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There is a lot of talk going around that kale should be portioned properly, that it should be eaten in small quantities, and that too much kale is actually bad for

Silence! I Kale You!

you. There is also debate that kale should always be cooked. Even though kale is one of the many foods that fight inflammation naturally, let it be known that precautions should be considered with kale.

Kale Origins

The history of kale can go back as far as we can dig. Rome, Scotland, Russia and Italy, have ancient writings with the mentioning of kale.
Besides just eating it, the Greeks boiled kale and used it as a get sober quick remedy. Kind of like the “wake up juice in Back to the Future part III. Minus all the theatrics.

One of the Many Foods That Fight Inflammation Naturally is Kale

Kale is one of the foods that fights inflammation naturally because it contains
anti-inflammatory compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and omega 3
fatty acids.

Don’t forget that Inflammation is an important immune response.
Inflammation is mandatory for the body to operate. It heals wounds, manages injury’s, and fights infections. It goes to war with foreign invaders like germs and bacteria, and it cleans microscopic damages in our system. It
activates when
necessary than deactivates when its done working. This is referred to as acute Inflammation.

Why does inflammation fight itself? This usually happens when
a large amount of inflammatory foods have been eaten. It also happens when you’re not staying in shape, when you’re stressing out, and when you’re not sleeping right. This is referred as chronic inflammation.

The Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins in KaleFoods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-All-About-Kale

A Vitamin. Kale is a good leafy green vegetable to get you’re
vitamin A from because you only need a small hand full. It is one of those vegetables that is real rich in A vitamin.
The 1960’s Nutritionist Adelle Davis, writes that the inflammatory
diseases like psoriasis and eczema are caused by vitamin deficiencies and a
“faulty utilization of fat.” She supports the idea of consuming lecithin and other vitamins like vitamins
A, B, C, and E.

Multiple sources mention that vitamin A can reverse many
inflammatory illnesses. Especially inflammation of the organs, joints,
and skin.

Vitamin A deficiency may even cause inflammation.

K Vitamin. Not only does vitamin K allow the coagulation of blood which prevents
extreme bleeding. But experts stress that vitamins k1 (which is
found in leafy greens like spinach, Romaine lettuce, and kale), and k2 (which is usually synthesized
by gut micro-flora), are both anti-inflammatory components.

While studying data from over 1000 people in a vitamin K nutrition
experiment; the study concluded that in association with Vitamin K1, a decline in inflammation manifested

C Vitamin. Vitamin C can do things of dreams. Minimizing inflammation is is one of them.
Vitamin C act’s as an electron doner.

The vitamin C present in Kale can not only prevent ailments, but it can also dissolve sickness too. This happens
because vitamin C donates electrons to free radicals.

But why give electrons to the problem? Because, by giving electrons
to the free radicals, free radicals handle all they can carry, this stops them
from taking electrons from other places.

I like to think of vitamin C as a hostage negotiator. Except this particular negotiator always gives the bad guys more than what they want beforehand. Give them Foods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-All-About-Kale-leavesmore than they need, so when they leave they can’t carry anything else.
So as a massive plus, vitamin C can turn disease around. It does this by fixing
oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can cause a plethora of
inflammation issues, but Vitamin C not only blocks but it also counters inflammation too.

B vitamins inside Kale regulates inflammation. In
light of this, B6 is an ingredient that is also placed into
anti-inflammatory pills. These medications are prescribed by hospitals to control inflammatory conditions.

So by eating Kale regularly, vitamins B6 is
naturally absorbed and therefore anti-inflammation is received.

Who’s Talking Smack about Kale?

Kale has a lot of fiber. As a matter of fact, some say kale actually has too much fiber for its own good.

Fiber is needed to help process food through the digestive track. Fiber works as a non digesting buffer, escorting and lending aid. The problem with kale that some people are stressing about is that the fiber it contains is insoluble. Meaning it can’t dissolve.

According to the forewarners, too much insoluble fiber is bad for the digestive system. This is because the digestive track has hard dealings with indigestible items. Sometimes food items will take forever to pass through the gut and might actually hang around for a while causing problems like gas and bloating.

This kale problem can be solved by simply cooking it. Like some raw food items; raw kale can contain too much goitrogen compounds and when eaten in abundance, it can cause hypothyroidism. Again, this negative about kale is deactivated after the kale is heated or cooked.

Kale is a vitamin rich leafy green that is excellent for any anti-inflammation diet plan. One shouldn’t be discouraged because its an insoluble fiber. By cooking kale you gain all its benefits and none of its concerns.

Kale is a food that fights inflammation naturally. It is still worth eating despite the bad publicity. So if you’re going to eat raw kale occasionally its still okay, just don’t over do it. Remember it’s rich in nutrients already, so all you need is a small handful. This will ensure plenty of nutrients and less insoluble fiber.

Kale Fights DiseaseFoods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-Kale-chips

Kale doesn’t just battle Inflammation, it goes to war with other

diseases too. I wrote some disorders that kale can counter.

– Psoriasis

– Eczema

– Cancer

– Asthma

– Arthritis

– Diabetes

– Heart Disease

– Hypertension

– Constipation

– Cholesterol

– Obesity

Do This

If you’re haven’t readThe Do Listand The Don’t Liston this website here is the links. It will help you understand WHY inflammation happens in the first place. Understanding the WHY will help figure out HOW to counter inflammation on an expert level.

This is the “Foods That Fight Inflammation” section of this website where Kale was the topic. If eaten in small amounts and in conjunction with The Do List and Foods-That-fight-Inflammation-Naturally-lets-go-learn-about-Kalethe Don’t List, it will help you fight inflammation naturally.

If you have inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema keep reading all the material on this website because it was designed for people like you.


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