

OPC’s are free radical exterminators, meaning they hunt down and kill free radicals. This is awesome news because that means that OPC’s also fight inflammation.

OPC’s regulate the activity of T-Cells aka white blood cells, which stop inflammatory markers.

And as a massive bonus, OPC’s amplify the effects of existing vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Benefits Linked to OPC Grape Seed Extract

– Anti Inflammatory

– Fights against Psoriasis

– Free Radical Hunter Killer

– Powerful Antioxidant

– Extreme Vitamin Enhancer

– Anti-Aging Miracle Worker

– Counteres Diabetes

– Fights Liver Cirrhosis

– Counters Circulatory Disorders

– Normalizes Blood Pressure

– Vitalities Veins and Arteries

– Minimizes Hypersensitivity

– Minimizes Chance Of Cancer

– Eases Cataracts

– Powerful Antibacterial Agent

– Fights Anxiety Issues

– Delays Alzheimer’s Symptoms

– Improves Motor Coordination

– Inhibits Plague Formation

– Reduces Effects of Oxidative StressGrape-Seed-extract-for-psoriasis

– Minimizes Chance of Blood Clots

– Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

– Reduces Chance of Phlebitis

– Improves Joint Flexibility

– Treats Venous Insufficiency

– Battles Scurvy

– Counters Arthritis

– Counters Heart Disease

– Counters Arteriosclerosis

– Improves Circulation

– Relieves Varicose Vein Problems

– Inhibits Edema

– Minimizes Bruising

– Battles Parkinson’s Disease

– Can Open Blood Vessels and ArteriesGrape Seed extract heals psoriasis

– Reverses Obesity

– Prevents Cognitive Loss

– Minimizes Hyperactivity (ADHD)

– Boosts Attention Span

– Discourages Insomnia

– Fights MRSA

– Decreases Menopause Symptoms

– Helps With Asthma

– Reduces Stroke Risk

– Fights against Eczema

OPC’s are found in certain tree barks, and in certain vegetables and fruits. According to The Colon Therapists Network, the highest concentration of OPC exists in the grape seed extract “containing 92% ofactive ingredients.”

Grape Seed Extract is a huge must when it comes to fighting psoriasis. The CTN also says that OPC is “20 times more powerful then Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful then Vitamin E.”

Interesting Fun Fact

Long ago in the winter of 1595, Explorer Captain Jacques Cartier and his crew were marooned in the Saint Lawrence River. The crew had run short on food and supplies, and were developing scurvy which was killing them slowly one by one.

An Indian Chief told Captain Cartier that Pine Tree bark would heal and save his crew. Cartier and his men ate the bark and became well again. Cartier recorded all his findings is his journal.

Present day, when analyzing the bark of pine trees, it is discovered that
high amounts of bioflavonoid are present within the bark.

Included in these bioflavonoids is the most powerful bioflavonoid of all,
Oiligomeric Proanthocyanins also known as OPC. Interesting enough, grape seed extract still maintains the highest amount of OPC.

-Here is the link for some quality Grape Seed Extract from All Star Health.

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Wine and Psoriasis

It is important to know that even though wine can be very beneficial. Alcohol should not be consumed while trying to rid the body from psoriasis.

Doctor John Pagano mentions that only a few ounces (2-4) of only dry red wine may be consumed AFTER the healing process has begun.

For most of his patients, this healing process may take up to three to six months.

What We learned in “Grapes for Psoriasis” Article

Grapes are wonderful for countering body inflammation. This includes skin
inflammation which is psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder. Considering grapes for psoriasis, and putting it in your daily routine will help make curing psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases very

Quick Note on Portioning

Because grapes contain sugar it is wise not to overeat. Even though it is natural sugar, too much may still cause flare-ups. It is wise to eat grapes and other fruits sparingly in the beginning of any regime and until a decrease of lesions begins. This will ensure the best outcome possible.

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